How Much Is Laser Hair Removal? Some Essential Components

It is pretty embarrassing when you have an exceptional amount of hair growth on your body. You find yourself unable to wear clothes that might have looked good if you did not have such hard hair follicles. Even though it is more ‘acceptable’ for men to have a lot of hair on their bodies, women suffer from the inevitable pain of waxing, and men too consider getting their extra hair removed. Hence, laser hair removal has always been on our minds. However, the most critical question we tend to ask is, how much is Laser Hair Removal?

While every individual considers laser hair removal options, they have plenty of questions about how effective it would be, and most essentially, the laser hair removal cost. Although one gets to live with flawless skin, it is more than fair to wonder about its superficiality in monetary terms. But one thing is proven; unwanted hair removal through laser technique is one of the most-wanted dermatological treatments in the west. 

Today, even though we are majorly endorsing the concept of ‘Body Positivity,’ no one likes the idea of hair growth which is more than the usual amount. Women majorly feel overwhelmed when they determine how much is laser hair removal for, and they stick to their old methods. However, no one prefers to go old school and apply razors on their skin because it ultimately causes the growth of even more hard hair follicles and little red bumps appearing on the skin. 

To find out how much is laser hair removal for, let’s first dive deep into other specifications and the workings of laser hair removal techniques so that when you consider it, you are informed correctly. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works?

how much is laser hair removal


Laser Hair Removal is a dermatological technique performed by expert Dermatologists who use laser rays on the skin pigments to destroy hair follicles from the roots. It is a commonly done cosmetic procedure and garnering attention amongst men and women in the U.S and other nations. 

The laser light directed towards the pigments and hair follicles is highly concentrated and sharp, making it possible for a long-term benefit of the procedure done to remove excessive hair growth from the body. As Glamour explains the words of an expert Dermatologist from the Marmur Medical in New York City, Dr. Ellen Marmur, M.D, 

Think of laser hair removal as a video game. The laser seeks out the pigment in your skin, typically found in the base of your hair follicle. Once the laser locates the hair follicle root, which houses your hair stem cells, “the laser then converts from light energy to heat and explodes it. 

The procedure makes it obvious how effective the results would be when one completes their sessions, but they have their mind stuck on only one thing; how much is laser hair removal for? Another critical factor, as the doctor mentioned, is the appropriate handling of laser light. Since it is highly concentrated, it could cause the burning of other skin pigments leading to blisters and burns appearing on the skin

Hence, it is also essential to schedule a laser removal session at an appropriate season when the laser rays do not zap up the tanning from your skin and meanwhile burn it. You should know that laser hair removal works best on a more intricate and darker hair follicle upon a much fairer skin; however, you can expect different treatments for other hair and skin types

Considering the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

how much is laser hair removal


While we are discussing how much is laser hair removal for, it is best to keep in check all the benefits that one could experience when they are done getting rid of their unwanted hair and slowing the growth of new hair follicles for the future. 

If you have developed unwanted hair on the side of your face, chin, or bikini area, you can always hop on the idea of hair removal treatment. Most celebrities prefer laser hair removal treatment due to dominant technological progress in this cosmetic procedure, whether with dark or tanned skin types. 

Let’s figure some benefits associated with the laser hair removal technique before we jump on to the answer for the question, how much is laser hair removal for?

The Precision of the Treatment

Some people are looking for a cosmetic technique that specifically targets an area on their body and removes hair. In such a case, hair removal treatment is the best possible option. One might have no hair on the entire body, but the hair follicles on their thighs are exceptionally high. In such a case, the laser technology can direct the rays on the areas and help kill the hair follicles, and slow down the growth. It is the best treatment for situations when one wants to remove hair near the eyebrow area, upper lip section, or anywhere on the face. 

The Process Is Speedy

how much is laser hair removal


It is one of the fastest methods to remove unwanted hairs from your body. Throwing each pulse of laser rays zaps up the hair within a fraction of seconds. You would be surprised to know that removing hair from smaller areas takes seconds; however, you can expect at least an hour for relatively more significant portions such as your back or legs, and the results would be excellent. 

A  Less Painful Option Than Other Hair Removing Techniques

It is one of the few factors that determine how much is laser hair removal for? We want to say that when the cost is high, the results and process would be superior. When you opt for laser technology, be sure to experience the lesser pain you endure during your waxing session at the salon. Who understands it better than how much pain one must bear every month to receive radiating and flawless skin? 

People gave their first-hand experience about the laser session, stating that the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin, which is better than unbelievable pain when your salon technician peels off the hot wax strip from your skin. One feels like screaming then and there. 

A Long Term Solution to Hair-Growth Issues

This is one of the significant advantages of laser hair removal treatment. Waxing and tweezing are the temporary and painful solutions to our problems; however, this isn’t the case with laser treatment. When you question how much is laser hair removal, you would be expecting an utterly expensive pricing option and feel whether or not it is worth spending so much. But this is one of the factors that make paying every pennyworth of hair removal. 

It is a long-term solution to all your unwanted hair problems in different areas of the body. As the hair growth permanently reduces, it becomes easier to maintain the results. So, you pay upfront to save your expenses in the future by not wasting your money on options like waxing and hair removal products. 

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits and workings of laser hair removal treatment, it is time to switch back to our main topic; Laser Hair Removal Cost.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal?

how much is laser hair removal


After detailing everything about the cosmetic treatment, it is essential to determine the cost of laser hair removal treatment. It entirely depends on the area where you want to get the treatment, the type of hair follicle, and certain other aspects. There is a rough cost, and every skin expert would have their pricing standards according to the technology and the sessions required for an individual. 

The cost of your laser hair removal treatment would depend on,

  • How much area do you want to get treated?
  • Are you taking the help of a professional or a salon technician?
  • Where do you live, and what is the recent cost of the treatment in your area?
  • How many sessions do you need according to your hair follicle and skin tone?

According to WebMD, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for laser hair removal was $389 per session in 2020. 

This price range has significantly changed since the last year, and when you ask, how much is full body laser hair removal? You can expect the price range to vary from $2000-$9000. So be sure to ask your expert and Dermatological clinic about their nominal rates for the treatment. However, we are breaking down the cost according to the body parts.

Area of Treatment Possible Cost
            How much is laser hair removal for legs? $1300-$1500
            How much is laser hair removal for armpits? $250- $400
                How much is laser hair removal for face? $600-900
                How much is laser hair removal for Back? $300-$600
                How much is laser hair removal for Chest? $300-$600
          How much is laser hair removal for Bikini Area? $300-$600

For getting detailed pricing instructions, it is best to consult with a doctor. They would recommend you according to an individual pricing quotation for the preferred laser treatment. There are approximately 4-5 kinds of laser treatment according to skin type and hair quality. If they have discounts, the price could relatively go down. You can expect at least 4-8 sessions based on your hair type. Sometimes, a patient needs a lesser session than the standard one’s if they have comparatively less hair growth. 

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Aftercare Methods Post-laser Treatment

how much is laser hair removal


You are more likely to experience specific symptoms post the laser treatment is done. People who have darker skin can sometimes expect blisters on their skin, but there is nothing to worry about, as applying a cold compress could get you some relief. Also, there might be a chance that you find your skin appearing a little burnt for at least two days, but there is nothing to worry about, and the cold compress technique would also work here. 

You can also take a cool shower as soon as you reach home. Since your hair follicle blasts, your skin gets heated up, so it is necessary to cool it down with several measures. Try to be inside a room with an air conditioner for some time until your skin finally feels cool. If you want to go out a day or two after your treatment, consider applying some sunscreen on your skin correctly. It protects the skin from UV rays. Since hairs are your protective layer and are no longer on your skin, rays on your bare skin could cause a reaction.

Do not wax or tweeze hairs from your skin for six weeks before your subsequent treatment. It would not give you successful results. Follow the measures properly, and ask your expert, how much is laser hair removal to precisely get a customized cost for your treatment. Rest all would be smooth if you make a wise choice while selecting your dermatological expert.

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