Know Everything About High Functioning Depression In Details

High Functioning Depression

This is so scary to know that almost every people are suffering from this or the other health complication and sometimes the problem is physical so it shows but at times people also suffer from mental health problem and it is very hard for one to recognize whether a person is mentally disturbed or not. 

A few years back we were not medically that advanced and so we used to link every mental illness with madness whereas there are many parts of mental illness and every part is equally harmful to a person which is the worst thing. High functioning depression is one such complication that has made people suffer in the past few years and back then this complication was not that popular moreover people knew how to be cool. 

High Functioning Depression


One probably is that since doctors were not that sure about this complex so even if people used to suffer from this problem then also doctors could not tell about it. 

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If you are wondering about high functioning anxiety then here is everything that you need to know about this complication and if you find this in your life then getting treatment is very important that you should never miss:

Detecting whether you are facing High Functioning Depression is still very difficult and apart from a doctor, it is you and your people surround you who would be able to tell whether you are a sufferer of this problem or not. If you are a sufferer of this problem then you should consult a doctor and go from medications as per your current condition. 

Before anything, you would have to know whether you are suffering in reality or it is just an assumption and for that, you would have to concentrate on the symptoms and specifications of High Functioning Anxiety very carefully.

You would feel as if You Are Faking Everything Constantly

This is very tricky and here you make your mind understand that you have to present yourself the way people around you want you to be and for that, you try to be what you are not. Here you recall how you were and how you would have lived if there would be no depression and then accordingly you would present yourself in front of people. 

High Functioning Depression


Due to this symptom, it becomes very hard to tell whether a person is suffering or not. This happens when the sufferer assumes that people would call him mad or anything of that sort if people would come to know about his/her depression. This thing makes the sufferer play the role of a healthy person so that no one could question his at all for the depression that he has and this seems to be the worst effect of this mental health complication.

It is You who have to Let People Know That You Need Some Help

Depression is one such thing that seems to be impossible for one to cope with alone and if your friends and family would be with your killing the depression is very easy and the same thing is about high functioning depression so you would have to stop faking everything. 

Here you would have to understand that you need to help and only if you would be able to tell that you need help then only you would be able to find the solution to come over it. 

Here you would have to let people around you know that you are suffering so that they can help you and only if help would arrive then coming over this mental health illness would be very easy for you. Here you would have let people around you help you in this problem otherwise cure is very difficult in this case.

High Functioning Depression


Here You would have to Differentiate Among The Good and The Bad Days

If you are a sufferer of this complication then almost every day would be bad for you but in case you stay normal for a day then that is your good day. Here you would have to know the difference between these two days so that you can tell your doctor about how you feel about both days. 

Most of the time in this case the sufferer calls for bad days due to excessive tension and so the day becomes gloomy and bad but at times if the sufferer is happy and surrounded by loved people then the tension would be less and so the day would be happy at the same time which is great for sure. 

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Here people should also concentrate on the good days and recalling a good time would help a lot in coming over the bad day and here you would have to understand that the bad day would get over in some times.

Sadly The Bad Days are Worse Than You Can Imagine

If you are not suffering from this health complication then it is very hard to even tell how worse can be the bad days be and if you are suffering then you already know that there is nothing as worse as the bad days of these health complications. On those days you would be highly tensed and the tension would take over your mind and no matter whether there is any tension in reality or not but you would still be in the assumption of an upcoming danger. 

Most of the time people’s assumptions make them the sufferer which is worse than nothing and here you would have to deal with it. Though your bad days would be tough, then also you still should be hopeful because that would get over and most suicidal thoughts come during these bad days and this seems to be the most dangerous thing ever about this mental health complication.

High Functioning Depression


How to Get Over Those Bad Days?

Only you can tell the answer as no one else can hold your hands and pull you over those days but if you would know what is happening and why is it happening and if you can make the situation better or not then it would become easy for you to recover. Here you would have to be happy and happiness is the only key to this complication and you would have to keep your mind happy. 

Here you would have to know that there is a difference between faking happiness and being happy in reality and you have to be happy in reality.

Try To Improve Your Living

Here this is the main thing and it is said that this is the only cure that would help you throughout your life which is great and here you would have to forget that you are suffering from any complication. Make sure that you are not faking it rather you have to constantly make yourself believe that you are fine and soon the problem would go away and this belief would help you a lot in your life which is great for sure. 

Here you would have to focus on improving your life quality and if you think something is going wrong then you have to make it right and only you can do it better than anyone else around you so it all starts with you and it would end with you at the same time.

Physical illness

The worst part of this depression is that it would make you sufferer physically as well and your mental health would impact your physical health in a way that people would be confused about whether the problem started with your physical condition or the mental health is the real criminal in your case. One thing you have to understand that asking for help would not make you small and you should not hesitate to ask for help ever.

These were everything that you need to know about High Functioning Depression and to know more about such things you can check out Healthclubfinder.


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