How to Remove Super Glue from Skin Easily: Best Ways to Know

Super glue is a  perfect thing that you need when you have to fix different things such as seals, plastic, rubber, and wood. It is effective and very helpful until it is stuck on your fingers or any other part of your body and creates a tricky situation. Know best ways on how to remove super glue from skin in this blog.

This situation becomes a great hassle and ruins home improvement projects or any fun craft afternoon with the kids. There is powerful adhesive cyanoacrylate and other similar products present in super glue which makes it stuck on the skin and doesn’t get off easily. 

It is very important to know how to take super glue off the skin because if you will not

remove it properly, it may bind your skin to other objects. However, super glue is not that harmful to the skin, and several effective home remedies will help you to remove it. Know how to remove crazy glue from the skin safely and effectively with this amazing read.

How To Remove Krazy Glue From Skin 

Don’t panic if you accidentally glue your fingers, lips, or any other part of your body together. There are different simple and effective steps by which you will know how to remove super glue from skin. Follow these easy steps to unglue yourself:

Lather Up

how to remove super glue from skin


When you have glue on your skin, immediately go to the washroom and wash that particular part of your skin with soap and warm water. You can use any kind of hand soap or dish soap. When you wash your glued skin with warm water and soap, it makes the glue soft and helps in breaking the bond. If you are fast enough to perform this process, the glue will get off your skin easily. To know about how to take super glue off skin, you should use this perfect and simple method.

Use A Greasy Product

how to remove super glue from skin


Wondering how to remove super glue from skin? If soap and warm water don’t work, use a greasy product. Take an oily skin-safe substance and rub it onto that specific area. You can use hand lotion, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or vegetable oil as per Dr. Anthony.

You just have to gently tug when massaging the stuck area with oil without forcing it. When you massage the oil into your skin, it helps in breaking down the cyanoacrylate bond. 

Use Acetone

Use Acetone: Remove Super Glue From Skin


Use acetoneif the above two methods don’t work properly. Nail polish remover with acetone will do the work. But it should be your last option because it usually damages the skin. However, the damage is not that serious.

You will just get dry skin or crack skin. In the worst scenario, your skin may start itching. Therefore, you should use the smallest amount possible, and remember to not mix it with any other chemicals. This method is very effective and when you remove the glue, you have to wash the specific portion of skin with soap and water.

How To Remove Super Glue From Hands?

If you don’t know how to get dried super glue off skin or how to get off super glue from fingers without any professional help, you should continue reading. Here are few successful home methods that may help you to remove super glue from your hands or fingers:

Lemon Juice

how to remove super glue from skin: Lemon Juice


There is a good quantity of acid present in lemon juice which helps in the removal of glue from the skin. When you by mistake stuck your fingers together or have small patches of super glue on your hand, just apply lemon juice on that specific area of your hand.

Put lemon juice in a small bowl and soak your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Now, take a soft toothbrush or cotton swab and start rubbing the lemon juice directly onto the area that has glue. Rub your skin with a washcloth to loosen the glue. In the end, wash your hands and apply some moisturizing.

Peel Apart Stuck Skin

how to remove super glue from skin


Don’t worry when you are stuck with super glue because you can use this method at home easily for the removal of glue from your skin. The first step is soaking your skin in soaping water. After that, take a blunt object for example you can choose the handle of a spoon and start separating glue. But you have to be gentle while separating. You should prefer rolling motion or peeling motion for the process because if you are hard, it can break your skin.

Nail Polish Remover

how to remove super glue from skin: Nail Polish Remover


Use nail polish remover to take super glue off your hands. It contains a powerful solvent known as acetone which helps in the desolation of super glue. But make sure before using any nail polish remover that it doesn’t contain peroxide.

Also, rinse the object before you use acetone to rub the skin. Put the nail polish remover in a small bowl and soak your hand for a minute in it. Continue soaking until the bond of the glue dissolves. Also, you need to know that if you are using acetone-based nail polish remover you may have irritation or dryness. But don’t worry because you can cure it by using a gentle moisturizer until the skin improves.

A Salt and Water Paste

how to remove super glue from skin


If you don’t want to use acetone to remove the glue from your skin, you can use this method. Take a bowl and put some water in it. Now, add salt to the bowl and make a paste. Carefully apply this paste to the area where you accidentally stick glue. Rub the area for a minute and after that rinse it. Repeat the process until you fully remove the glue. 

How To Remove Super Glue From Eyelids?

You may create a tricky situation while working with super glue. For example, you may stick your eyelids with super glue. Follow the steps below to remove glue from eyelids:

  • Wash your eyes with warm water
  • There is no need to pull your eyelids apart, therefore, don’t try it
  • Consult your eye doctor, who may help you by special treatments to unseal the glue from eyelids
  • If your eye doctor is unable to get your eyelids open, you have to wait until your eye open upon its own within a week

How To Remove Super Glue From Lips Or Mouth?

Follow the given steps as below to remove the super glue from your lips or mouth:

  • Flush your lips with a lot of warm water
  • If it is possible, gently peel or roll your lips apart
  • Don’t swallow any glue that comes off
  • Consult a doctor if you fail to get your lips unstuck

Things You Should Know When You Remove Super Glue

Everybody learns about how to get rid of superglue on fingers and how to get dried super glue off skin but no one considers what precautions you should take. Make sure you don’t use scrubs, pumice stones, or other harsh abrasives. If you accidentally break your the skin you should take the following precautions:

  • Don’t apply any chemicals on that area of your skin
  • Wash your skin with a soap that is not harsh and warm water
  • You should not peel it off forcefully
  • Use some petroleum jelly on the injury
  • Put a bandage on it if that is necessary and let the injury heal
  • Go to the doctor if you have redness, pain, or swelling at the area of the injury

Remedies For Itching Created By Super Glue

You know how to remove crazy glue from skin but super glue may cause irritating itchiness on your skin sometimes. It causes a lot of discomfort and becomes a distraction. To successfully cure the irritation, here are few remedies that may help you:

High-quality Moisturizers: 

Several good moisturizers of skin will help you to treat dryness and itching on your skin.

Leaf Gels: 

how to remove super glue from skin: Leaf Gels


Use plant-based items such as aloe vera gel or cooling menthol for simple itches. Menthol produces a cooling effect which helps you because it is made from the peppermint plant.

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how to remove super glue from skin: Antihistamines


Itchy reaction on the skin happens because of the Histaminesw which are chemicals present in the body. You can take an antihistamine which is a common treatment for allergic reactions. However, it may make you sleepy. Therefore, it is best to take them when you are going to bed.


It is very useful to know how to remove crazy glue from the skin and how to remove super glue from fingers. You should be extra careful with skin when you remove super glue because it may injure your skin. However, super glue is not that harmful and most people can leave it on their skin for a few days if it is not bothering them in any way.

 The glue can automatically come off because skin sloughs off naturally. But it is better to take the super glue off your body as soon as possible because precaution is better than cure. Also, if you feel any irritation or reaction on your skin that is stuck with glue, you should immediately go to see the doctor. 

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