Getting Rid Of Lice: Stop The Damage To Your Hair Today

Head lice are six-legged insects that feed on human blood and more commonly found in young children. The person suffers from scalp itchiness and sore and scrubs on the scalp from scratching and there is a constant feeling of something crawling over the head. You can get hair lice by coming in contact with the infected person, sharing comb and hair accessories with them.

If you seem to face all these symptoms on your hair you might have been infected from hair lice. Although it does not cause any major disease, the matter is still important enough to be treated. Do not worry about the daily irritation as with some home remedies for lice you can treat the infection.

Getting rid of hair lice made easy and quick with these 4 natural ways:

Using Anti-Lice Products

home remedies for lice

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The very basic step you can start from is changing the hair products being used on the infected person’s head. Instead of a normal shampoo, one can use anti-lice shampoo, conditioner and hair sprays that are specially made to treat head lice. I recommend finding the best anti-lice product to use them as a prevention and protection plan.

Combing Wet Hair

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Combing your when completely wet can help you remove the adult lice and lice eggs easily. This remedy should be repeated every 3-4 days and for a minimum period of two weeks. Use a fine-thin tooth hair comb easily available on any store. It is best recommended to wet-comb your hair after washing them with anti-lice conditioner. This method is best suited for small children as using harsh chemicals on the scalp can harm the health of their hair.

Essential Oils for Lice Killing

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Tea tree oil is a natural insecticide and helps to kill the lice present in your hair, applying the oil every 2-3 days will help you get rid of lice. Each time after applying the oil comb your hair neatly with fine-toothed comb to easily scrape them out from your scalp.

Garlic Treatment

home remedies for lice

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Garlic contains acidic properties and lice are unable to fight with those. Apart from that the strong odor of garlic is unbearable to them and thus applying garlic oil or rubbing raw garlic in your hair can suffocate the head lice.