Clean Your Groceries: Protect Your House From The Coronavirus

how to clean groceries

Due to the latest outbreak of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, the world is facing a pandemic that has led to numerous cases and deaths all over the world. We have to remain very careful and alert to stop getting the viral infection and should clean groceries. Coronavirus Prevention is something we should take very seriously, as it can get any of us infected if we are exposed to it.

In this article, we will be discussing the steps on how to clean groceries. The basic step after going out shopping is to clean your groceries. People are often advised to maintain social distancing yet it is quite difficult to achieve that when you are out to buy the essentials. Coronavirus showed no proof of spreading through food or water but it is likely to leave the surfaces contaminated on which food items were kept.

Certain Coronavirus Prevention tips are to adhere to social distancing. Staying home and staying safe is one of the vital conditions to follow to stop getting less infection. Whenever leaving home, we must wash our hands thoroughly with soap. Even when we return, we must wash our hands quickly without touching any part of the house.

Shopping for groceries always is a high-risk task. There are many people at the market and you’re quite open to get infection if someone ill around you sneezes around the surfaces. That is why advising to maintain 6 feet distance everywhere possible. This doesn’t mean that we keep ourselves away from the necessary purchase but we should be extra cautioned whenever dealing with this.

How Groceries are Such a Big Risk?

how to clean groceries


Our biggest risk whenever we visit a supermarket is coming into contact with an infected person. That’s why the 1-meter guidelines must be followed strictly. 

We should stay behind and let others pick the things they want from the rack and purchase after them. If someone is being too close to you, then do not hesitate to ask them to stay away. People often catch up with the virus after touching a contaminated area, followed by a touch on their eyes, cheek, or ears.

Recent studies across the globe suggest that Coronavirus stays on the surfaces for up to 72 hours. It can prevail on cardboard for 1 day. Shopping at a supermarket, we should assume all the surfaces are clean, including the food packets we buy, and then stick to the cleaning methods of the groceries. 

We should clean the basket handles after buying the food and the food packets with disinfectants. That’s why most of the people and vendors are opting for home-to-home delivery.

Advising to make sure only the healthiest member of the family goes out shopping. Digital transactions should opt so that no exposure with hard cash takes place. Usage of disposable gloves and masks to prevent ourselves from exposure to the virus. Advising to stay home if we feel ill. Wear a mask constantly to keep others safe, if we have contracted the virus unknowingly.

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Ways to Clean Groceries at Home

how to clean groceries


Experts put weight on washing hands with soap as soon as we return from shopping. We should avoid touching unnecessary places in the house and rinse our hands with tap water. Advising to wash the food with lukewarm water. After washing them, wash the surfaces or the areas where the substances might have been kept on followed by washing our hands again. 

Note that washing hands is very important as washing our hands with soap prevents the virus from entering our body if somehow it has managed to reach our hand. 

CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) offers services of cleaning as well as disinfecting every corner of the house properly. Moreover, they also have trained staff working against COVID-19 ensuring no such exposure to virus stays around. 

They take the utmost care of precaution and ensure minimal rigidness in your way. Note that cloth bags are meant to wash regularly after every usage. Use a laundry soap inside a washing machine and let them dry completely.

Cleaning Procedure Similar to Professionals

how to clean groceries


Modern sterile technique is often used for people who are exposed more to the coronavirus. People serving as doctors, nurses, medical staff, pharmacists, policemen, etc. often requiring to use this technique to ensure minimal exposure to novel coronavirus. 

To ensure the virus becomes inactive, suggesting to use the prior option instead of the sterile technique. That is to leave our food items for at least 72 hours before using them. As it is been discovering that the virus stays alive on stainless steel and other surfaces for 72 hours. 

We can also set up a cleaning zone inside our house. The only place where allowing to clean the groceries so that we can ensure the rest of the places inside the house are expose in less amount.

This is nothing but the sterile technique, we can even do that if we want to, after keeping them away for 72 hours. Suggesting Fruits and vegetables clean for 20 seconds using soap water. Firstly, we need to disinfect our carry bags, keep groceries in the cleaning station set up in your residence. 

Certain authorities do not recommend the usage of soap along with water in cleaning the fruits as it can cause a harmful effect on our body. It is also advice to shop less frequently, going to the markets once only in two weeks. 


These were the few techniques on how to clean groceries during the latest outbreak of COVID-19. This virus spreads very rapidly hence Coronavirus tips must be followed strictly. You must clean your groceries after each purchase to ensure you’re safe. Viral infection can not only cause a problem to you and your family but can put your entire locality to risk. Hence, advice is to stay home and maintain social distancing. As we all need to fight against this virus together. For more information on COVID-19, visit Healthclubfinder.

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