Everything You Need To Know About Sensory Processing Disorder: Symptoms, Cause And Treatment

sensory processing disorder

Being disease less has become a challenge for many of us and apart from just physical illness there are mental illnesses as well which as equally dangerous for people and it can harm the surrounding as well. The reason behind these mental illnesses can be anything but the result is definitely not pleasant. Sensory processing disorder is one such mental problem which is common in many people. In this complication people often fail to receive things which ordinary people can sense easily, it is because their brain does not work properly. You should know the symptoms before you get into the treatment so here are few symptoms of sensory processing disorder:

Elimination Of Senses:

sensory processing disorder

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In this disorder the worst part is that the sufferer would lose any of his senses, it can be hearing sense or touching sense and sometimes it can be both. In this case people can either be over responsive about the problems they are facing so at times you may think that they are over reacting about their known problems which can be a bit weird but or at times they can be under responsive about the problems that they are facing in life and this is the worst part. Here you would notice that they don’t have any feeling about the difficulty of their life and most of the time you would see them clueless. In this situation they won’t really let anyone know about their problems may be because they don’t want to bother anyone.

Sense Can Cause Fear Or Illness:

sensory processing disorder

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This symptom is mostly common in kids where you would see that they have so strong sense of hearing that even a slight sound which is quite far from can cause them illness and that sound bothers them so much that they might start vomiting or may even sense fear which everyone dislikes. In many cases it has been observed that people suffering from this disorder often hates when they are being touched. The feeling of being touched may even scare them or at times this feeling can depress them as well and this happens when people touch certain part of their body for example one may not like to get touched on arm whereas other may not like anyone touching his/her hairs.

No Such Response:

sensory processing disorder

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It is also possible for people suffering from this disorder not to react in any situation no matter how dangerous the situation is. These people get bullied in schools and colleges as well and they fall sick because of the fact that they don’t response to any extreme weather conditions also. You may have seen people walking in the rain without any such reaction or uneasiness well this may happen because of this mental disorder. They don’t even react to pain so in case anyone would slap them so they might not even look at the person who have slapped him.

Causes Of Sensory Processing Disorder:

sensory processing disorder

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The perfect cause of this disorder is still a very big mystery that many people are trying to find out but in 2006 some studies proved that people who have sensitivity from light or sound have a high chance that they can suffer from this disorder as well. This mainly happens with kids and this disorder can stalk anyone till the end of their but if the treatment can take place a bit early in life then there are chances that thing can get better with time and treatment sessions.


sensory processing disorder

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This is the most important part if you with to see your kid normal just like kids of his age. But getting treatment in this situation is very difficult because of the fact that recognizing this complication is not that easy and the process becomes more difficult for those who are less likely to response in any situation. Many therapies help a lot in getting out of the complication but physical activities help the most so you can spend more and more time with your kid and get their favorite things done. Social gathering and talking with different persons would help your kids as well but among all making friends is the best ever treatment that a kid can get in order to normalize the situation.

These were everything that you need to know about sensory processing disorder so that you could understand your kids better and can help them as well.