Head Injury : Types And Levels Of Brain Injury

head injury

In today’s busy life we often get to hear about accidents which may lead to many injuries and one of the most dangerous among all injuries is the brain injury. There are different kinds of brain injuries that a person might get after he/she meets an accident. Brain injuries can lead a person to coma, short term as well as long term memory loss, mental problems and can even result in to death. These problems might occur when your head would hit against a solid surface quite strongly or if any strong thing would blow your head. This situation or condition is often termed as traumatic brain injury. Apart from this there are other types as well as level of brain injury which is listed below:

Traumatic brain injury and its levels:


head injury

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It can cause some difficulties or disability of brain which can even last until life ends. It takes place when your head faces a direct hard blow, abnormal shaking of head, gunshot wound, and hard force. It is said to the most common kind of TBI which can take place by both open as well as close brain injuries. Loss of consciousness varies man to man, one may not lose sense or one may not hold it as well but if the person would be conscious then he/she would feel dazed. Blood clots in brain can become common in this situation and it might take more than 3 to 5 months to get healed completely from this injury.


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It is a result which often takes place when your head would face a direct impact. It is nothing but a bruise which leads to excessive bleeding from the head. Well treatments are available for this condition, sometimes it may get healed just by medicines as well as dressings but there are situation when you might need to have surgery in order to remove the bruise from your head.

Diffuse Axonal:

head injury

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This situation or damage takes place when your head would be abnormally shaken or rotated for a long period of time. Damage takes place because the unmoving brain surprisingly experiences the movement of head which results in tearing of the brain structure. The breakage of nerves as well as other tissues results in to the release of brain chemicals which might also leads to any internal injury. This situation can lead a person to coma, permanent brain damage or even death. It is hard to get treated and getting completely healed is beyond expectation which happens in very rare cases.

Acquired brain injury:

head injury

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This brain injury takes place when the brain experiences stroke, anoxia, hypoxia, tumors, degenerative diseases, toxins, and the experience of near to drowning or any near to death circumstances, it is not always necessary that the damage would cause only when you would get hit externally, it might even cause by mental trauma as well as shock.


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This condition takes place when brain lacks in oxygen or unable to receive oxygen. This situation does damage in the brain. Hypoxic also occurs when brain receives oxygen but not enough hence our brain gets damaged.

These were some of the head injury conditions as well as level of head injuries that can take place after an accident takes place.