Quick Tips and Tricks to Grow Hair Faster

how to grow hair

Your hair is an essential part of your body. It enhances your overall beauty by manifolds. Although when you get a low fade hair cut or your salon men has chomped off your precious locks way beyond your actual hair cut, it becomes difficult for your hair to grow faster. Here, the question arises as to how to grow hair faster again?

Building a hair care routine sounds easier than sticking to the routine. While the basics of how to take care of your luscious hair lie in the foundation of hair wash, hairstyle, and your diet, there are many other factors to get those amazing stronger, thicker, and longer strands on your head. 

If you are ready to get most of your hair, here is a comprehensive guide on how to grow hair faster in men

Knowing Your Hair: 

If you want to grow your hair faster you should probably get to know about your hair in depth.

Diameter: A simple strand test determines the diameter of your hair. If you touch and do not feel the strand you have fine hair. If you can feel it you have coarse or medium hair diameter

Density: The amount of hair on your head is the density of your hair. If your scalp is visible when you comb your hair you have a thin density or when you cannot see much of your scalp you have a thick density. Anything in between is a medium density.

Texture: This is the main factor to consider because your thttps://healthclubfinder.org/how-to-grow-hair/exture determines the choice of the hair product you may choose. Do you have the straight, curly, or wavy texture of your hair?

Porosity: Can your hair easily absorb moisture and hair products?. If it can easily absorb a mixture you have high porosity which is associated with frizzy and dry hair. However, if you have oily hair it is considered low porosity. I. e. they cannot absorb moisture easily.

Massaging your scalp

how to grow hair

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Your hair shaft and hair follicles will rejuvenate themselves if they are nourished regularly. A head massage helps in proper blood circulation in the scalp. A hot oil massage will not only condition but will strengthen your hair from the roots making it stronger and healthier. You can gently massage your scalp for 10- 15 mins with coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. 

Washing your hair correctly  

how to grow hair

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It is advisable to wash your hair with tepid water, as hot water tends to damage your hair follicle while cold water may not clean your scalp. Avoid washing your hair every day, this may result in frequent hair loss, and also the natural oil like sebum may get wash off due to everyday washing leaving your hair more frizzy and dry.

Choosing the right hair products 

how to grow hair

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Hair products mainly consisting of shampoo and conditioner should suit your hair type. The right shampoo and conditioner will always give your mane a bouncy look. A conditioner after washing your hair is a must product to add to your hair care routine. Leave in the conditioner may also work best for your hair. 

Brushing your hair

how to grow hair

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Brushing your hair twice in the morning and before going to bed will stimulate the circulation on your scalp. It also helps in spreading the natural oils throughout the scalp while brushing your hair. DO not brush your hair when they are wet. This leads to more loss because they are at their weakest state after wash. 


how to grow hair

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External factors associated with hair growth would be of less importance if you don’t eat healthy and balanced food. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Therefore to increase the protein build-up in your body you should consume protein-rich food and fewer calories dense food


how to grow hair

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 Along with diet, hydration is also essential for your hair growth. Minimum 2-3 lit of water daily is required to flush out the toxins from your body and proper blood circulation ensures faster growth of your hair.

Physical activity

how to grow hair

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In today’s fast-paced life we have managed to hug a sedentary lifestyle and binge eating. Physical activity is the last thing we may think of, for any health problems. However, you should take into notice that physical exercise helps in the proper circulation of blood in your body. Yoga asana such as Adho Mukha Svanasana Downward Dog Pose, Ustrasana Camel pose, Sirsasana Headstand pose and Vajrasana Diamond pose helps in the rejuvenation of your hair follicle and promotes hair growth faster

Trim your Split Ends

how to grow hair

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You must be concerned as to why trimming is required to grow your hair. The answer is simple if you want new hair to grow the split end should be trimmed so the dullness and lankiness are avoided and this will enhance the growth of your hair.

Hair Mask

how to grow hair

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The hair mask is required to give proper conditioning and nourishment to our hair and scalp region. You may employ natural methods such as egg masks and Aloe vera gel masks. Applying Onion juice onto your scalp can also promote nourishment to your hair growth. Apple Cider vinegar rinse is a new buzz for all your hair problem solutions.

External Supplements

how to grow hair

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If your body is predisposed to genetic hair loss and none of the above methods is getting you to a faster hair growth you may tend to Vitamin pills or folic acid tablets. Before popping those pills consult your physician to avoid any side effects.

Relax mind and body

how to grow hair

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Research explains that when you are less stressed your body responds to the treatment faster. Although growing your hair is not an ailment, lack of sleep or stress may create hindrance in your circadian system, thus in poor health. Therefore 7-8 hours of good sleep and a relaxed mind will help in your hair growth  

Things to avoid when it is required to grow hair faster in men:

Excessive smoking 

how to grow hair

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Smoking not only affects your overall health but also affects your hair growth. Therefore, if possible you must stop teasing your lungs and let them mind their business of breathing.

Heating treatment to your hair

how to grow hair

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Avoid drying your hair with blow dryers instead let them dry naturally. Do not unnecessarily use heating devices like curler or straightener on your hair.

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Chemicals on your hair 

how to grow hair

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Keep your hair natural as much as possible. If you have treated your hair with chemical treatment follow the instruction to avoid any damages in the long run.

Frequent changes in Hair products

how to grow hair

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If you do not know the type of hair you are blessed with try to figure it out instead of frequently changing your hair products like shampoo, conditioners, hair serum, etc. Your head is used to a single product if you change them frequently it becomes difficult for your hair and scalp to adapt hence instead of responding they may start reacting negatively likewise hair fall, dandruff, or texture of your may change, Therefore, it is essential to stick to a single product for a longer period unless it is prescribed by your physician


If you want to avoid receding hairline and want those tuft to be more bouncy, thick, and lustrous stick to your hair care routine and pay attention to what your hair needs from you. These tiny little strands do not expect much except for adhering to proper washing, drying, styling, and treatment.

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