Some Amazing Ways How To Get Water Out Of Your Ears

Swimming helps to beat the scorching heat of summer, but sometimes this fun turns into worry if the water gets into ears. This does not happen due to swimming only. Sometimes even while cleaning the inner part of the ear, water gets inside the ear canal, which may lead to ear infections and hearing problems. In medical terms, water inside the ear is called a swimmer’s ear or external otitis. If you wish to know how to get water out of your ear, keep reading.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear?

You can try several remedies for how to get water out of your ear, try the following home remedies for quick relief:

Jiggle The Earlobe

Jiggle The Earlobe


The foremost treatment to try at home is jiggling the earlobe. For that first of all, tilt your head with the watery ear facing down and then properly jiggle the earlobe. You can even shake your head from one side to another to bring water into the moving state. 

Take The Help of Gravity

 how to get water out of ear


Make the best use of gravitational force to remove water. How? Just lie down in such a way that the watery ear faces the floor. Put your head on the folded towel, and the water will slowly drain out of the ear. Make sure to maintain patience while using this technique as it may take a longer time. 

The Vacuum Can be Helpful

ear vaccum


Another way to say goodbye to the water inside the ear is through ear vacuum creation. Tilt your head with the affected ear downside, now place your palm gently on it in such a way that it stops air from entering the canal. With the push and pull of the palm, you bring out water from the ear. But while doing this, make sure not to keep the ear upward as it will drive water deep further, which may impact the hearing ability also. 

A Hairdryer Can be The Next Way

hair dryer for removing water from ear


A dryer can be the next useful method to remove extra water from the ear. Wondering how a dryer can help? With the help of its heat, you can evaporate the water inside the ear canal. Set the dryer at the lowest temperature or even cool and place it 30 cm away from the head towards the direction of the watery ear. Blow it into the ear, until water starts draining out of the ear while doing this make sure to keep yourself away to avoid burns. 

Vinegar + Alcohol Eardrops

putting drops in ear


The purpose of the alcohol is to help in evaporating the water, killing bacteria, and ultimately preventing infection. While vinegar helps to remove earwax buildup and extract out extra water. To make this solution combine equal parts of vinegar and alcohol. With the help of a sterile dropper, apply three or four drops of solution. After that, rub the outer side of the ear and wait for 45 seconds after which tilt your head on each side to drain out water.  

In the case of a perforated eardrum or an outer ear infection, avoid this method. 

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Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

put hydrogen peroxide in ear


Hydrogen peroxide solution may be the next solution, as it helps to remove earwax and debris, which may help to remove water from the ear. Some people also use the combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide for more effective and fast results. This solution may not be effective in the case of a perforated eardrum and outer ear infection.

Olive Oil

put olive oil in ear


Olive oil works like magic in the swimmer’s ear case. Take a few drops of warm olive oil in the sterile dropper and put three to four drops in the affected ear and lie down on the side with the ear water upward for ten minutes. After that, turn around the side and tilt the head downside. This way, water, and oil will be drained out. 

More Water in The Ear

“More water in the ear” may sound very weird and crazy to you, but putting more water helps to drag out the trapped water from the ear. Put a few drops of water into an ear with the help of a dropper and lie down with the affected ear upside. After that, wait for 5-10 seconds and turn on another side to flush out the water.  

Use Steam

steam for removing water from ear


Take the help of warm steam to carry out water from the ear. To do this, you can take a hot shower or go for a mini sauna with a bowl of hot water. Take a large bowl filled with hot water and cover your head with a towel and hold your face over the bowl. Inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes and tilt the head with the affected ear downside.  

Chew or Yawn



When the water gets stuck in the middle of the ear, then you can either chew something or yawn as a moving mouth help to open the eustachian tubes. 

After knowing all these remedies to try at home, it becomes necessary to know what not to do. 

Not To Do Things 

not to do things for removing water


  • In the case of a ruptured eardrum or ear, tube avoid using hydrogen peroxide or drying drops
  • Don’t put fingernails or fingers inside the ear to remove water as it can harm the delicate skin of the ear canal
  • Don’t use cotton swabs as they can push earwax and dirt in the ear canal

How to Identify an Infection?

Following are the symptoms of a swimmer’s ear and can cause damage if the drying tips didn’t turn out in your favor:

  • Odorless fluid drains out of the ear
  • Itching in the canal
  • Constant pain
  • Redness inside the ear
  • Pressure within the ear
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Scaly skin around the outer of the ear

In the case of babies and young kids, you can find out the following symptoms:

  • The feeling of being restlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Not reacting to sound
  • Imbalance while walking
  • Pulling or rubbing the ear
  • Irritating mood

What Are The Complications of The Swimmer’s Ear?


  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Cartilage and bone damages
  • Long term infection
  • Deep tissue infection
  • Widespread infection

How to Avoid Water Entry Inside the Ear?

Precaution is better than cure, and this is equally right in the case of the ear also. With the following tips, you can avoid water inside the ear while enjoying your swimming lesson.  

  • In case you are sweaty, remove earbuds;
  • While using hair oil or hair spray, put a cotton ball in the ear;
  • Block water entry while taking a bath by placing the cotton ball with the petroleum jelly in the outer ear;
  • Make sure to use a swim cap and earplugs inside the water;
  • To remove earwax, take the help of a doctor. Removal of earwax can damage the canal and sometimes impact the hearing ability too.

When to See The Doctor?

With the help of the above-said remedies, the problem of how to get water out of your ear can be solved. But if the water remains stuck for two or three days or shows symptoms of infection, then it’s time to rush to your doctor. If the ear remains untreated, then you may develop a dangerous infection or lifetime damage. For all health tips and advice, keep reading to HealthClubFinder.

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