How to Force a Sneeze: 9 Excellent Tips and Tricks to Bring it Out

rubbing the nose

We all get that feeling where we want to sneeze but we can’t. Either we are sick, want to clear out the nasal passage or are simply desperate to give an achoo without any reason but we can’t do it… 

Most people are aware of the tips and tricks of how to stop a sneeze but very few people know the tips for how to sneeze. Yes, the tips and tricks for the same do exist and you should definitely read the complete post today to know all of them. 

After reading all the tips and tricks, implement it and we ensure you will come to know how to force a sneeze to come and you will also share the same with your friends and colleagues. You will really feel good after sneezing and it will help you to clear out the internal nasal flow too.  

Now, let us not waste time and quickly read ahead to know these tips.

Go to a Cool Place

put your face in refrigerator


You might have noticed that when you are in a colder space, you will sneeze more. The reason for this is that the nerves are instantly affected by the cold. Nerves connected to the face and skull area are stimulated by cold air. 

When these nerves feel cold, it instantly brings out a sneeze. So, when you want to sneeze, you can start the AC or put your face in the refrigerator for some time (this is pretty weird but you can try it). If you are having a good budget for a trip to a hill station, you can plan for it too, haha.

Take a Hot Shower

taking a hot shower


Taking a hot shower gives an achoo to many people, you can try it out too. It triggers a sudden rise in your body temperature. Your body temperature will rise while you take a hot shower and it gives a sudden impulse that comes out in the form of a sneeze. 

Drink a Cold Drink

drinking a cold drink


Cold drinks can get you to sneeze. When you drink something fizzy, you will feel the tickling feeling in your nostrils. Bubbles are created in your nostrils due to the carbon dioxide gas and if you drink too much of cold drinks, you will definitely get to sneeze. 

Eat Dark Chocolate

eating dark chocolate


It is very common that when people eat a piece of dark chocolate, they sneeze. There is a lot of cocoa in dark chocolate and eating it results in photic sneeze reflex to get triggered. There is little to no chance of sneezing when you eat milk chocolate as the main factor which triggers the reflex is cocoa and dark chocolate is the one which consists of a high amount of it.  

Look at The Sun

looking to the sun


There are 90% chances of getting a sneeze when you look at the sun. Technically the term is called photic sneeze reflex for this, the same which we saw in case of dark chocolate. The photic sneeze reflex occurs when you get exposed to too much light and overstimulates the optic nerve. The trigeminal nerve which runs alongside the optic nerve gets triggered due to the high amount of light and it eventually results in an achoo. 

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Think About Sex

something thinking


Something weird but it is true, you just start thinking about sex and you will achoo. There is a scientific name for this type of sneezing, called post-coital exacerbation of rhinitis, known as honeymoon rhinitis too. 

It is believed that when you experience intense emotions like sexual pleasure, the sneeze reflex sets off a sneeze.

Experience Strong Emotions

strong emotion


Yes, when you are experiencing strong emotions like fear, frustration, excitement, happiness, sadness then also there are chances of doing achoo. 

When you are irritated or extremely excited about something, your membranes will swell. Similarly, when you are sad or fearful then your membranes will shrink. You will achoo when these membranes swell or shrink. 

Rub the Nasal Bridge of Your Nose

rubbing the nose


The upper bony part of the nose is called a nasal bridge. It is seen that when you rub this nasal bridge, it stimulates the trigeminal nerve and that can get you to sneeze. Massage the nasal bridge with soft hands in a downward motion and you will feel the tickling sensation in the back of your nose. This tickling sensation means you are going to sneeze in a few seconds. 

Eat Spicy Food

eating spicy food


Many people sneeze after they inhale pepper. Pepper contains piperine and it irritates your nose, this results in an impulse achoo. Almost, all kinds of pepper, black, white and green contain piperine and there are chances of doing achoo with all of them. 

There are other items too which stimulate triggers upon eating. Eating spicy food can lead to gustatory rhinitis and it triggers your nose to sneeze.

So, here were the tips for how to make yourself sneeze. Try out any of them as per your wish and give yourself a relaxed feeling after sneezing! For more details visit  Healthclubfinder.