What is Teeth Grinding and What are the Techniques to Stop it?

how to stop grinding teeth

Did your partner frighten you with the grinding teeth at night? Did he/she ever wake up in the morning with a sore jaw and teeth? In medical terms, teeth grinding is called bruxism, and it can develop at any stage of life. Although it is generally considered harmless, however, regular grinding leads to many oral complications. 

What Causes are Teeth Grinding?

Although there is not strong evidence and logic about the causes of teeth grinding, some research suggests that smoking, stress, depression, anxiety, caffeine, sleep problem, and heavy alcohol are some of the reasons to boost this problem. Some research indicates a direct link between stressful work environments and grinding teeth at night.  

Most of the time, people are unaware of their teeth grinding habit as it occurs during sleep. So, it becomes necessary to learn about its symptoms to solve future oral problems. Some of its symptoms include a sore jaw, constant headache, change in teeth, and jaw tenderness. You can also check out How to improve Gut health.

So the next question that might pop up in the readers’ minds is about the damage caused by it. Teeth grinding can lead to hearing loss, jaw damage, loss of teeth, change in the shape of the face, and lots more. 

How to Stop Grinding Teeth?

How to stop grinding teeth might be your next question. There are several ways to stop grinding teeth, depending on the cause of your grinding. Talk to your dentist to find the best treatment. Following are some of the way to block the problem of teeth grinding:

A Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

how to stop grinding teeth

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One of the best ways to solve the teeth grinding problem is the mouthguard. You are wondering how it works? Cushion the teeth and stop them from grinding while you sleep. It helps in reducing the strain of your jaw. Even you can ask your dentist for a custom-made mouthguard for teeth grinding

problems. Depending on the size and shape of your jaw, its thickness varies, and they are pretty much comfortable than a store-bought mouthguard. Its low cost and effectiveness make it a better option for the minor teeth grinding problem. 

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how to stop grinding teeth

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Some studies have found that the injection of botox also known as botulinum toxin helps in reducing the pain and frequency of the grinding. However, some research also says that more research needs to be done to understand its real effect on the problem. So, it becomes very necessary to talk to the doctor or dentist before going for this method. Needing these injections repeatatively to reduce the pain and headache issues.


how to stop grinding teeth

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Under the biofeedback technique, the therapist will teach the patient to control muscle movement through vibratory, auditory, or visual feedback produced through electromyography. However, this treatment is effective for a short-term duration. More studies and research needs to be done to find out long-term benefit through this method. 

Reductive Coronoplasty

Under the reductive coroplast, the dental surgeon will reshape or relevel the biting surface of the teeth. But the method is only effective if the teeth grinding is the result of crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth. Before that, talk to your dentist about the exact problem and how this procedure is going to be an effective solution for the teeth grinding problem.  

Stress-buster Techniques

Just as we discussed above that, teeth grinding is the result of stress and anxiety. So here are some of the stress reduction techniques to lower down the risk related to the methods:


how to stop grinding teeth

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Many studies indicate that yoga lowers down the problem of teeth grinding. Some highly useful asanas help to reduce anxiety and other problems in a very effective way. 


how to stop grinding teeth

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Meditation needs regular practice to reduce stress, depression, and other problems related to mental as well as physical health. Many studies say that meditation decreases metabolism, improves heartbeats, lowers down control anxiety, and helps to face countless problems.


how to stop grinding teeth

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Exercise helps to reduce stress by boosting the production of endorphins. Physical exercise also leads to several other benefits. Try to make it a habit with a slow start. Even if the problem gets under control, make sure to continue the exercise for the other good of the body. 

Talk Therapy

how to stop grinding teeth

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Talks really help to overcome the problem of teeth grinding. You can talk to therapists, counselors, or even your close and trusted friends. This little talk can help to reduce the level of anxiety, stress, and depression. If you think there is so much pressure then it is advisable to take the help of psychiatrists as they are the right person to suggest medication and exercise control the problem at a certain level. 


Although there is no evidential proof given by the medical science on the effectiveness of tapping many bruxism sufferers say that it works like magic on their problem. The emotional Freedom Technique is the method where several points are tapped with the fingers on the designated pressure point. 

Some of the tips to fight the problem of teeth grinding:
  • Avoid food and beverages like chocolates, coffee, and other stuff that are high in caffeine
  • Ignore a hefty amount of alcohol
  • Avoid chewing things other than food like pen, pencil, or pen cap as it allows the jaw to chew often, and thus it becomes a habit 
  • Before going to bed, relax the jaw with the warm cloth against the front of the earlobe.
  • Train your mind and jaw to stop grinding even during the teeth by positioning the tip of your tongue between the teeth, this way, slowly and gradually you’ll control this habit.

Final Takeaway

how to stop grinding teeth

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Teeth grinding is a common problem in adults and even in children. With the above-said method, you can control the damage to several extents. But before that, make sure to discuss the problem with the experienced dentist to get the right treatment at the right time. For all the health tips and suggestions, HealthClubFinder is your ultimate destination.

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