Examples Of Cognitive Dissonance In Real-life

examples of cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the state of mind of few people who have different beliefs, values, as well as ideas about a same thing and the condition, is not at all comfortable because the sufferer has to deal a lot due to the different thinking that he holds for a matter.

This particular topic is not very common for sure and people rarely talk about it but there are examples of cognitive dissonance that take place almost every day around us and if you are wondering about some such relevant experiences then here are some of them listed below that you can check out:

Examples Of Cognitive Dissonance On Your Daily Life:
Example 1

examples of cognitive dissonance


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You might have experienced a situation where someone comes to your path accidentally and by mistake you spill some coffee out and immediately you may manage to make yourself understand that it’s just coffee and you drank most of it so only some amount got wasted and moreover you would get another cut of coffee at home as well.

In this way your matter of dissonance would be reduced without you realizing much of it and these kinds of things usually get sorted in seconds so you usually don’t think over it too much and so your life goes on smoothly thereafter the incident.

Example 2

examples of cognitive dissonance

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Here in this example you may see a woman smoking even after knowing the harm that smoking can cause and here she may either make her mind understand that she wants to smoke right now rather she needs to do so in order to deal with the anxiety as well as stress and she may even make her mind understand that such things rarely happen and she is having it after a long time.

On the other hand she can also have a thinking in her mind that she is not having too much it so smoking make not cause lungs cancer or any such serious problem in her life and at the end of everything despite of knowing the truth she still manages to convince her mind to have cigarettes.

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Example 3

examples of cognitive dissonance

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This is one of the most common examples that might have taken place in almost every individual’s life and you too might be able to relate to this example. Have ever gone on a diet plan for being fit and cheated on it? Well, it’s called diet cheat and here in this situation you may feel like having one burger, pizza or any such delicious looking food which may not be healthy in any ways but you know that you are in a diet which is supposed to be healthy so at such conditions you make your brain understand that having one such delicious looking food.

Would not make any such difference rather to balance it out you would skip your lunch or something and at times you may also make your mind understand that having such things once in a while would not be harmful anyway and it is not packed with that much of calories either so at the end you decide to have the delicious food and cheat on your diet and ultimately you do harm to your body and you may also have to suffer on a long run which then you may regret.

How To Deal With The Situation

You would be amazed to know that with few simple steps you can actually deal with the dissonance and hence you would always be able to make right decision thereafter.

Make A Note On What Is Incorrect

examples of cognitive dissonance

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Here it is the simplest way to make the decision simple and here you would just have to get the thoughts simple and try to figure out about the correct thing and then the second step would be of not letting your mind diverted and rather make yourself understand that even if the things are right now but doing such things again can be dangerous and should not be repeated ever in life as well.

Change Your Perception

examples of cognitive dissonance

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Your perception of thing needs to be changed and you should make sure to understand that both sides of a decision of action and always should follow the positive thought of yours and you need to do such things that doesn’t need to be convinced several times before making it happen.

These were few of the examples of cognitive dissonance and also some ways following which you can deal with the situations are listed above and also you can find more at Healtclubfinder.