Gallstones: Know The Causes, Conditions And Illness

Gallstones: Know The Causes, Conditions And Illness
People tend to suffer a lot now a day which is actually a direct or indirect result of unhealthy food habit as well as lifestyle. Internal damage is seen the most in people that cannot be guessed at first but people slowly recognize their illness after they suffer a lot. Gallbladder diseases are some of health issues that most of us suffer from and gallstone is one of them and it is often treated by operation. If you think that gallbladder develops stones in your belly then you are probably wrong, these are solid material which develops in gallbladder. Recognizing this stone by own might be a bit hard so you always have to get yourself checked by a good physician after you notice any symptom of this disease. There are mainly two kinds of gallbladder stones which people suffer from, they are cholesterol stones as well as pigment stones. Fortunately this problem can also be cured by medicine if you can rectify the symptom of gallstone at early stage before it is too late for treatment. Before you get in to the treatment it is really important to know about the symptoms of this health complication that takes place in gallbladder:

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It is one of the most common sign that the person would experience in case he/she is having gallstones. The pain sometime is mild and at times it may also become intense making it hard for people to tolerate. The pain often takes place at the upper portion of the belly as well as the back portion of the body. The pain often becomes worse if not treated on time and it is often seen that the pain leads to other pain such as chest pain as well as lower abdomen pain. If any belly pain lasts for more than 5 hours and takes place continuously for more than 2 days then it is a warning that now it is the time for you to get your health checkup done.


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Vomiting takes place due to two reasons one is when the pain occurs right after having meals which people often could not bear and end up vomiting and secondly when the food is not completely digested which is common in this situation.

Digestive problems:

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Gallbladder develops a bile juice which helps in digestion so when people get gallstone it is often seen that their digestive system could not work properly leading to many other health complications as well.

If you often wonder that what causes gallstones in humans then here are few things that can result you in gallstones:


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Obesity can be one of the biggest reasons that lead to gallstones in most of the people. It is because obesity tends to get people high level of cholesterol which makes it really hard for gallbladder to be completely empty. Obesity can be threatening for many other diseases as well so it is always advised to try to lose all the extra fat that you get.

Poor gallbladder health:

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If you developed had conditions of gallbladder then there are chances that you would get gallstones if you would not get your weak gallbladder treated. Sometimes it is also seen that genes of a person may also lead to gallstones, this particular problem is mostly seen in women and elderly people. You will be amazed to know that one in every family on an average tends to have gallstone later on in his/her life.

Unhealthy food diet:

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If you often end up eating junk food then there are chances that you would develop too much of fat in your body which would invite high level of bad cholesterol in your body that makes it hard for the gallbladder to get completely empty. To get yourself safe you should know what is good cholesterol as well as what is bad cholesterol and you should always choose good cholesterol wisely.

Other diseases as well as medicines:

People suffering from diseases like diabetes tend to suffer from gallstones as well, it is because diabetes develops high percentage of triglycerides which is kind of fat that develops in blood and can be termed as blood fat and this fat becomes risky cause of gallstones in body. Sometimes people suffering from diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes tend to take many medicines in order to keep the diseases in control, these medicines if taken on a long run can cause gallstones as well.

Above were the answer for the question of what causes gallstones and also recognizing the symptoms as well as minimizing the symptoms would get you less risk of getting gallstones.