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Do you wonder how many teeth do adults have? In general, a human has 32 adult teeth. At a later age, once we remove our wisdom teeth, we are only left with 28 teeth. Before knowing all about baby teeth and baby teeth in adults, you should know how do teeth develop? Baby teeth are the basically first set of teeth a human grows and these sets of teeth are also popular as deciduous, temporary, or primary teeth.

When a baby is 6 months old, teeth begin to come out from the gums. However, the coming out of teeth varies from baby to baby. So, do you know how many sets of teeth do humans have when he or she is a baby? There are almost 20 primary teeth that tend to be fully grown by the age of 3. After the age of 3, permanent teeth start to form behind the existing ones. These permanent teeth start pushing the baby teeth out.

There are few cases where a person’s permanent teeth are not able to completely push out the baby teeth. In this case, these baby teeth will remain there until adulthood. Continue reading if you are curious to dig more on how many teeth do humans have? Know happens if someone has baby teeth in their adulthood and what the treatments to solve this problem are.

Wondering How Many Sets Of Teeth Do Humans Have?

A human gets two full sets of teeth over its lifetime. As a baby, you have only 20 teeth, and as an adult, a person should have 32 teeth. These 32 teeth have their functions in the chewing and eating process. But in rare cases, it is also possible to have a third set of teeth. When someone has extra or supernumerary teeth, the phenomenon is known as hyperdontia. It is speciously referred to as “the third set of teeth.” These teeth may erupt into your mouth or remain impacted in the bone.

Know How Many Teeth Do Humans Have and Why?

how many teeth do humans have


Our teeth present in our mouth are not only responsible for chewing our food, but they also help us to maintain the shape and structure of our jaw. So, the answer to the question “why do we have two sets of teeth” is because the permanent set of 32 adult teeth are too big for a baby’s jaw. The baby teeth are there to ensure the proper structure of our jaw, speech development, and easy chewing of food during childhood. Once the jaw is fully set and the skull is not growing anymore, the primary teeth start to fall out.

Another reason for having two sets of teeth is that the teeth can’t grow. Once they are fully grown, they will stay in the same size and that is why a human needs two sets of teeth to adjust the change in our jaw sizes over time.

What Are Adult Baby Teeth?

You can also call adult baby teeth retained baby teeth and are quite common. For humans who have adult baby teeth, the second molar will probably be retained. The reason behind this is it often doesn’t have permanent one teeth growing behind it.

Some studies have found that if second molars are retained until a human has the age of 20, these teeth are much less likely to cause any dental complications in the future. On the other hand, the opposite case is true for retention of the incisors and first molars. They create problems and will require more treatment in the future. Here are some main problems you will face if you leave adult baby teeth as it is:

Infraocclusion: Baby teeth will remain in a permanent position while the teeth right next to them will continue to erupt

Occlusal trauma: Teeth won’t be able to line up when you will close your mouth

Diastema: There will be gaps or spaces present between your teeth

Reason For Retaining Baby Teeth In Adults

how many teeth do humans have


When a human has a lack of permanent teeth to replace baby teeth, you will have retained baby teeth in your adulthood. 

Here are some of the common conditions that involve tooth development in adult baby teeth:

Hyperdontia: When you have extra teeth, and there is not enough room for permanent teeth to erupt because the baby teeth are already present there.

Hypodontia: When you have one to five permanent teeth missing in the mouth

Oligodontia: In this case, you have six or more permanent teeth missing

Anodontia: Your majority of adult teeth are missing. In some cases, all of your permanent teeth are missing.

What Happens If A Permanent Tooth Can’t Grow?

You might be knowing how many teeth do adults have in general, but what happens if you have a permanent tooth in your mouth and it is not able to grow in? Some factors can cause:

Ankylosis: It is a rare disorder in which the teeth will infuse into the bone which can prevent any movement

Genetics: There can be some family history of incomplete tooth penetration

Some other conditions are associated with tooth development, like ectodermal dysplasia and endocrine disorders, mouth trauma, or infection.

What Can You Do If You Have Baby Teeth In Adults?

Till now you must be well aware of the fact how many teeth do humans have, however here are some cases in which retaining the tooth may be the best option for health. In this particular case, your tooth and root should be still structurally, functionally, and aesthetically good in all conditions. You only have to do minimal maintenance for this approach. However, it may cause too much or too little space for a replacement in the future.

Orthodontics and Surgery

You may need modification to prevent infraocclusion, even when your root and crown of the teeth are still in good condition.

There is the simplest and easiest type of modification treatment and that is to add a cap on to the top of the baby tooth. This modification will give the exact appearance of an adult tooth to your baby tooth. Furthermore, this process will maintain the integrity of your tooth’s base.


Some cases may require extraction, like:

Space closure: If crowding in the mouth is severe enough, there will be a need to remove the process of baby teeth. This helps to straighten the alignment of the teeth in the mouth. However, you have to be careful while removing your baby tooth. If there is a removal of baby teeth in adults without a permanent replacement, it may lead to further complications in the future. 


If the baby tooth in adults has significant weaknesses, for example, root resorption or decay, he or she has to replace the baby tooth to avoid problems. The replacement may be the only option. You can choose the implants for the replacement method. But you should know that for implant processes you have to wait until you pass your late teenage years. This is because; the skeletal structure in the body is still forming at that age. You can also choose partial dentures. It is also a popular solution if you have large amounts of missing teeth in your mouth or there are some problems with your mouth tissues.

When Permanent Teeth Do Grow?

how many teeth do humans have


You know that 32 adult teeth will replace the 20 baby teeth. Around the age of 6 years, a child starts to lose their baby teeth or you can say deciduous teeth. The first ones to go from the mouth are the most commonly the first that came in and that are the central incisors. The last teeth that a baby loses around the age of 12 are generally the cuspid or second molar.

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Difference Between Adult Teeth And Deciduous Teeth

Here are some of the key differences between primary teeth and adult teeth:

Ename: It is the hard outer surface present on the teeth that protects them from decay. It is usually thinner on primary teeth than on adult teeth.

Color: Deciduous teeth look whiter than adult teeth. This can be due to thinner enamel present on primary teeth.

Size: Baby teeth are smaller in size than permanent adult teeth.

Shape: The shape of primary teeth varies but the front adult teeth often come in with bumps but that wears off after some time.

Roots: Roots of primary teeth are shorter and thinner in comparison to adult teeth as they have to fall out soon.


With this article, now you know how many sets of teeth do humans have and how many teeth do adults have. Furthermore, now you are fully aware of baby teeth in adults and what problems they can cause. But it is important for you to properly think while deciding whether you should get a tooth extraction or not. You should not hesitate to talk to the dentist for asking questions you might have. The dentist or orthodontist is always the best person who can consult you all about how to deal with baby teeth in adults.

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