Glenmark COVID Medicine – Fabiflu Launched! – How Effective Is It?

Fabi Flu: glenmark covid medicine

The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing with each passing day and the risk is rising too. A single ray of hope with covid medicine can do wonders for the helpless thoughts running in the mind. In India, there are more than 4,25,000 cases, and it is increasing at a rapid pace. Every day there’s the biggest jump in either the cases or the number of deaths.

Amidst all the tensions, work from home scenario, and partial opening, the Researchers & Scientists in India have come up with a drug that will help in treating mild and moderate COVID patients. Also, India has the highest number of mild and moderate levels of COVID-19 cases.

What? Yes, that’s true. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, based in Mumbai, has launched the COVID-19 drug in India on Saturday, with the name Fabiflu and will be available on drug stores at Rs. 103 per tablet.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Glenmark COVID medicine, from its manufacturing to its trials and availability.

Who doesn’t know Glenmark Pharmaceuticals? The company with worldwide recognition for its medicines and helping people curing many diseases. After the Favipiravir got approval for the medication for COVID-19 patients, Glenmark starts developing COVID medicine.

Let’s Talk about Drug

What is Favipiravir? It is an oral antiviral Japanese flu drug developed by the subsidiary of Fujifilm. It has a record of treating nCoV patients with mild and moderate conditions, but it doesn’t show the effect on severely affected COVID patients.

Favipiravir has gained trust in many countries like Turkey, Bangladesh, and UAE. Also, a few more countries have approved the clinical protocol for this medicine. More than 15 companies are under the registration approval process for the making of this drug.

In India, Glenmark has developed its own Favipiravir under the brand name Fabiflu. The COVID-19 drug launch was on Saturday, and the company has confirmed its availability in drug stores by next week.

The prescription of the drug is not for patients with hepatic impairment, severe renal, pregnancy, and lactating women. Also, it shouldn’t be directed to the patients with hypersensitivity against Favipiravir, although it can be used by patients with a co-morbid situation of diabetes and heart disease.

glenmark covid medicine



The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved the launch of the medicine after the result of the third phase trial. The phase 3 clinical trials were done randomly in 11-sites over the country. In this trial, there were patients with both – mildly and moderately affection.

The Glenmark COVID medicine testing was global with satisfying results. People were recovering in a week with the dosage of Fabiflu, while the ones without medication took around two-three weeks.


The dosage duration of the Fabiflu is 14-days, where on day one, 1800mg dose is recommended twice a day, followed by 800mg twice a day (from day 2nd to day 14th). The price of a single tablet of 200mg is Rs. 103, and a strip of 34 tablets will cost around Rs. 3500. The Fabiflu treatment cycle will cost around Rs. 14000 to patients.

Availability of Fabiflu

Glenmark’s Fabiflu will be available in the hospital’s drug stores as well as retail chemists. You will only be able to procure it with the doctor’s prescription. Also, the patients’ written consent (the form is there in the box) needs to be there before starting the drug. The sole reason behind this is the standard requirement of restricted emergency use.

It is available at the retail chemist as not every patient is in hospital. The early intake of the Favipiravir tends to stop the spread of the virus.

glenmark covid medicine


Other Companies Manufacturing Favipiravir

There are many market players who already seek permission to develop the medicine and are in process. Soon there will be several players who will be launching their version of Favipiravir. It is said that Optimus Pharma and Brinton Pharma have already started exporting the drugs to the countries that have accepted this drug formula.

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Financial Stage

Up to here, you read everything about Fabiflu – Glemanrk’s COVID medicine. In this section, we will look at the financial side of the company.

According to LiveMint, Glenmark Pharma saw a surge of 40% in the shares with the launch of Fabiflu. The share of Glenmark has risen to 53.16% this year, which is higher than the Nifty Pharma 26.53%.

The cost of the Fabiflu treatment is a bit higher, but it is expected to go down with the rise in competition in the market.

glenmark covid medicine


Wrapping up with Good News!

Currently, Glenmark is embarking on the second phase clinical trial in India of a drug with the combination of two anti-viral drugs Favipiravir (An approved drug for novel flu pandemics) and Umifenovir (An approved drug for Influenza). The company claims that the establishment is well of the safety of this combination.

Let’s hope for the best outcome, if not vaccines, at least there should be effective treatment available. Stay connected with HealthClubFinder for updates on COVID-19. 

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