How To Make Yourself Burp: Best Ways On It

Do you constantly feel bloated? Want some relief? Well! Burping is one of the effective ways to reduce gas discomfort, especially when it is centered in the stomach. It helps to release the gas from the digestive tract to the mouth. Hence, it brings relief and shows great results especially when you combine it with other remedies. It will make you feel more like your old self again. Let’s see how to make yourself burp.

If you are interested to know how to make yourself burp, I have come up with an amazing article. The article speaks of three different methods on how to burp yourself along with their benefits. However, before continuing on the method, have a quick sneak peek at the facts about burping.

Fun Facts of Burping:

  • Burp is the air that has a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Although most of you can burp, yet some people are unable to trigger burp even being healthy.
  • Most people experience gas after eating their lunch or dinner and release it by burping.
  • Burping is also called blenching.
  • If you are not able to burp, it may cause you to be a bit uneasy. It feels like an air bubble at the sphincter muscle.
  • Burping brings instant relaxation.
  • Most people pass gas almost 21 times a day

How to Make Yourself Burp at Home by Building Up the Pressure:

Know how to burp myself by building up the pressure in your body by following a simple method.

Eat Airy Food: 

Make Yourself Burp: Eat Airy Food - Apples


An apple contains a good deal of air which is released when you chew and digest them. This is why eating an apple often ends with an enormous belch. However, If you don’t like eating apples, what about pears and peaches, or a soufflé? They are equally effective in solving gas issues.

Key-tips: Personally, this is one of my favorite methods of how to make myself burp as I get to eat fruits while resolving my stomach issues.

Drink a Carbonated Beverage:

How To Make Yourself Burp: Drink a Carbonated Beverage


Carbonated drinks help in relieving your abdominal discomfort. For example, you can choose soda, beer, sparkling water, champagne, or other carbonated beverages. These all contain gases and if you drink this sort of beverage, the gases will build up in your stomach triggering you to burp.

Key-tips: Make sure that you have drinks with a straw as this will make you swallow even more air.

Change Different Body Positions:

If bloating is your issue, changing different body positions is going to help. It works by putting pressure on the air inside you and finally forces it upward. One simple way to do so is to exercise for example walking, jogging, or light aerobics. Exercise may jostle the gas inside of your stomach.

Key-tips: Going for a light walk after having lunch or dinner will also do wonders for you.

Take Antacids:

How To Make Yourself Burp: Take Antacids


If none of the above methods worked on you, take some antacids. You can also choose to have the drug simethicone. It dissolves the gas bubbles in the stomach that ultimately eliminates the need to burp. Also, it helps to control acid reflux or heartburn that is the cause of abdominal pain or bleaching.

Key-tips: I will suggest you take antacids when none other methods of how to make burp yourself article works for you. 

How to Make Yourself Burp at Home by Building Up the Pressure by Forcing Yourself to Burp

The second method of how to burp yourself is to force one. There are also various techniques that you can learn for forcing a burp. Achieve the abdominal reliefs as following

Take Position:

You have to take a position by sitting up straight to increase your lung capacity and follow it by exhaling in a normal breathing pattern.

Force Air into Your Throat:

For this, you need to expand your throat and jaws to suck air into your mouth. When you feel the air in your throat, block the front of the mouth with your tongue. You can block it with the help of the tongue by touching the tip of the tongue to the top of your mouth. After keeping the air for some little into the mouth, release it slowly. You can do this by lowering your tongue and letting it escape.

Exhale with Your Throat Closed:

This is one of the coolest methods of how to make myself burp technique. It says while closing the airway at the back of your throat, you can simply exhale it via the nose. The method is efficient to put extra pressure on your stomach to make you burp.

Swallow Air:

If the above methods didn’t work for you, here is something new. Exhale air as much as possible out of the lungs. Now take a deep breath and hold it for as much time as you can do it. Swallow it down. If swallowing is not easy, you can trick it by drinking a glass of water while holding your breath. You can also try pinching the nose so that you don’t exhale any air.

Burp the Air Out:

Once you swallow enough air, you will feel pressure in your stomach. The next step will be to burp the air out. Try to tighten abdominal muscles while burping as it will increase its force.

How to Make Yourself Burp at Home by Relieving Chronic Bloating

Here are the things that you must follow while working on chronic bloating.

Watch Your Diet:

How To Make Yourself Burp: Diet Foods


Know how to make yourself burp to relieve chronic burping by choosing to watch your diet. This is one of the best long-term solutions for bloating. The common reason for gases or bloating is the type of food you take. For example, you must avoid beans, onions, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables.

These all produce gas in the stomach rather you can choose to eat meat, fish, eggs, poultry, and carbohydrates like rice. Moreover, probiotic yogurt can do wonders for you. Yogurt has active bacterial cultures which ease digestion of food and finally reduces the amount of gas production.

Another thing that you should note while having your diet is to take smaller bites of food and chew them properly. You must avoid sucking on hard candies or chewing gums as these increase the intake of the air that finally leads to stomach bloating.

Drink Plenty of Water:

How To Make Yourself Burp


This is one of the best pocket-friendly solutions on how to make myself burp. It doesn’t cost you any money. You don’t need to burp when you are free from gas issues and have no stomach bloating. To make this happen, drink a lot of water. You must also avoid drinking carbonated drinks. Although, carbonated drinks help you to burp but if you are free from any digestion issues, you must avoid them. Also, drinking warm water does miracles for some people.

Key- tip: Drink water and other non-carbonated beverages slowly to avoid swallowing air.

Herbal Remedies:

How To Make Yourself Burp: Herbel Remedies


For all those looking for homemade remedies to solve stomach issues, here is the perfect match for you. Some herbs soothe your digestive system. Common examples include teas made from peppermint, anise, and ginger. They regulate and coordinate the function of the digestive system and help you to expel the gases. If tea is not your thing, choose to have clove, juniper, bergamot, sage, thyme, basil, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They may also relieve you from the bloating symptoms.

Take a Note

Occasional bloating and gas are natural for any human being. Sometimes, there may be underlying issues with bloating. You could have stress, food intolerances, or alike. You must take note of the correlation between your diet and gas. For example, some may have lactose intolerance and milk doesn’t suit them. For all those people, milk can cause abdominal cramps, flatulence, and bloating.

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Things to Consider If You Have Bloating Issues

While you are working on the bloating issues, here is a quick list of the things that you should consider to solve gas problems.

  • Avoid drinking water in between or soon after taking your lunch or dinner.
  • Smoking has various side effects and one among them is stomach bloating. If you want to look good and avoid bloating, quit smoking.
  • You must eat your last meal of the day at least a few hours before going to bed. If you are late for dinner, follow it with some mild exercise. You can choose to walk after dinner.
  • You must avoid too many chewing gums as too much of them cause stomach bloating.
  • Make a proper diet chart for yourself and eat the food that suits you the best.

How To Make Yourself Burp



Burping is one of the simplest methods to help stomach bloating. It helps to expel the gas from the body. The good part is that you can trigger the burp. All you need to know is how to make yourself burp and you will be relaxed from stomach issues. It will make you feel better within seconds. You can follow any of the above-mentioned methods to make yourself. Choose the method that suits your living style. However, if the problem is consistent, you must visit a doctor.

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