Exercise That Will Melt Fat Like Butter

FAT… Everyone is aware of it and its consequences, probably most of us have it. The reason most of us are fat is because we don’t see obesity as an illness, just because it’s common that doesn’t mean it less harmful. In fact, it’s killing you slowly everyday, don’t believe me?? Alright then answer me, Do your lungs feel heavy when you climb few floors? Are you able to walk a few miles?  Can you even tie your shoes without struggling ? If your answer is YES!! Then you are in state of danger my friend.

Only If you want to live longer and healthier all you have to do is EXERCISE… The irony is  we know it but won’t make an effort to do it. But listen, you are not doing it for someone else it for you. For you to be healthy, for you to live with confidence, and it’s going to start with YOU!!  We have listed weight loss exercise which will help you to get rid of stubborn fat.


weight lose exercise

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The most simple and effective exercise to lose fat. If you’re someone who have zero physical activity in a day, then you must start with walking. Try to walk more, such as walking to your local stores for grocery shopping, choose stairs instead of elevators.


weight lose exercise

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One of the most easiest and hardest exercise to perform. It’s an isometric exercise to strengthen your core muscles and it improves your posture too. Pro Tip: Always maintain your form.

Butt Kicks

weight lose exercise

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Butt kicks is a cardiovascular exercise which builds endurance, gets heart rate which burns fat and strengthen hamstring and glute muscles. And the plus point is you can do it anywhere.


weight lose exercise

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If i could give a new name to burpee, it would be “Fat killer”. Because nothing beats burpees when it comes to burning fat. Burpees target every muscle whether be it legs or arms. And improves your balance and coordination.


weight lose exercise

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Squats are god of all exercises. Doing squats are great for your lower body as it engages core muscles and work up all your legs muscles from quads to glutes. Just stand straight with legs little apart and down while trying not to push knees forward.

Mountain Climbers

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Mountain climber is a calisthenic exercise which improves your cardiovascular as well as muscular fitness. It targets your arms, core and leg muscles, to get the most out of it proper body alignment is must.


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Swimming is perfect weight loss exercise for those who extremely overweight, as its easy for joints and the resistance builds muscles. Performing various strokes will strengthen your ligaments which will eventually help you perform better at other exercises.

The above listed are best exercises to lose weight fast but at the end of the day, it’s you who has to get up from couch and start exercising. Don’t be afraid looking silly because it better to look silly then regretting later. We have done our part and its up to you, are you ready to leave your comfort zone because in comfort zone grows nothing but FAT.