Full Proof Diet Plan That Is Helpful In Case You Are Trying To Gain Some Weight

how to gain weight

Few among others suffer from the problem of being under weight and being under weight makes people look worse than being overweight does. Well being perfect doesn’t mean people go under weight but mostly people avoid food so much that become under weight. Apart from this medication, diseases, genetic, under nourishment are some reasons of being under weight. If you are the one who people often criticize of being so thin then you must be wondering about how to gain weight then here are few tips as well as tricks and diet plant following which you can gain weight and look your best:


how to gain weight

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Now it is a fact that you need to have food a little extra than others have but do not over eat otherwise you may end up harming your health and over eating at a meal may make you not eat on the next meal so like that you won’t be able to gain weight soon. Start your day with a boast of nutrition as well as healthy food. At days you can have three hard boil or poached eggs with some salt and pepper and along with eggs you can have two butter toasted breads. Complete your breakfast with some cereal soaked in full cream milk and top in up with some dried fruits and nuts. Do not forget to have a glass full of water after your breakfast.

Mid Day Snacks:

how to gain weight

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You should never skip a chance to have food but make sure you have healthy snacks each time. Mid day snacks are a snack break which comes in between your breakfast as well as lunch and this snack break would help you in quenching your hunger till it is the lunch time. In your mid day snacks you can have some chopped fruits like chopped kiwis, chopped oranges, chopped apples along with some yogurt and you can season it with some cumin powder, rock salt as well as pepper. You can also have some milk chocolate along with a smoothie or a glass or fruit juice would be good as well. At times you can also have some muffins or cake and even some homemade healthy cookies would do well.


how to gain weight

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Your lunch needs to be heavy as it would provide you with energy to pull over the rest of the day’s work well. Make sure to have water after meal not before meal because if you would have water before meal then you may not be able to have your lunch properly. In lunch you can fill your tummy with some whole wheat bread along with some stir fried vegetables and a small bowl of lentil soup with some butter topping would be great for lunch. If you prefer being vegetarian then you can have some cottage cheese otherwise you can have some grilled chicken as well as fish in your lunch. At days you can also have a plate full of rice along with some cottage cheese curry or with fish curry and some stir fried vegetables. Complete your lunch with having a glass full of water after the lunch.

Evening Snacks:

how to gain weight

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By the evening time you may start feeling tired as well as weak so this snack break is to boast your body with energy and this snack would make you full till the time of our dinner so you won’t be feeling hungry in between. During this time you can have a whole wheat sandwich loaded either with vegetables or chicken and don’t forget to add loads of cheese or mayo in your sandwich. You can also have a fruit such as a whole apple or orange or you can also have a hand full of nuts as seeds such as walnut, almonds, sunflower seeds and many more and by the time sip on some milkshakes or smoothie.

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how to gain weight

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Dinner should be heavy as it would fulfill the energy of your body that you need at the end of the day after doing so much hard works. In dinner you can have same food that you had in your lunch or you can have some mashed potatoes with cheese along with some pepper and salt seasoning and some grilled chicken or a grill fish would complete your dinner. Having a glass full of water at the end of the meal is a must which you should never skip on.

Mid Night Snacks:

how to gain weight

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If you do not go to bed early then you may start feeling a little hungry at mid night time so to satisfy your hunger you can have a bar of chocolate along with some milk which would help you a lot in gaining weight and in this way your weight gain journey would become easier.

If you would follow this diet plan as it is then you would be able to gain weight in just 7 days but you need to do exercise alongside so that you do not end up being fat or over weight with this diet. Also if you would skip your exercise or workout routines then there are chances that your weight would be stored to a particular section of the body and the rest of the body would be as it was thing and under weight.