Effective Ways on How to Stop Bleeding? Know Here

We often panic when it comes to treating a bleeding wound. We would say that rather than feeling helpless, it’s time to act so that you don’t suffer anymore. Be it for yourself or someone lying near you.

There are chances you have come to the article because of an emergency or just curiosity. By emergency we meant, maybe you met with an accident, or there is someone who is bleeding and you want to help him/her. So without much delay, we will move towards the solution for how to stop bleeding.

Important: Bleeding is a healing process in itself. It clears out the dirt or debris around the wound. However, it can also trigger anxiety, fear, shock, and many more things. So it is better to be treated at the right time.

How to Stop Bleeding ASAP?

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Several remedies can stop bleeding, you might have heard about them but never tried or didn’t get a chance to try them. Bleeding can be because of a cut, scratch, dental health issue, nose bleeding, anything. 

If you are injured somewhere near or in the areas, there are chances of internal bleeding, which can lead to severe problems, so consult the doctor as soon as possible. (More on that later!)

#1 Press and Raise the Affected Area

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What stops bleeding fast? The most common remedy for that is to apply pressure on the affected area. You can use a clean cloth or towel to press on the wound. Make sure to apply firm and continuous pressure to stop bleeding. It will take up to a few minutes but the effect will be seen. 

Another thing you need to do is elevate above the heart level. If the wound is on the lower limb, lie down and raise it above the heart. If it is on hand or anywhere on the upper limb, simply raise it. This will slow down the blood circulation and will pass to the needed areas.

#2 Ice

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Another remedy is applying a cube of ice directly to the wound. Ice is known to affect more the swelled area, but very few know about its capability to stop the bleeding. There’s a scientific reason too, behind the Ice cube remedy. Doctors say, ‘The higher the body temperature, the higher will be bleeding, and lower body temperature slows the blood clotting.’

There is something you need to know about applying cube gauze to the bleeding wound. If the body temperature is higher or lower than normal, Ice treatment will not be in use.

#3 Tea

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If you have bleeding due to dental treatment or surgery, tea is a well-known solution for the same. The tannins in the tea bag are thought to have astringent and support blood clotting. It also works as an antiseptic which means it will kill the bacteria and free the chances of infection.

Tip: herbal or decaffeinated teas will not work, as you need to have tannins from green or black tea. They will only stop the bleeding.

#4 Witch Hazel

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A North American shrub – witch hazel is the most popular medication to stop bleeding. You will get the shrub or its powder at the drug or grocery store. They are available in liquid form as well. 

Witch hazel has an astringent in it, which helps tighten the skin, decreases blood flow, and promotes blood clotting. 

How to use witch hazel on the bleeding wound? Apply the small quantity of witch hazel to the gauze and press on the injury. It will do its magic.

#5 Yarrow

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Yarrow, the Achillea family’s plant, gained popularity after the Trojan War hero from Greek mythology used yarrow the cure his soldiers. Since then, it is the most famous herb used to stop bleeding. 

How to use the yarrow herb to stop bleeding? Yarrow powder is made from dried yarrow leaves. Sprinkle or spread the yarrow concentration on the wound, then press and elevate above the heart.

#6 Petroleum Jelly

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Do you watch boxing or martial art tournaments? If yes, then you might have seen players getting treated with petroleum jelly for the cuts. It can stop the bleeding fastest way possible. All you have to do is apply the petroleum jelly to the wound spread evenly and let it do its work.

Petroleum jelly has essential oils and waxes that help in stopping blood flow. You will find a number of petroleum jellies online or at the drug or cosmetic store. While removing the petroleum jelly, make sure you clean it properly and dry the area.

#7 Antiperspirant

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You have heard about using antiperspirants for controlling or removing the bad sweat odor. However, apart from shrinking the sweat glands, it can also constrict the blood vessels and promote blood clots. 

#8 Mouthwash

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Most of the medicare products contain alcohol, and so does the mouthwash. The alcohol in the mouthwash acts as an astringent and when applied to the wound it helps blood clot quickly. The most sought-after solution after the dental work is holding the mouthwash in the mouth. Make sure you don’t swish it around in the mouth, it can dislodge the clot.

#9 Nose Bleeding

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Nose bleeding is normal both in adults and children, while the cause is different. The nose bleeding in the adult can be because of high blood pressure or hardening in the arteries. Honestly, they are pretty hard to control. 

Whenever you experience a bloody nose or see someone suffering from the same do the following:

  • Sit down and lean your head forward. This will reduce the pressure on the nasal veins resulting in slow bleeding. 
  • You can also use the nasal spray, only if you are comfortable. 
  • Don’t blow the nose for a few days, after the nose bleeding stops, as it can dislodge the blood clot and cause the bleeding to start again.

When to See Doctor? (Bleeding Emergencies)

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We won’t say you can control or slow down every bleeding wound. There are a few bleeding emergencies when you need to see the doctor, let’s see what are those! 

  • If the wound is deep, jagged, or punctured.
  • There’s an injury on the face.
  • If the dirt is still in the wound.
  • If the cause of bleeding is an animal’s bite.
  • Bleeding doesn’t stop even after 15-20 minutes, after all the trials.

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Stop bleeding With All the Home Remedies:

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In this blog, you read about how to stop bleeding, and when you will need to consult a doctor. It is good if there’s little bleeding after the injury, it is a self-healing process of the body. Hope we helped you out. For more health care opinions and to know about the current COVID situation, visit HealthClubFinder.

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