Green Tea Shot Recipe: An Easy Guide on How to Make It

Green tea shot is a whisky-based beverage with a twist of peachy flavor. And that along with the more noticeable yet magical, sweet and sour taste. It’s a popular party shooter to enjoy with your buddies or as pre-gaming shots. 

If you are the host of a party, don’t worry, it’s always a hit with the crowd!

Want to know a mouth-watering green tea shot recipe? Stay tuned!

What’s in a Green Tea Shot?

Green Tea Shot


Also known as Jameson Green tea shot, it’s a rejuvenating, easy-to-make cocktail available in the size of shots.

Here are the four main ingredients:

  • Irish Whiskey: The whiskey most often used to make it is Jameson Irish whiskey. That’s because the recipe for this was originally developed by the Jameson brand whiskey company. 
  • Sour mix: Lime and lemon juice combined with simple syrup make up the sour mix. You can find it at any liquor store or even grocery store.
  • Peach Schnapps: The flavor of this liqueur is intense, yet it adds a pinch of sweetness to the green tea shot. Some may not like its strong flavor.
  • Soda: You can choose any citrus soda like sprite, lemonade, and even ginger ale. 

As ironic as it may sound, a green tea shot does not have green tea. The name doesn’t come from its ingredients – rather from the color.

The drink’s name is a result of the cocktail’s greenish-yellow color, which resembles a cup of green tea. Some say its flavor matches green tea as well, but many disagree.

In case you were expecting to get a dose of good health from the extensive amounts of antioxidants that green tea might have brought to this drink, sorry to disappoint you. (But we do have a surprise for you at the end of this article).

How to Make a Green Tea Shot (Recipe)?

Green Tea Shot


Once you know the ingredients, there is nothing much to making a green tea shot. All you need are some cool bartending skills to show off at your party. 

Green Tea Shot Ingredients

Green Tea Shot


  • 1 ounce (1 part) of Irish Whiskey (Jameson, if you want to stay close to the original recipe)
  • Need 1 ounce of Peach Schnapps
  • 1 ounce of Sour Mix
  • 1/4th ounce of soda/ginger ale
  • Mint (optional)

Green Tea Shot Recipe

Green Tea Shot Recipe


  1. To begin, add ice to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Pour 1-ounce Irish Whiskey, 1 ounce Peach Schnapps, and 1-ounce sour mix into this.
  3. Shake the mixture for 5-10 seconds before straining it into shot glasses 3/4 full.
  4. Add a dash of soda or ginger ale to the top. 
  5. If you are a fan of mint, it would only add to the flavors, so go with it.

Additional Tips: 

Green Tea Shot Recipe


  • This recipe is for two shots, so adjust accordingly if you make it for several people together. Or use half ounces when you are making a shot for one. 
  • In case you don’t have a shaker, use a mason jar or something similar with a lid to shake.
  • If you find the ice melts soon when you add the alcohol, try chilling up your sour mix beforehand to prevent this.
  • If a shot is not enough for you – you can make a cocktail out of it. Just pour the mix into a large glass and add more soda.

A Note on Calories:

If you are looking for a green tea shot for the first time, you might be here for health reasons. So, it’s necessary to understand the calorie intake with every shot. Here’s the deal.

There is no added sugar in whiskey, so it doesn’t have a lot of calories. A 25ml serving of peach schnapps, however, can contain about 6g of sugar. Add to that the sugar in the soda used in the concoction and you have more than 63 calories on your calorie chart.

What Makes a Green Tea Shot Special?

Green Tea Shot Recipe


A sweet alcoholic drink – green tea shot – wakes up your taste buds as well as livens up your evening in no time.

It’s an all-season drink that you can enjoy whenever you like – be it a night out, office party, or a weekend with friends. 

With the mild blend of sweet and sour, it leaves a lingering taste you won’t soon forget while the alcohol strikes you just right.

But remember, if you have just started drinking alcohol or can’t seem to hold it together when you drink, this may not be the best shot (pun intended) for you.

That’s because, no matter how healthy the name sounds, green tea shots have strong alcohol. It’s around 40–70% whiskey with 15 to 20% peach schnapps.

The Healthy Green Tea Shot Recipe – This Time With Green Tea

Green Tea Shot Recipe


Considering most of us can’t afford to give up our health for the pleasure of our taste buds, we bring you a healthy version of the green tea shot.

This recipe brings the same mouth-watering peachy flavor but without the hangover the next morning. 

It’s best when you don’t want to miss a celebration but can’t let alcohol ruin the coming day for you.

Thank our friends at Sencha Tea Bar for this recipe.

Here’s What You Will Need.

  • 1 teabag/ 1 tablespoon loose leaf green tea
  • 1 large peach
  • 8 tablespoons apple cider
  • 8 tablespoons water
  • Cocktail shaker/ any jar with a lid
  • Apple/peach slice (optional)
  • Alcohol (optional – if you are of the drinking age)
  • Ice cubes

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How to Make a Healthy Green Tea Shot?

Green Tea Shot


  1.  In a tea kettle, heat water to between 150 and 170 degrees fahrenheit. Infuse the loose leaf tea for 1 to 3 minutes. Or you can add this water to a teabag in a cup. Let the nutrients seep into the water.
  2.  Add ice to the shaker.
  3.  Remove the leaves or tea bag and pour the green tea on the shaker.
  4.  Scramble the peach to release its flavor.
  5.  Shake the peach and green tea (and alcohol if you want) in the shaker with ice.
  6.  Pour this mix into a tall glass.
  7.  Add apple cider to the cold brew.
  8.  Use an apple or peach slice to garnish.

This green tea shot recipe is the perfect way to take care of your health and your taste buds without any compromise.

Over To You…

You now have two green tea shot recipes at your disposal to try. While one of them is more close to the original, another is a healthier version. Yet, both are delicious with never-to-forget flavors.

Which one are you going to try? Comment below!

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