Eye Cataract Surgery: Everything To Know

eye cataract surgery

Eyes are the most delicate part of the body which can intensify our beauty and also it tends to get problems easily. Eye cataract is the clouding of clear lens of eyes and there are 3 kinds of eye cataract as well those are the nuclear sclerotic, posterior subcapsular as well as cortical. Nuclear sclerotic takes place deep inside the central area of lens and this takes place due to aging. Posterior subcapsular cataract takes place at the back of lens which generally happens due to diabetic reasons and the steroids also leads to this kind of cataract. Cortical can be identified by the white wedge-like structure takes place at the periphery of lens and spreads till the center. Here are few causes of eye cataract:

UV rays:

eye cataract surgery

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It is one of the most harmful ray that has no good effect rather would destroy everything. If your eyes would be exposed to those harmful rays for too long period of time then there are chances that you would get an eye cataract soon.


eye cataract surgery

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Aging cannot be stopped and it is true that aging calls some problems as well and one of those problems is an eye cataract. It happens because the process of aging weakens our vision power and also the lens changes a bit causing eye cataract.


eye cataract surgery

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Diabetes can be caused by many reasons but if it takes place then it slowly calls many health related issues along with it and eye cataract is one of those troubles. Diabetes weakens the vision and leads to many other eye related issues as well and the medicines that is given to a diabetic patient results in to an eye cataract.

Family history:

eye cataract surgery

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Sometimes it can take place if any one of your parent had this, this can be genetic as well. There are less chances of getting this issue due to family history.

Previous eye problems or injury:

eye cataract surgery

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If you ever had any eye injury then there are chances that you may suffer from an eye cataract and it mainly happens if the previous injury is not healed completely or if the injury has already done some damages to the eye lens which may lead to eye cataract.



eye cataract surgery

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It is very rare that in this case and would only work if the treatment is done right after it takes place but if you are already late in understanding the symptoms of an eye cataract then medicine might not work on you. There are always 50-50 chances in case of medicines, no doctor can assure that medicine would completely cure it. Though it is the hassle free method which does not hurt and this the reason most people try to go for the medicine first.


eye cataract surgery

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Cataract eye surgery would be able to assure you that your vision would be normal again. It is most effective way of treating this. It is successfully practiced worldwide; in this case surgeons would replace your cataract lens with one clear lens.

Precautions that you should take after the surgery:

eye cataract surgery

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Eyes are already a delicate part of our body and after such operation it become more delicate which needs to be taken good care of. You should never try to read something which is too small or you should not even watch TV, mobile, laptop etc for some days as this might create pressure on your eyes which may result into weak eyesight. Avoid cooking and being around something hot for some days as it might not let the place of the operation dry easily and may also destroy the stitching of that area as well. do not lift any heavy thing as that might create pressure at the place of operation and your stitching may get opened. You should not skip medicines and should clean the place as well in order to recover quick and fast.

These were few things that you should maintain after getting an eye cataract operation and if you are lucky enough then medicines might also work in your case but for this you should get an eye checkup at least one in two weeks so that any eye complications can be treated as soon as possible.