High-Intake Of Water: Avoiding The Chances Of Bladder Infection

bladder infection

Unhealthy lifestyle as well as food habit has become our enemy and have damaged us for such a long time. In today’s life it has become more difficult to stay healthy because we people always stay busy and hardly get some time for ourselves thus we choose food which is easily available as well as easy to make and junk food took the first place in our preference of food. Sadly water has also been replaced by coke or other kind of drinks; it is a rare case now that people have water these days. Among all the problems that our body undergoes bladder infection is one of them. It is very common in women and each year many women suffer from this issue but fortunately researches have revealed that if your water consumption would be higher than you are less likely to suffer from any such infections in your bladder. It is said that once you suffer from this complication there are high chances that you would suffer from the same for the second time as well in life. Bladder infections take place due to bacterial attack and as women have shorter uterus than a man, hence women are more likely to get bacterial outgrowth out there. Fortunately bladder infections can be cured by medicines and other treatments easily but to start the treatment at early stage it is really important to understand about the symptoms of this complication so here are few symptoms that you should never ignore:

Pain while urinating:

bladder infection

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This is the most common symptom of any infection that takes place out there at the bladder or uterus. At times the pain as well as the burning sensation becomes unbearable and this takes place only at the time of urination. If you too is facing such kind of pain or burning sensation then don’t think twice before going to a good doctor and get all necessary checkups done.

Cloudy as well as bloody urine:

bladder infection

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Cloudy urine means that the color of your urine would not be clear rather it would be a bit translucent in appearance and this is quite common in this infection and when the infection reaches in an extreme stage you might even experience bloody urine which means blood coming out along with urine.

Frequent urinating:

bladder infection

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If you are suffering from such infections than you would notice that you have to go for urinating more often than that of a person who is fit and you would also feel the urgency or urinating all the time and can’t wait for long without going to the washroom. Bad fuel like smell coming from the urine is common as well if you have this infection in your bladder.

Water intake helps a lot:

bladder infection

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Many experiments are done to prove that high intake of water helps a lot in fighting as well as preventing these kinds of infections. In a study it is revealed that normally we intake 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis. In this experiment people were divided into two different groups in which one group of people were give the usual amount of water per day which is 1.5 liters whereas the other group had to consume the double amount of water which is 3 liters of water per day. It took almost a year to complete this experiment and proved to be beneficial as well. It is found that people who had 1.5 liters of water experience bladder infection even for 3 to 4 times but some of the people who had taken more amount of water had the infection once or twice. It is also proved that people who had taken more amount of water recovered really soon as compare to those who has just 1.5 liters of water in a day. So now it is proved that high amount of water intake not only prevents these kinds of infections but it also cures the infection faster than ever. So taking adequate amount of water which is at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water is always recommended by experts.

These were few of the symptoms of bladder infection as well as how high amount of water intake helps in curing as well as preventing this infection.