Tip to Select the Best Holistic Behavioral Healthcare Center for You

One of the biggest decisions a person can make is the decision to own up to their addiction and seek out help. With the number of holistic behavioral healthcare centers available, choosing which one is right for you can seem like an equally daunting decision.

So how does a person know how to choose the right drug detox center Texas and alcohol rehab treatment? Let’s see a few options for a holistic behavioral healthcare center.

The 12-step program is employed by both inpatient and outpatient centers and often carries on after formal treatment ends. There are other treatment philosophies, however. Some centers specialize in a non-pharmacological or homeopathic approach, some offer single-gender treatment options, and some are strong faith or spirituality-based programs. Whichever type of treatment you choose, getting acquainted with the 12 Steps can boost your likelihood of success. 

Holistic Behavioral Healthcare Center

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There is a standard progression that most treatment programs will follow. It begins with detox. This phase of treatment is usually conducted inpatient and lasts from one week to ten days. During detox, the person’s body is allowed to rid itself of harmful toxins associated with drug or alcohol abuse. This cleansing period is closely monitored for safety and for comfort. 

Following your detox, you enter into the next step of treatment. One choice is inpatient treatment programs that can last anywhere from three weeks to six months, depending upon the person and the extent of the substance dependency. During this time, the person is fed healthy foods, helped to form regular sleeping habits, and provided with several types of therapies throughout the day. Individual and group counseling, exercise, and addiction education are common components of residential addiction treatment.

Depending on your evaluation it may be recommended that you enter into bipolar inpatient treatment in Pembroke Pines, where you will get the tools and resources needed to take back control of your life.


Another option is outpatient programs, which include services and therapies provided to individuals who are maintaining a more normal daily regimen of work and family. Obviously, the scope of services is smaller but usually includes counseling and education.

This level of care is ideal for those who can maintain their sobriety with support and have a home environment conducive to recovery. In many cases, patients participate in outpatient care after completing a stay in residential drug rehabilitation

Holistic Behavioral Healthcare Center

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Aftercare will be important to continue working on recovery. This can be accomplished through regular aftercare, either in support groups or through weekly counseling. Re-entering life as a sober person will be an adjustment, and continuing to receive support from others dedicated to helping you live sober is a key part of lifelong success. 

When you look at all the positive things you can achieve when you are clean and drug-free, your support group should be at the top of your list. Through the friendship and support of others just like you who have gone through the same process of overcoming addiction, you can map out your own future, achieve your long-buried dreams, and be the best you can possibly be.

However, your healing path to recovery can only begin when you make that tough decision and select the right place and program. Give it the time it requires and be prepared to make lasting changes in your life.

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