How to Lose Weight With Scientific and Right Eating Methods?

how to lose weight fast

Do you feel you’re less confident because of your paunch belly?  Do you cover them with loose XXXL clothes?  Obesity has crept into our lives as easily as technology, therefore being healthy is a wake-up call for all of us. A perfect figure is often confused with a slim trim body. All the weight loss institutions present us with a perfect body model which puts us to question our body weight and how to lose weight fast with right methods?

But we must understand that a person with a lean figure may not be healthy and could be deficient in some nutritional value. On the other hand, a fat person may be healthy, it’s just he has to lose a certain fat percentage. 

A person who is obese has to reduce his weight to avoid certain diseases and a malnutrition person should maintain an ideal weight to be strong. Quick and fast weight loss may transform you into a perfect dream figure but in no more than a month you will fall prey to your normal routine eating habits. 

Your aim should not be easy ways to lose weight but lose weight in a healthy way. 

This article pertains not only to obese people but also who are aiming for a healthy body. An amalgamation of science and eating the right way is a holistic approach that you can proudly tout as a healthy weight loss regime.

Here are a few steps to lose weight that will give you the perfect body shape. These steps reasoned out the need for weight loss safely.


how to lose weight fast


 We are exposed to lots of pollutants, chemicals, and fruits and veggies laden with pesticides which are ultimately consumed by us and gain entry into our body.

These foreign harmful pollutants are called toxins. Toxins interfere with our metabolism and create hormonal imbalance leading to weight gain and other disorders like Type 2 diabetes etc. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate these toxins from our body. 

The process of flushing out toxins from our body is called Detoxification. Laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, minerals, green tea, etc are some of the potent detoxifiers. 

A leading Nutritionist Dr. Anjali Mukherjee says, there are various foods and fruits which have detoxification properties like Pomegranate, papaya, ginger juice, Green tea, Cruciferous vegetables. and many more.


how to lose weight fast


Rejuvenation is a part of Detoxification which helps in removing unwanted pollutants from our bodies however if your organs are not healthy, detoxification may not work. 

Therefore, to keep your organs healthy it is recommended fasting – feasting plan which helps in cell repair and rejuvenation through a long resting phase. You can also check How to improve Gut Health.


how to lose weight fast


When your diet consists of fruits and fresh vegetables along with a proper exercise regime, you are on a path to weight loss. 

When your refrigerators have more probiotic foods than fizzy drinks and also you are reducing the intake of salt, sugar and alcoholic beverages in your diet you are directing your body towards healthy nourishment.

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how to lose weight fast


It’s often seen when we lose our weight we again crave processed food and unhealthy eating habits which could have the water off a duck’s back. 

Therefore, maintaining the diet plan and sticking to the correct meal plan is essential to be in the pink of health.

Nutritionally Adequate Meals

how to lose weight fast


This is a fancy term coined for a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is an equal proportion of nutrition infused meals helping you to have a sound mind and sound body. 

It simply means eating a variety of foods in the right proportion and consuming the right amount of food to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. 

Lifestyle Modification

how to lose weight fast


Due to a sedentary lifestyle, we often fall prey to lifestyle modification and that may affect our diet. It is necessary to inculcate the right eating and exercise routine without getting our lifestyle disturbed. 


how to lose weight fast


Weight loss is a fine balance of mindful eating and an active lifestyle. 

A sloth bear can’t shed those fats off your body. An active lifestyle accompanied by yoga, mediation, cardio, aerobics, gym, or any other exercise which you can enjoy should be on your list for weight loss 

Here are a few weight loss tips, which will answer all your questions on how to lose weight fast

1. Stop dieting:

Yes, do not fall prey to weight loss in one week, or crash diets, or any other trends which do more harm than benefit. 

A proper diet will always make you aware of what you are eating and this should suffice the need for weight loss. 

2. Portion size matters:

Eating more or eating less is not a key to weight loss but how much you eat matters.  

Portioning your meal will help you to shed those extra fats from your body. 

This also helps in indulging in a bit of treat which will satiate your cravings

3. Mindful eating:

Mindful eating is somewhat similar to your portion size but you have to be aware of how much your body needs. 

Watch out for the signals your body is sending you. 

Here are the rules for a mindful eating approach:

  • Always prioritize eating high-quality foods
  • Eat until you are full; do knot overeat and feel bloated 
  • Drinking water after every meal 
  • Appreciating and valuing your food

4. Proteins:

A dietician or nutritionist always recommends you to have a heavy breakfast. 

The main reason is to gain high energy levels which are paramount during day time. A protein-packed meal serves as a reservoir of energy. 

If you are eating less because of weight consciousness,  including protein in your meal is very important.

5. Include more veggies and fruits:

Cutting out your processed food such as fast food and fizzy drinks will give your stomach more space for fresh fruits and veggies. 

Fruits and vegetables are known to have antioxidants which again acts as detoxifying agents to eliminate toxins from our body.

6. Surround yourself with healthy snack foods all time:

This is the first step when you have consciously decided to go on a healthy weight loss regime. 

If you have processed food in your fridge or a kitchen shelf you may tend to binge eat saying it’s ok to cheat once a while. To avoid this keep your house stocked with quick healthy meals and snacks. 

For example, you may opt for makhanas instead of deep-fried chips. 

7. Eat your water:

Eat fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, sweet lime, etc which consist of a high amount of water. They act as diuretics that enable in flushing out toxins from the body. 

8. Avoid liquid calories:

Liquid has fewer calories as compared to solid foods is completely untrue. Carbon drinks and sports drinks filling with excessive sugar. 

9. Low carb diets and more Fibrous food:

Carbohydrates are complex sugar that later on breaks down into simple sugars and accumulates inside your body leading to obesity. 

10. Good sleep:

Good sleep is also an important factor that triggers weight loss. A 7-hour sleep will make you look fresh and also help in boosting your metabolism 

If you follow these tricks you will lose your weight fast and safely without having to shell a huge amount of money for a weight loss course.

Few Essential Techniques to Lose Weight With Simple Methods

Drinking water

how to lose weight fast


Drinking water aids in weight loss. It also supports digestion by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping to shed a couple of calories. According to one of the studies, it shows drinking half a liter (17oz) of water 30 mins prior to meals helps in losing weight by 44%.


A water-soluble fiber that is available in natural and supplement form. Glucomannan is water-soluble and contributes to the feeling of fullness. It reduces the absorption of fats and proteins thus promoting lean muscles by weight loss


how to lose weight fast


Although coffee has been given a bad name. A quality black coffee is rich with antioxidants and using for various medicinal values. After a long exploration, many nutritionists have claimed that the caffeine in coffee can support digestion by 3-11%, and increment fat consumption by 10-29%.

Simply try NOT to include a pack of sugar or other fatty fixings to it. That will totally discredit any advantage you get from the coffee.


how to lose weight fast


Among the plethora of protein-rich food, Egg is arguably the forerunner of protein-rich food. There are studies that have proven then and now the benefits of including eggs in your breakfast. It not only helps in eating a few calories but you feel satiated for the next 36 hours which enables losing weight by gaining more muscle to fat ratio. If you averse to eggs for being vegan or allergic to them you may substitute them with other protein-rich foods.

how to lose weight fast



According to Jennifer Cassetta a New York-based clinical nutritionist states, All weight loss institutions will coerce you to simply eat less and exercise more which cannot hold true for everyone, because no one size fits all. Everyone is made of different body types, genes, cultural ethnicity. A proper consultation from a Dietician and regular home-cooked fresh food are easy ways to lose weight fast and safely.

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