Diabetic Retinopathy: Signs To Tell If Diabetes Is Affecting Your Eyes


Diabetes is not less than a curse to have, it is such kind of disease that it will start damaging almost every body part or organ and would create difficulties as well. Diabetes can take place due to many reasons and the worst thing about it is that it is not curable but fortunately it can be controlled if we would maintain a balanced lifestyle with some strict rules. High blood sugar is not as dangerous as the effects that it brings are for our body. Eyes are one of the most effected organs among others that easily get damaged if you have high blood sugar which is not controlled. When the blood vessels present at the tissues of the retina gets damaged then it invites diabetic retinopathy which is a complication of the vision takes place due to diabetes. Though treatments are there in the hands of eye specialists so there is nothing to get too worried but to get the proper treatment you would need to understand the symptoms of this complication so here are few signs that would make it clear for you that whether you are suffering from diabetic retinopathy or not:

Blur vision:


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It is one of the most common thing in this case but it is hard to detect what the actual problem is depending on this particular symptom as blur vision is common is almost every eye related issues. Even in this case you would suffer blur vision and this might be on watching things far away from you or you may not even able to see things too close to you clearly. So if you face some difficulty in recognizing things then it is your call that you need to see an eye specialist and get your tests done.

Fluctuating vision:


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Fluctuating vision is the situation when you sense most vision loss and at time you would see everything clearly. The fluctuation of vision is the most confusing symptom ever where you feel like you are suffering blur vision at time and just the other moment you would be able to feel nothing happened to you so it is really important that you should not ignore any eye problem even if the problem vanishes after some moments.

Floaters in vision:


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Floaters in vision should not be take casually as if might be the signal that you are suffering from diabetic retinopathy which needs to be treated as soon as possible. In this situation you might feel like something is coming near you but in actual it is nothing. Your eyes start observing strange floating bloat of colors mainly black, blue or white. You need to be careful at roads if you already suffering from this particular syndrome and you would always be suggested by experts not to drive car alone or to travel alone either.

Impaired color:


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Impaired color is nothing but color blindness which may make it hard for you to differentiate certain colors. It is really irritating because you might even face some kind of argument due to this as you might not able to recognize what others are capable to understand. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms and may also lead to complete blindness with passing time. If you won’t get the proper treatment on time then losing your vision may become your last result.

Loss of vision:


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It is the most saddening part where you might have to lose your complete vision and it is the last stage and ultimate result as well. In this stage you won’t be able to see a single thing and this might even last for life long. Though there are many treatments for this complication as well and with advance technology and the process of eye transplantation as well as many other eye surgeries many people have got back there vision.

If you got any of the above mentioned symptoms then don’t ignore or wait till you completely become blind rather rush to a good eye specialist to restore your vision and to get rid of any eye related complications as well.