Getting Rid Of That Annoying Belly Fat

A flat tummy is every woman’s dream. But with the kind of sedentary lifestyles we are leading and the amount of junk we are consuming, it’s becoming quite a hard task to keep the belly fat at bay and even harder when it comes to losing the already acquired weight in the midsection.

Belly fat is increasingly becoming a nuisance as it is affecting women of all ages from all walks of life. But not to worry, below, we are going to look at some of the safe and easy ways you can cut that unattractive, stubborn belly fat.

Make Some Dietary Changes

In order to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, you need to watch your plate in terms of contents and portions. Ensure that you reduce your intake of highly processed foods and junk such as fries, full-fat milk and cheese, bread, pasta and products containing a lot of sugar.

Also, enjoy your soda and alcohol in moderation. Include healthier and fat burning foods such as natural fruits, vegetables lean meat and whole grains. Lowering your calorie intake significantly will definitely reflect on your belly.

Make some dietary changes


Cardio Or Aerobic Exercise

Losing that belly is a cardio away. Belly fat happens to be the first to be shed when you start an exercising program. The simplest cardio exercise is alternating between a walk and a run in around five minutes intervals, although swimming and occasional hiking work as well. A duration of about 300 minutes per week of moderate intensity cardio exercises can yield significant weight loss. An added advantage with cardio is that it also removes flab from other parts of the body.

Cardio or Aerobic Exercise


Drink lots of water

Always carry your water bottle with you if you want to lose that belly. Drinking water not only aid in the digestive process but when taken before meals, it makes you feel full and that prevents you from overindulging in food. It’s always advisable to keep hydrated when you are on a belly fat loss journey because water neutralizes fatty foods effects and your liver is able to function properly and the fat burning process is effective.

Drink lots of water


Spread Your Meals Throughout The Day

Instead of eating three large meals a day which could overload your digestive system, consider breaking it down to around five small meals taken about 2 or 3 hours apart. This prevents binging at meal times. You could have a light breakfast, mid-morning snack, light lunch, afternoon snack and finally a balanced dinner. When you adapt to this lifestyle, you’ll realize that your belly will reduce and your metabolism will be supercharged.

Spread your meals throughout the day


Engage In Resistance And Strength Training

Apart from cardio which is excellent for overall weight loss, you need to engage in exercises that target your stomach. Weightlifting is important as it addresses all major muscle groups. Training for at least 30 minutes to one hour twice a week can help boost your metabolism and cut that belly fat leaving you with a trimmed waist.

The results are gradual and it will take a few weeks of training to notice improvement but it’s all worth it. Ensure that you engage a professional weight trainer to avoid any injuries.

Engage in resistance and strength training


Get Rid Of Stress

Stress eating is fairly common. This is whereby a person seeks comfort in food when they are undergoing a stressful situation. Stress also triggers the production of cortisol also known as a “stress hormone”, which increases appetite leading to food binging and ultimately fat gain mostly around the waist. Getting plenty of restful sleep is important for your health and also works to reduce stress.

To relieve stress, engage in pleasurable activities like yoga, meditation or dancing.

Get rid of stress


Don’t Starve Yourself

Skipping meals will not in any way help you lose that belly fat. Apparently, it’s proven to have the opposite effect. You need to cut calories from your meals and eat a balanced diet. Starving yourself is not only unhealthy, it’s also dangerous and won’t work!

Don’t starve yourself



You must be reading this because your belly fat is bothering you and you want it gone. So, in order to achieve a super flat tummy, you need to ditch your poor eating habits and embrace yourself for a total lifestyle change which includes serious dietary changes accompanied by a devoted fitness program. You should also know that belly fat reduces gradually as it sits deep inside your abdominal cavity, so don’t beat yourself if you don’t see results within the first few weeks!