How To Stay Awake Without Harming Yourself?

how to stay awake

Finding a way to stay awake? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Sleepiness is something that can put you in horrible situations. How? If you are a student and your professor finds you dozing off, you are so gone. If you are in a conference room attending an important meeting (with excessive sleepiness) and your boss catches you red-handedly, there are things that can happen to you at the workplace. Your promotion may get on hold, or worse, a healthy scolding in front of everyone (even juniors). So it is necessary to find a solution on how to stay awake.

There are many situations where you will feel sleepy, but you can’t sleep. It can be at your workplace, school, college, in the hospital, or anywhere. But in the first place, why are you feeling sleepy? There has to be a reason. It can be anything low quality or quantity of good night’s sleep, excessive intake of sugar, or food, or it can also be a sleeping disorder.

So what is the solution? How to keep yourself awake? Get an answer to all your small and big questions related to drowsiness. Here we have mentioned some tried-and-true techniques to keep yourself away from getting caught dozing off by anyone!

Take heed!

1. Get Enough Sleep

get better sleep


This one is the but-obvious answer. You need to get enough amount of sleep. Brain and eyes get strained due to constantly working in front of the screen or reading, so you need a proper amount of sleep to get the rest. Once you get enough amount of rest, everything is solved. No more feeling drowsy or dozed off! 

While this may be a solution to some, this can also be the reason. It is obvious that you couldn’t sleep due to work, study, or partying late at night. So what now? Keep reading for the quick fix workaround for this situation.

2. Go on a Walk or Do Workout

Go on a Walk


A forceful wake-up to go to work is always disturbing and sometimes irritating. We all know workout activates all the muscles and imports energy to your body. Getting a morning walk in the park is also helpful. Fresh air touching your skin will give a boost in energy and strange freshness. 

So workout or a walk of 30 to 45 minutes before heading to the workplace, college, or school will help you in staying awake.

3. Take Short Breaks

Continuously working or studying, without moving can make you feel bored and drowsy. And it will ultimately reflect on the quality of your work. So it is better to take short breaks rather than staking your work’s quality.

You will probably need to take short breaks after lunch. Or you can also try to move for lunch to the nearest restaurant or if you got your lunch packed from home, try to walk after having it. Or find a place near your office or on the premises itself.

Frequent breaks in between your work will help you in staying fresh and focused on the work.

how to stay awake


4. Startup a Conversation

This one is always a good idea. Starting a conversation with a colleague or friend might help you in gaining knowledge if nothing else, it will make your drowsiness go away. You might talk about the new update in the technology, or gossip about any friend. Doing so will make your brain work. It is a proven fact if you talk about politics, you can get a boost in behavior and mind exercising.

5. Devour Caffeine



Everyone knows about caffeine. There are very rare people whose day doesn’t start with a cup of hot/cold coffee. Caffeine is a natural stimulator and can keep you awake as long as you want. Go for any kind of caffeine product such as tea, coffee, or beverages. But make sure it doesn’t have much “sugar” content in it.

If not drink, then you can also try a few dark chocolates that will act as a natural stimulator.

6. Drink Water

how to stay awake


Before you start off with caffeinated products, try to reduce sleepiness by drinking water. Sometimes dehydration can also result in tiredness and drowsiness. Drink the proper amount of water and you will feel okay.

7. Part up the Work

how to stay awake


If you still feel like dozing off, try to switch the work. There are possibilities that you are fading out due to continuous work on a single topic. A change in environment and work is important. Take up the work that is more practical, which needs you to search for documents, filing them together, and making a report. You can also check How to improve Gut Health.

#Tip: You can also take 2 to 5 minutes of break and check the phone for messages for calls or just scrolling Instagram. Or turn up the rock songs that can make your mind go in a party mood. Once you feel refreshed, get back to the work.

8. Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing


You can also go for a deep breathing session on your desk only. It raises the level of oxygen in your blood, slows your heartbeat, lowers down your blood pressure, and all these leads to aiding mental performance and energy.

The concept of deep breathing is to inhale the abdomen and not the chest. Sit straight on the chair near the desk, keep one hand on the abdomen and another on the chest. Now inhale and let the stomach push out your hand (the one on the abdomen) and make sure your chest isn’t moving.

Then exhale slowly from your mouth in a way that you are whistling (but in a silent way!). You should do this exercise 10 times at least.

9. Move Around 

how to stay awake


Whenever you take a small break of minutes, move around, don’t be seated at a place. Being in one place can make you feel fatigued. To feel awaken go for a walk in the canteen, balcony, or waiting area while you take up calls or watch videos or something more interesting and engaging.

This way your brain will start working.

10. Keep Snacks Handy

healthy snacks at office


Eat healthy snacks while working to stabilize the sugar and energy levels. Eat up snacks that have a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. These types of food items include peanut butter and wheat crackers, granola and yogurt, cheese and baby carrots, and to keep munching nuts and fruits. 

But take the level of intake as it can result in weight gain to try to take as much walk as possible while taking a call or during lunch and tea breaks.

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11. Take a Nap

Power nap


Last but not least, give your brain rest for some time. How? By taking a nap. A nap can restart and refresh your mind and help you with improved learning and memorizing capacity. There are many societies that have adopted a nap as a part of the daily routine to recharge the mind.

There is a reason why it is called a “Power Nap”. Shorter naps usually last for 15 to 20 minutes. If you feel like taking longer naps then there are chances that you have a sleeping disorder. So it’s better to consult a doctor.

If nothing works you can also consider taking stay awake pills like Modafinil or any other caffeinated pills. But make sure you don’t get addicted to it. They are harmful to your health.

To get a good night’s sleep, you should avoid taking caffeinated beverages or smoking. Or any other thing that can stop you from sleeping.

Cope Up With Tiredness And Falling Asleep at Work:

These were the techniques that have been tried by our employees as well. Even while providing you with this information, the writer has tried almost every technique to make the drowsiness go away. And see how polished, qualitative, and informative articles have been churned. So try out these techniques without hesitating, there is no harm, instead, it will keep you fit and AWAKE.

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