Effective Ways To Break A Fever In A Toddler At Home

how to break a fever in a toddler
Fever is quite common each and every person’s life and fever takes place when there are certain changes on the body and when our body gets affected by virus. Sometimes we get fever if our body is trying to recover from a certain complication or at times diseases as well as any unbearable pain become the reason of the fever. During fever body tries to overcome the damages that took place due to any complication. Our body feels really weak during fever and it is quite painful for the human body to bear the fever and it worries the most when our kids go through this. Having fever is common among toddlers as they grow certain changes take place in their body resulting in fever and there are high chances that they get attacked by virus causing fever. Reason can vary upon person to person but the saddest thing here is the suffering and at times fever can also harm the growth level in toddlers. Now you must be wondering about how to break a fever in a toddler, well worry not because now you can reduce the affect of fever in kids as well as in toddlers by following few simple steps:

Identify The Fever:

how to break a fever in a toddler

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Now it is really important to identify the fever that whether the fever has any other symptoms or not and if you see symptoms life breathing problems, loose motion, vomiting, skin tuning slightly blue or purple and any other as such symptoms then you should never take the risk rather should rush to a doctor because the reason of this fever may not be the nominal changes in the body or simple virus. Also keep in mind that if your kid is as small as 6 to q2 months and he/she is getting up to the temperature of 102 or more than you might not be able to cure it in home rather you should rush to a doctor without having second thoughts because you basic home remedies or techniques can make the situation worse and can even increase the suffering of your toddler. Make sure to check the temperature in every hour with the help of a good thermometer.


how to break a fever in a toddler

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If your kid is more than 6 months old then you can try giving him this feverall suppository and it is best as compared to regular pills as kids may not be able to swallow the pill and at times they can even spit the medicine our so a suppository can always help and make sure you do not hurt your kid while doing the procedure. The best thing is that you can get Acetaminophen which specialists recommend for toddlers mostly without any such prescription as it is said to be completely safe for the kid so no such prescription is required before buying it. This will not only ease up the fever by reducing the body temperature but it would also help in reducing pain if there is any.

A Warm Bath:

how to break a fever in a toddler

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Having a good bath would help in maintaining the temperature as the water evaporates the body temperature would decrease. Make sure to use Luke-warm water as cold water may make your kid have chills as well as shiver throughout the procedure. You can also give you kid a good mop with damp cloth as this process also cools down the body and would help the temperature in decreasing. After having a lukewarm bath your kid would feel much better and you may not see the temperature falling immediately but it will definitely get reduced in an hour or so after having the bath.

Frozen Treats:

how to break a fever in a toddler

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It is really important to cool your kids to get cooled from inside out so that the temperature could get reduced from deep within. This is the time kids go for frozen popsicles or even ice cream. Though these treats may help in decreasing the temperature but may have other complications so it is always recommended to go for frozen fruits instead or you can even try giving them sweetened yogurt which they would definitely enjoy having during those days. This would take a good 6 to 10 hours to work and would then reduce the body temperature of your kid.

These were few effective ways following which you can break a fever in a toddler easily by staying at your home. apart from this always make sure to keep your kid in a monthly of weekly checkup session so that you could be sure about the physical condition of your kid.