How To Wash Hands? Know The Proper Steps Today Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

How to wash hands

In today’s world where there has been a scare of the pandemic of Novel Coronavirus or “COVID-19” and it has already led to more than 31,00,000 cases and fatalities more than  2,10,000, there has been a need to keep yourself clean and virus-free until and unless a permanent remedy for the virus is obtained. The basic precaution for this is to thoroughly wash hands.

Today, we have brought this post to make you know the importance of handwashing and how to wash hands properly. Read it out and apply them in this crucial time to protect yourself, your family, and others too from the virus. 

Let us start by knowing how viruses spread.

How Germs or Viruses Spread?

Germs or viruses spread in the blink of an eye and can infect thousands of people at a time. There is the possibility of infection if you have occurred with any of the following phenomena:

  • Touching our mouth, nose, and eyes without cleaning our hands.
  • Cook food for/with the family with unwashed palms.
  • Touch an already infected place with bare hands.
  • Sneeze or cough into our hands and without cleaning them, shake hands or touch other people or objects.

The above-mentioned are some ways how you may get infected. During the spread of novel coronavirus, it is noted that people get infected with these ways only. One solution for this is social distancing, another is wearing the mask and the third one is hand washing which are very effective solutions to prevent from getting infected. 

Why Is There a Need to Rinse our Hands Thoroughly? 

How to wash hands


There is a guide to wash our hands regularly but we haven’t been keen to know the reasons. To remain healthy and germs-free, we should often wash our hands regularly. 

  • Washing our hands often can reduce the spread to others and we will not get infected with the virus. 
  • Germs from contaminated surfaces spread very quickly, hence we should wash our hands after touching them to stay germ-free.
  • Not washing our hands can prove more harmful to the young and the elderly people as their immune system is quite weak compared to the grown-ups and adults.

These were some of the reasons why we should wash our hands regularly. It has been proved that washing our hands can reduce respiratory illness by 20 % on an average basis. Washing them on frequent occasions proves a boon to curbing the spread of the virus or germs. This way we can keep ourselves as well as other persons from getting ill.

When to Wash Our Hands?

 How to wash hands


The key time of washing hands is generally whenever you are going to prepare food for the family or after meeting someone who’s ill. In general, the following are the few vital time zones where you must wash your hands to prevent yourself from the bacteria or the virus.

  • Prior to and even during the preparation of our food.
  • If we are looking after someone who’s ill, we should wash our hands after taking care of them.
  • After sneezing or coughing, to reduce spread if we have contacted priorly.
  • On touching a surface that may have been contaminated.
  • On touching the pets or stray animals.
  • After the usage of toilets.

These were some of the occasions when washing our hands becomes very obvious. To reduce the current spread of the virus, we have to keep our hygiene good and wash our hands often.

How to Wash Hands?

How to wash hands


Now, we will be discussing the ways to wash our hands. We have to rinse our hands thoroughly to keep ourselves intact. Many people have the question: how long should you wash your hands? Then to let you know, it is advised by WHO that hand washing should go for 20-30 seconds thoroughly to remove the germs. Advising Parents to inform children to recite the “Happy Birthday” song twice during each hand-washing occurrence. 

Steps to rinse our hands:

  • Wet our hands from running tap water and turn it off. It doesn’t make much of a difference if the water is cold or hot.
  • Apply soap over the hands. Use the amount mentioned on the label of the pack or in general use the amount that covers the whole hand up to the start of the forearms.
  • Completely apply the soap and mix it all over the hand until the foamy structure is visible.
  • First, rub your hands-palm to palm and then palms to palms with fingers interlaced.
  • Make sure you apply the soap all over the hands, even at the back of your hand to cover every portion.
  • Rinse your hands with tap water for a minimum time of 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Use a towel to dry your hands. Make sure you use a clean towel. 

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Usage of Sanitizers

How to wash hands


Using soap and water combination is the best way to keep ourselves free from germs, yet in their unavailability, sanitizers containing at least 60 percent of alcohol level can be used. Yet, sanitizers do not remove every type of germs. Moreover, when our hands are dirty and can be seen with eyes, sanitizers do not stay effective. Follow the below steps while you apply the sanitizer.

  • Apply the gel over your hand. See the pack to know the ideal amount.
  • Rub the gel all over your hand and rub them for 20 seconds until your hands dry out.

So, here we discussed the steps to wash hands properly and why is it so important at this point in time. Doctors and medical experts put a lot of emphasis on handwashing during this outbreak so make sure you do it regularly. Until and unless the vaccine is out and a permanent cure is out, washing our hands should remain a priority to everyone. For more information regarding COVID-19 and health-related, visit Healthclubfinder.

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