How to Cleanse Crystals: Effective Ways to Do It

Crystals are emblematic of spirituality and have been historically used to promote a sense of wellbeing and positivity. Despite all the modern leaps mankind is making in almost every sphere of life, including the health sciences, there is still a good percentage of the homosapiens who are reliant on alternative and conventional sources for achieving a source of wellness and tranquillity. Crystals are one such source besides it being artistically beautiful. Let’s see how to cleanse crystals.

From calming your soul to fighting depression, the list seems to be endless. As of now, using crystals as an effective remedial form of practicing self-care is becoming exceedingly popular. The crystals have their unique specific vibration and frequency, which arise from their inherent and atomic structure.

One of the most exceptional features of a crystal is that it absorbs the energy from the ones who have been using it and more so even from the surroundings, So to drain out the said energy from the crystals and recuperate it back to its original state. Hence, it is expedient and imperative that the same crystal be cleaned.

When it comes to the purgation of the crystals, it is essentially these natural elements that play a dominant and significant role. Curious to find out how to cleanse crystals? Here is your read 

Know-How to Cleanse your Crystals

how to cleanse crystals


Some of the most natural, efficient, convenient, and cost-effective processes to cleansing crystals are as follows;

Using Moon Light for Cleansing Crystals

Are you wondering how to cleanse and charge crystals naturally? One of the most natural, safest, and purest processes to cleanse the Crystals is to make use of moonlight. The said process involves exposing the crystals of every type to moonlight in the evening /night in the open spaces and allow them to absorb the energy of the moon. This relieves the crystals and of every type of negativity and purifies them to emit positivity. Moreover, the process works best in the full bright moon or fresh moon.

Bring out all your crystals in the moonlight. Spread them out on a surface; the cleaned and natural surfaces like earth are effective for achieving the desired results. In case such types of surfaces are not available, you can use any sills of the window or plates like the ones made out of natural elements like wood for the purpose. However, ensure that crystals stand exposed to the moonlight. Even if the clouds cover the moon, it should be in line with the moon’s energy so as to cleanse and recharge/re-energize crystals.

By use of Sage for Smudging

Burning sage for Smudging is an archaic spiritual practice. Smudging means burning dried sacrosanct sage herbs, letting the smoke sift over the crystals, and purging vibrations. Sage is also a grandeur plant within the imbibed properties of spirituality and has commanding purgative properties over all the available open spaces, persons and tangible objects.

Most of the sages have antimicrobial properties, and act as air purifiers. Said process cleanses the crystals by the smoke of sage within a short span of a few minutes. The sage is burnt, and the crystals are passed through the smoke of the sage. Also, the smoke absorbs all the negativity from the crystals and makes them clean to release the energy.  

Cleansing Crystals by Incense

Another convenient and accessible method to cleanse the crystals is to pass them through the incense fragrance of the incense sticks. The process is simple, light the incense stick. The incense aroma fills the space with positive energy and also decontaminates the crystals, making it ready to emit the positive energy to spiritually re-energize you.

The liveliness radiated from Incense can purge a crystal seamlessly. It shoots from the conviction that smoke transmutes the energy edifice in the crystal breaking through lesser vibrational energies such as cynicism or angst. Sacred elements like Incense sticks are energy conversions that can be operative for faultless crystal cleansing. The crystals respond to our energy. The purge coming from the alighting of Incense loathes the entire surrounding energy into positivity and cleanses the crystal.

Using Water from Natural Sources to Clean Crystals 

The cleaning properties of the water date back to human evolution itself. Cleaning crystals with water has surprising results. The freshwater from rain, a lake, waterfall, a stream, or spring is best for its purpose. The process is the “go-to process, “which may be made use of in the shortest available time by mere washing. Alternatively, you may also leave the crystals in the water for larger time spans to ensure satisfactory cleaning.

Water from natural resources like rainwater, streams, etc., acts as the best and most natural source to clean the crystals. The process entails letting your crystals be exposed to rainwater. You can also collect the water from the streams, springs, waterfalls in some container and allow the crystals to remain there for some time. The said water from nature seeps in and neutralizes any energies stored in the crystals and recharges them to be ready for use again.

Making use of Sunlight, Earth, and Saltwater

The other elements of nature like Sunlight, Earth, and Saltwater can also be used to achieve the cleanness of the crystals. To make use of sunlight as an effective element for cleaning, you must keep the crystals in a safe place outside or even in interiors where there is sufficient exposure to natural sunlight for at least one day.

You can also expose the crystals for longer durations like weeks or more in case you think that the crystals are not properly cleaned up. The sun rays / solar radiation are part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. They have the potential of cleansing and re-energizing the crystal. Allow them to bathe in the sunlight for cleaning and attaining purity.

Involving earth for the process is required by deep burying the crystals for some time. The process consists of placing the crystal in soft, dry earth that will not cause damage to them by roughing them up. The magnetic and resonating effects also absorb all the negativity and impurity from the crystals and cleanse them.

You can employ this process for deep and effective cleansing crystals when the other methods didn’t fully work. Leave the crystal dumped up under the ground for a considerable span of time. The time can range from one week to months together, etc. Also, after taking the crystal out from the ground, clear the crystal of all the dust and clay, etc., to make it ready to use.

Saltwater from natural sources like oceans and seas is the best to clean the crystals. However, adding salt to tap water/drinking water may also be made use of to purge the crystals. It allows the crystals to sit in the container containing the saltwater. To use salt water, you must mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic cup of cold water.

However, don’t use plastic or metal containers. Put the stones in the solution. Allow soaking overnight. At times a crystal may need more time for cleaning. Especially if you use it for abysmal, forceful remedial and healing processes. In such a scenario, it is better and opportune to continue with the process for a few more days.

Key Highlight

how to cleanse crystals


You must know that there is one crystal that you don’t need to cleanse and that is Selenite. Rather, it is the crystal that helps you to cleanse other crystals. Know the power of this crystal as it recharges other crystals too. The only requirement to recharge other crystals with selenite is that you have to set your other crystals around the selenite piece. This returns your crystals to the most optimal level.

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How Do You Realise Crystal Cleansing?

Many of you may be wondering about how you would know that when the stone is cleansed. Don’t worry! Check this quick read for you.

Crystals get clogged up or energy heavy as a result of the heavy lifting when it comes to energy work. To dump all that collected energy, cleanse them up. After cleansing crystals, you will feel them lighter in the hand and less weighed down. Moreover, you can’t underestimate the power of your intuition. It is always the intuition that will act as your best guide when dealing with the divine. 

Proper Cleansing recharges them and clears space so they can keep up the good work. You can choose any of the crystal cleaning methods that suit your environment, personal preference and weather.

how to cleanse crystals



Crystals are powerful in so many ways. Accompany it with clear intentions to create change in the physical world. The above articles discuss an array of methods on how to cleanse crystals along with all the other details related to crystals. Crystals play an important role in bringing happy, positive vibes to your home. All you need is to keep them with yourself with regular cleaning. Make your Cleansing Crystal Ritual a special one by choosing any of the above-discussed methods.

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