Everything You Need To Know About A Wisdom Tooth

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Teeth are the most versatile thing about a beautiful face, it makes your smile even more beautiful and on the other hand damaged and yellow teeth effects your personality and also lowers down your personality. You would often ignore laughing and talking too much as that might show up your damaged teeth and you never know people might make fun of your yellow teeth. Teeth problems are common in today’s life, every other person is suffering from one or the other teeth related issue. In our busy life we often ignore proper oral cleaning and also failed to maintain good oral health as well. Here are few things that you need to know about wisdom teeth:

Function and purpose of a wisdom teeth:

teeth problems

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Wisdom teeth are the corner most teeth and we usually have a wisdom teeth in each corner of upper teeth set as well as lower teeth set. They come up way after the other 28 teeth and they are very much helpful in chewing hard things which are hard for other teeth to chew. It is said that wisdom teeth are way too stronger than any other teeth. The growth of wisdom teeth is painful as it comes out when our gum is hard need you may also have to consult a dentist due to that pain.

Symptoms of wisdom teeth:

teeth problems

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The area where the wisdom teeth grows have certain bones and the gums out there is much harder than that of any other part of your mouth so you will feel tremendous pain when your wisdom teeth would come out  and the pain would increase with time until it is fully grown. It may even cause swelling on the gum and may even result in to pain on the surrounding areas as well which would make it hard for you to chew anything properly. It increases the risk of having an oral infection and may also lead to serious oral issues. The most common problem of the wisdom teeth is that it often gets trapped within due to jawbones and other teeth and this state may cause many oral problems such as bad breath and infections as well.

Arrival of wisdom the teeth:

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Most of you would wonder about the time when wisdom teeth comes out, the growth of wisdom teeth take place in between the age of 17 to 21 years and the roots of teeth constantly grows with time and become stronger.

Treatment of wisdom teeth:

teeth problems

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Operating the wisdom teeth is the most effective as well as common way of getting relieve from the pain, here your wisdom tooth or teeth would be pulled out completely along with the roots which ensures that the growth stops there and doesn’t pain anymore.

Another way of getting rid from the pain that the growth of wisdom teeth may cause is by cutting your gun a bit and letting your wisdom teeth grow properly without any complications. These operations should be done under experts and should not be tried in home as that may cause heavy bleeding and may push you near to death.

These were the few treatments that you can go for if you are observing your wisdom teeth coming out and you can get rid the pain as well.