Most Effective Home Remedies For Hernia

natural cure for hernia

Staying healthy has become a problem nowadays and almost every person suffers from some or the other health condition and some of the health conditions seems to be deadly and even if not deadly then also they prove to be extremely painful. Hernia is one such health condition which often takes place in human body and eventually can make you suffer.

Apart from surgeries, there are many home remedies as well which proves to be extremely beneficial for treating hernia so if you are wondering about the natural cure for hernia then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

Castor Seed Oil

natural cure for hernia

Castor oil seems to be a magical ingredient for a hundred of complications and it is effectively healthy for skin, hair as well as for your health and you would be amazed to know that castor seed oil can prove to be very effective in case of hernia as well. There are also most effective essential oils for bruises that you need to check out. 

Castor oil seems to be very thick which actually creates a thin coat in the stomach which actually prevents inflammation and also helps in proper digestion of food as well. You can literally consume castor oil in empty stomach on a regular basis and at times you can also make a castor oil pack with some fuller’s earth and apply a thick layer on the stomach area as it would decrease the pain that hernia causes.

Aloe Vera Juice

natural cure for hernia

Aloe Vera is known for the anti inflammatory properties that it has got and also this particular ingredient has several uses which you can be benefited from and treating hernia is definitely one of them and if you are the one who often suffers from the pain that hernia causes and dealing with it become impossible for you then you can try aloe Vera juice in this case.You must be wondering about aloe vera benefits for skin then there it is.

You would be amazed to know that if you start eating aloe Vera on a regular basis before having any meal then you would never develop hernia. Here you can actually have pure aloe Vera juice and you have to drink in twice a day after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

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Ice Pack

natural cure for hernia

Hernia can cause unbearable pain which often leads to inflammation not only inside but also outside the stomach and here you would also be able to see redness around the area affected by hernia and the pain is additional.

Here this is the easiest remedy and here you would have to get some ice cubes and a thin towel and then you would have to wrap those ice cubes in a the towel as direct ice contact can cause skin irritation and let the ice be there on the stomach until it melts completely. Ice pack would not only help in reducing the inflammation as well as pain but it would also help in reducing the signs of bloated stomach hence you would soon get relief.

Ginger Roots

natural cure for hernia

This magical ingredient seems to be the most effective thing when it comes to treating abdominal pain as well as inflammation of abdomen and it is for sure nothing can be as effective as this single ingredient is.

There are several ways to consume ginger roots, you can simply cut ginger roots into small pieces and dip in honey and have it as it is and at times you can crush some ginger and take the juice out of it and then boil it with some green tea and have it on regular basis. You can have it after every meal as this helps in better digestion and also serve you with relief from the pain.

Black Pepper Powder

natural cure for hernia

This magical ingredient can serve you in several ways and treating hernia is definitely one of them. Black pepper helps in easing out the stomach problems by decreasing the inflammation as well as the unwanted pain and it also helps in proper digestion of the food so you are less likely to suffer from any such stomach related issues. Black pepper helps in reducing the acidic reflux which also helps a lot in easing out the condition and you can simply have black pepper along with your food on a regular basis.

These were few of the best home remedies for hernia that you need to check out and also you can try them out for both treating the hernia as well as for preventing the complication of hernia and also you can check out more such remedies at healthclubfinder.