4 Natural and Healthy Ways to Relax

Healthy Ways to Relax

Anxiety and the rush of adrenaline that you feel when faced with a chaotic situation hits you in numerous ways. That’s nature’s way of heightening your senses so you can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. However, when stress and anxiety become chronic, you’ll face health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and heart attacks. Combat the anxiety and stress by adopting various natural techniques to calm frayed nerves and get your life under control.

Deep Breathing Technique

Healthy Ways to Relax

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Try deep breathing to reduce stress and improve health. This simple task involves filling your lungs with life-giving oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide.

So, how’s that any different from what you do unconsciously? You’ll take deeper breaths. Inhale until you feel your belly expanding. Hold and count up to 10 slowly. Then, release the air gradually until you feel your belly getting sucked inward. Hold the exhale for a few seconds before inhaling again. The ideal time to do this is when you can take about five minutes somewhere quiet and without a chance of disturbance. Close your eyes and focus on breathing while emptying your mind of all thoughts. Feel a warm sensation enveloping your body and you’ll notice the stress and anxiety melting away.

Face Massage Technique

Healthy Ways to Relax

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Let’s reveal a secret that beauty therapists never give out to their clients. The facials that make your skin glow and look fabulous have a lot more to do with the sensations of massaging. Using aromatic oils and smoothing them into your skin with trained movements promotes blood circulation. Your skin responds by relaxing and rejuvenating, which is why it seems to glow with health after a facial. 

Should you go for a face mask, pick one whose ingredients soothe your senses while vitamins and antioxidants nourish it from within. When you feel relaxed and happy, it shows on your face setting off a chain reaction of wellness and beauty. 

Health through Dietary Choices

Healthy Ways to Relax

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Nuts are one of the best power foods that nature has for you. Some of the main effects associated with anxiety are an accelerated heartbeat, sweaty palms, and stress on your vascular muscles. Combat these uncomfortable physiological responses with pistachios, packed with antioxidants and fiber that promote blood circulation by expanding the arteries. 

These nutrients help to regulate blood movement so the effects of stress are lowered. Cashew nuts are a great source of magnesium and vitamin B6, which floods your body with the feel-good hormone serotonin. Munching on kosher nuts not only keeps you calm but you’ll also eat healthy snacks when craving something salty, which is one of the most common fallouts of anxiety. 

Walking Technique

Healthy Ways to Relax

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Possibly one of the easiest ways to deal with a chaotic day is to take a break. Going for a walk for even 15 minutes around the block allows you to take a step back from the situation. Getting some fresh air clears your mind and lets you think more clearly. You’ll come back charged up and ready with solutions to whatever issues you’re facing. You can combine more than one technique, here–breathing deeply all through your walk helps, too.

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Create a Positive Space

Healthy Ways to Relax

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Whether you own a home or you can only freely decorate your bedroom, a positive atmosphere makes relaxation much easier. Pick a spot in your house that you can turn into your relaxation corner. Add a comfy chair or a pile of cozy cushions for lounging. Now, it’s time to decorate. 

Objects and images that remind you of things you love will make you smile every time you sit down in this spot. It can be as simple as favorite knickknacks you already own or you can seek out new artwork that matches your ideal aesthetic. For example, you could tape up pictures of your puppy or go all out and order a custom cat portrait.


Healthy Ways to Relax

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When you have a lot of thoughts competing for your attention, letting them out onto paper can help enormously. The physical act of writing about your stressors in a personal journal with high-quality paper can be soothing, but a digital version works great if you’re a technologically-focused person. 

Take just ten minutes to pour your feelings onto the page. You may find that having to externalize your words gives you a fresh perspective on old problems. Even if it doesn’t, writing is an outlet that takes the stress and funnels it away from you.

Keeps Your Hand Occupied

Healthy Ways to Relax

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If you’re full of nervous energy, a soothing hobby gives you a way to keep moving without exhausting yourself. This is part of why knitting and crocheting have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. For people who aren’t into yarn, there are lots of other crafts to try out. Drawing and painting don’t require vast experience or artistic talent, and you don’t have to show anyone else your doodles if you don’t want to. 

When you’re not feeling the call of art, try out a jigsaw puzzle. The process of locating and placing colorful shapes is satisfying and relaxing, and even a good group activity for a quiet night in.

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life and just about everyone goes through the pressures of everyday living. Choose healthy and natural ways to relax and deal with the issues, and the change will surprise you.