How To Wake Up In The Morning With Full Energy? (Tips On Having A Sound Sleep)

how to wake up in the morning

Have you ever been through a cycle of keeping an alarm to wake up in the morning early and snoozing it to get five minutes of more sleep? It’s a definite, yes! After that, the next thing you know is you are late by an hour or two. 

It’s not you; it’s your (maybe) sleep disorder. Just like you, there are many people who are struggling to wake up early in the morning. There can be a number of reasons for this to happen, consequently several solutions too.

Before getting an answer to, “How to wake up in the morning?” get the answer to, “Why am I not able to wake up?” There’s a simple concept behind it, and you need to know the problem solving it.

So here we have mentioned a few causes because of which you are not able to wake up. Take Heed!

  • Depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Parasomnias (sleep talking, sleepwalking, and night terrors)
  • Sleep apnea (periods of stopped breathing during sleep)
  • Sleep deficiency or deprivation
  • Certain types of medications

These are the causes that don’t let you sleep properly and results in a delay in waking up. There are solutions to these; if the problem is serious like a sleeping disorder, you must consult a doctor, or else you can try the tips mentioned in the article.

How to Wake Up in the Morning?

how to wake up in the morning


You might have heard the phrase “Rise and Shine.” It is better said than done. For a few people like you and me, it is difficult to wake up early in the morning. However, before trying to wake up early, you should go to bed early. Why? You will get an answer to that as well.

There’s a proverb, “Early to Bed, Early to rising, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.” Your teacher or mentor might have told you this proverb in elementary school. There’s a reason behind it. To wake up early, you need to sleep early (in order to have a flawless sleep), and once you wake up early, there’s nothing you can’t achieve from attending school, college, or meeting to the proper timing of having a meal. All this together will result in a healthy sleep pattern.

A question that most late risers ask: “What time should I wake up?” Basically, you should wake up between 5.00 am to 7.30 am. Why is it so? When you wake up early, you will be super productive throughout the day, and at the end of the day, you will be tired enough to have a sound sleep.

Coming to the points, follow the following tac-tics to rise early in the morning:

Make a Sleep Schedule

As we discussed above, the sleep schedule is a must for rising early. Once you have made a schedule stick to it, be it a day off or not. This way you will create a habit of sleeping and waking up on time.

Improve the Bedtime Routine to Wake Up In the Morning

You won’t even realize that you are sabotaging your sleep with the consumption of caffeine, over usage of mobile phone, or watching TV till late at night (which emits blue light). All these factors can affect your sleep pattern one way or another.

You need to improve your bedtime routine for a night of better sleep. For which you will have to lessen the use of products emitting blue light. Instead, do something that can relax your mind like reading or taking a warm bath.

how to wake up in the morning


Place your Phone or Alarm Clock at a Distance

Do you often find yourselves snoozing alarms? Happens! Place it at a certain distance, but it should be audible enough to wake you up. Why? As you will have to stand and go to the alarm to turn it off, and this is the trick to your body. You can also check How to improve Gut Health.

Sleep fragmentation can also be the reason for morning fatigue. So once your sleep is disturbed, try not to sleep again. These short pauses in between can disturb your sleep cycle.

Consume a Healthy Diet

It is said that consuming a healthy diet can improve your good night’s sleep. How? Healthy food contains energy which will allow you to work actively and in return, you will be tired enough to sleep like a log.

On the other side, unhealthy foods can make you feel lazy and zaps your energy. Haven’t you ever experienced sleepy or laziness after eating some kind of meal? Eat fresh veggies and fruits to gain energy, especially food items with omega-3 fatty acids.


There are unlimited benefits of exercise, and by it, we mean anything that can make your body move. You can go walking, running, gyming, Zumba, dancing, anything, all this will keep your body occupied and restore energy.

It is a proven fact, most people with stress, anxiety, depression have excessive sleepiness. Exercise helps the body in releasing all the hormones making you feel that way. Workout can increase energy levels by reducing chronic fatigue.

These are a few points to keep in mind for waking up early. We have seen cases where people wake up early but aren’t fresh enough to work and think properly. How to overcome that? Don’t worry. We cracked that as well.

how to wake up in the morning


How to Wake up in the Morning Early And Rested?

This is what we call, morning fatigue. You can tell bye-bye to it with these simple solutions:

Drink Caffeine

Consuming caffeine can stop you from having asleep. It can also help you in staying awake and freshens your mind and body. This is your day-starting drink and it’s good. It is the best way to wake up. Drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soda-pop, or energy drink have caffeine in them, which blocks the chemical adenosine (which makes you feel sleepy).

But consuming caffeine on an excessive scale can lead to negative impacts. So be careful while consuming it.

 how to wake up in the morning


Stay More in Daylight

You might not be knowing this, but our body follows a natural clock of the circadian rhythm. The daylight will help the body to regulate and improve sleep. 

The next day you wake up, take a sunbathe and see how refreshed you feel. However, it depends on the location and exposure of the morning light. Remember you have to take a sunbathe in the morning, not at noon. Okay? 

Eat Breakfast

If you do anything like skipping breakfast, because you are already late, wait! Do you know? Eating a proper and healthy breakfast can make you feel freshen up and enlightens your mood. Has there been any time that good food didn’t make you happy? Maybe not.

The concept of breakfast is to break the fast your body is doing from the moment you sleep till you wake up. Breakfast boosts the energy level. 

how to wake up in the morning


Wake up in the morning on Your Own

You might be thinking, what? 

Yes, waking up early on your own is hard, but we didn’t say that. You have to wake up on your own for a few days, in order to know your sleep cycle and how much sleep you need. This way, you will be able to schedule the timings of your routine.

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how to wake up in the morning


Wake Up Early in the Morning Fully Rested:

So these were the tricks and tips to wake up early in the morning and also to be known as an early riser. Let’s crack all the exams, be it education or life. If you still aren’t able to wake up early, it’s time you should consult a doctor. There might be sleep disorder issues. Consult a doctor and get proper medications. 

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