Amazing Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

How To Lose 10 Pounds

Obesity can be announced as a national problem which is quite common across the globe and you would be shocked to know that more than 60 percent of people are suffering from obesity and the reason can be anything be anything the effect is very dangerous. Obesity is not just limited to body shaming now but it also includes lots and lots of health issues which can make you sick in a long run and also on the other hand obesity can kill your confidence and can be a problem in your day to day life as well which is very depressing.

If you also among those people who are suffering from such issues then you might want to lose some weight and if you are in haste then you would be more than happy to know that now you can lose up to 10 pounds in just a week. Isn’t it great to know? Now you must be wondering about how to lose 10 pounds in a week then here are some of the best ways following which you can actually lose 10 pounds a week easily without doing much hard work at all which seems to be the best thing here:

Low Calorie Diet Which Needs To Be Followed On A Daily Basis

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Now the fact cannot be denied that it show in our body that we eat and if we would eat good then our body would also be maintained and the first thing that you need to do here is to go on a low calorie diet but your diet should not lack in calorie as well otherwise you would feel tired throughout which may not be good for your health and can also be a threat to your body as well. So here you need to balance your calorie intake according to your body condition.

The intake amount of calorie varies man to man and that entirely depends up on the height, current weight, age and depending up on your entire calorie intake would be decided. You can also get many applications in your phone which would help in counting calorie intake. Here you would get both the maximum calorie intake of a day and also the minimum calorie intake of the day so you should always decide the amount accordingly and hence the weight loss process would be able to go on faster than ever.

Avoid Junk Food As Much As Possible

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Junk food has nothing good other than the good taste and they would not only make you very fat but at the same time they would also affect your health which seems to be the worst thing ever here. Now there are certain side effects of junk food that you might tend to suffer if you would eat junk food in a long run. The issue of diabetes, your junk food but on the other hand if you would avoid junk food then you would be able to cut off lots of fat which would of course help you a lot in getting in shape over again and also this would help you a lot if you are willing to lose weight faster than ever.

As you now know that there is no good effects of junk food but there are lots of ham on the way so here you can have healthy alternatives of junk food which would be not only very healthy but at the same time it would satisfy your taste bud which is a great thing for sure. Candies, packaged preserved food, street food or comfort food are something that you should avoid eating if you want to lose weight.

Add Lean Protein In Your Diet

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Lean protein are something that would not get settled in your body and contribute your fat production but they would help in making your muscle stronger and healthier and also it looks after the bone buildup of your body which is great. If you would have lean protein in your meal then you would be less likely to binge eat because you would feel fuller after having lean protein so it is pity normal that if you would feel full then you would not have unnecessary snacks and at the end your weight would be controlled as well which is a great thing here for sure.

Now make sure that your do not have higher amount of uric acid otherwise having lean protein can trigger body pain in you. If you are a vegetarian then you can get your amount of lean protein from soya bean, pulses and from cottage cheese as well and if you are a non vegetarian then you can also add chicken as well as egg in your diet as they are also said to be very healthy for your body. You can also try the Keto Diet as an alternative diet to shed those pounds.

Move Your Body A Little More

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Now this small initiative on a daily basis would help you a lot if you are willing to lose weight and if you want your process to be a little faster, then increase this step and little bit more as well. Here if you are someone who have has desktop job then you may not get much time to more and in this case you should take a 5 minute walk break in every hour or just try to move your body around more and you would notice in few days that how amazingly this step is working which is a great thing for sure.

Here there are few things that you can do such as you can completely avoid lifts or accelerator and instead of that you should start using stairs and also on a daily basis try to avoid travelling through vehicles as much as possible rather step out a little early and walk to your destination if possible and this is way you may end up saving a bit money as well which is great. You can also try stretching as it also helps a lot in the process.

Cardio Would Help A Lot

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Cardio is known for faster weight loss and experts advice cardio workout to those who are in haste of losing weight and have special even near so losing weight is necessary for them. If you would be doing intense cardio workout on a daily basis then losing 10 pounds within a week would be very easy for you. Now there are many cardio workouts that you can check out and cardio is one such workout regime that you can even do it at home without hitting the gym which is great so you don’t even have to spend a penny here which is a great thing.

You don’t have to do cardio for too long rather 15 minutes a day would be more than enough. Here you can do pushups, jumping jack, runway, crunches, leg rise and there is many more cardio workout that you can check out at Healthclubfinder and practice accordingly. Now cardio is not recommended to all and people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart related issues should seek medical advice before starting with intense cardio.

Add Weight Lifting In Your Workout Regime

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Weight lifting proves to be very helpful if you are willing to lose some weight and if you are in haste then you need to try this. Weight lifting is equal to intense workout so a little would provide you with a lot of positive result which is a great thing here. You can simply do weight lifting for just 20 minutes a day and you don’t have to hit a gym for weight lifting rather you can do this as home with one or two dumbbell so this would not cost you much which is a great thing.

You can even combine weight lifting as well as cardio together and in this way you would be able to get the best as well as the fastest results which is amazing for sure. Here you can have crunches with weight or you can also practice leg lifts with weight and the result would be phenomenal for sure. One thing that you need to be sure about is the weight that you are practicing with as it is always suggested to start with a little weight and then with time you can increase the weight and with this process losing 10 pounds in a week would also be possible.

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Avoid Having Too Much Of Carb

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Avoiding carb would help you a lot in losing weight in less amount of time and the process would be much easier as well. Many studies already proved that people who are in a low carb diet and more likely to lose weight than people with carb diet, it is not that with carb you cannot lose weight but the process would take lots and lots of time which no one wants for sure so avoiding too much carb seems to be best here. Carb is not that good for health so minimizing the amount of carb would not have any negative impact on your health.

Carb actually gets stored as fat which body restores for future use so if you would cut carb then the stored fat would get used resulting in drastic weight loss. This is so amazing to know that the day you would start low carb diet would be the day you would start having visible results which seems to be the best thing. You may feel the need to carb at first but later on everything would get normalized and your target of losing 10 pound weight in 1 week would be successful which has to be the best thing.

Reduce Bloating

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Now the reason behind being fat is not every time the weight but bloating can also make you feel fat at the same time so if you would be able reduce your bloating then your stomach would feel much lighter and you would see that the weight loss process is also taking place smoothly. Bloating not only make us feel heavy but at the same time it is very uncomfortable so it can actually make your life miserable than ever. Bloating can happen due to several reasons and before curing it you need to know about the exact reason that is causing bloating in you and once you would get to know that then you can take several steps to stop bloating.

One of the main reason of bloating is the bad food which our body fails to digest properly and due to indigestion bloating takes place but in this case you can try some DIY home remedies or you can also take medicine to minimize the bloating and a planned diet would help you a lot in keep your body away from bloating and so at the end you would not only be saved from being uncomfortable due to bloating but also you would be able to loss lots of weight which seems to be the best thing here for sure.

Follow A Proper Meal Plan

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Improper meal can cause a lot of trouble and if your meal would be improper then you may not be able to lose weight easily in fewer days rather your weight loss journey can take ages which no one wants for sure so it is always advised to make proper diet plan. Now coming to the concept of proper diet plan there is two things that you need to take care of, one is the food that you are including in your diet and another thing is the timing of meal.

It is very important to be sure as well as perfect about the timing of meals as there should be enough time in between two meals and if that time would not be adjusted then indigestion as well as bloating can take place. The food that you are having in your diet also matters a lot and your diet should be balanced which means you diet should contain everything more or less so that it could be a compact filling meal for you and in this way you would be able to properly take care of your calorie intake of a day which is great.

This is How To Lose 10 Pounds in a week which you should check out and also you can try out at the same time and for more such amazing things you can browse through Healthclubfinder.