Is Covid-19 Vaccine Safe? Know The Availability And Side Effects

COVID-19 vaccine is finally here and, you can say the wait is over. No, matter how much we cover our faces and wash hands frequently, we need a vaccine to fight this pandemic. But wait, do you know about the results, side effects, and precautions of the most awaited vaccines? The trials of the vaccine have already started. But, before taking a vaccine, one should know everything about it. The first question people have – is the vaccine safe?

Let’s know about the vaccine in detail.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe?

The primary concern is whether it is safe to take COVID-19 or not. The objective of the world vaccine system is to ensure that all the vaccines are safe and effective. Safety is indeed the priority while manufacturing the vaccine.

  • Trial and Testing – All the vaccines go under testing to test the effectiveness and safety. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set up standards to know about vaccine safety. According to the National Institute of Health, one vaccine should pass the four phases before it is used, for the public. As per the UK for Pfizer-BioNTech, almost 40,000 volunteers were hired by the government for the trial. Half of the people have given the vaccine and the other half placebo jab.
  • Authorization – In the United States, FDA-approved vaccines can be released in public for emergency use authorization. The EUA gives temporary allowance to use vaccines in emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Monitoring the Results and Side-Effects – The government has asked all the vaccine manufactured companies to keep track of the results of the vaccine. There might be side effects that did not get noticed during the trials. FDA and CDC are expanding their vaccine monitoring work so they can find the side-effects and results early.  

How Effective the COVID-19 Vaccines are?

is covid-19 vaccine safe


It’s natural to wonder if the vaccines against the coronavirus are effective or not. The overall effectiveness report of the vaccines is 75% to 95%. 

  • Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine trial involves almost 44,000 people. The vaccine is 95% effective and authorized to use in the United States.
  • Moderna Vaccine trial involves 30,000 volunteers and is 94% effective. It is allowed to be used in the US. 
  • AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine trial showed 70% results on the usage of the full dose. However, it showed 90% results on using a half dose. This vaccine is allowed to be used for Great Britain. 
  • Johnsson and Jhonson vaccine trial has experienced 66% effectiveness and wants authorization for the US. 

Possible Side Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccines are designed to enhance the immunity of your body and to fight against the disease. Some people do suffer from side effects while taking the vaccine. But not all the side effects are the worst; some show that your body is building a protective shield against the virus. Moreover, you can say these side effects are a bad response to the vaccine. 

The side-effects last for a few days. One in 10 people might have these symptoms as a side effect:

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes near the site of injection
  • Chills
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Sore arm and aching muscles

Possible Allergies of COVID-19 Vaccine

is covid-19 vaccine safe


All the Vaccines are showing different results. According to the CDC, people who have allergies to food like latex, insects, meat, and any more, might have allergies from the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

Serious Allergic Reaction – A severe allergy reaction – anaphylaxis can occur in some people, depending on their allergy history. Those people who have an allergy history can face this reaction. According to the CDC, the anaphylaxis condition occurs 11 in per million people, who inject Pfizer/Biotech vaccine. After injecting the vaccine, the person is observed by the doctors for at least 15 minutes. One might suffer from breathing problems, swelling, and low blood pressure. EpiPen treats all these allergies.

Deaths – According to the reports, 23 deaths in Norway have raised the question regarding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, further investigation of death requires. Whether the deaths are the result of a failed vaccine trial or any other reason. 

How did the COVID-19 Vaccine Develop in No Time?

Usually, it takes time to develop a vaccine for a new virus. But COVID-19 vaccine is developed quickly. Because of the fast development of vaccines, people are questioning – is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?. Well, the safety measures are not compromised to release the vaccine. There are numerous reasons behind the faster development of vaccine compared to other vaccines:

  • China has given the genetic information of SARS-Cov-2 when it was available. This information helped vaccine developers to find it quickly.
  • The mRNA technology is improving with time which helps to find vaccines during such pandemics. However, all the manufacturing process was ready. 
  • Vaccine developers conducted several processes simultaneously to gather data quickly.
  • The government has provided all the resources to the vaccine manufacturing companies in advance. 
  • Social media helped developers to reach out to research interested volunteers. So, there were enough candidates for research and trial procedures. 
  • Companies have begun the manufacturing process even before the authorization. So, they can release the vaccine in bulk after getting permission.  

Misconceptions Related To Covid-19 Vaccine

is covid-19 vaccine safe


Feeling cautious while taking a dose of COVID-19 is normal. But few misconceptions can inspire you to avoid the COVID-19 vaccination. Here are some:

  • Health-Related Issues – When people faced health issues soon after the vaccination, they blamed it on the vaccine. Diseases like cancer, heart strokes, blood pressure issues are already there before the pandemic. It is not reasonable to blame all health issues on the vaccine. There are certain side-effects of the vaccine, but these diseases are not the result of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Authorities are keeping a track of the vaccine results, and they will keep updating the public about its side-effect and success. 

  • A vaccine can cause COVID-19- It is impossible as there is no use of SARS-Cov-2 during the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is because of either the failed trial of the vaccine or infection before taking the vaccination. 

How COVID-19 Vaccines been Made?

  • Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna consist of little genetic code and also known as mRNA vaccine.
  • It surely does not change the human cells but builds the body immunity, to fight against the virus. 
  • The Oxford-AstraZeneca develops by using a harmless alternative virus to fight against corona.
  • Some vaccines are made by using aluminum for better results. 

People of different faiths, vegans, vegetarians are concerned if there is any use of the animal part in the vaccine. Many vaccines consist of gelatin of pig for better results. The new vaccine will be certified pork-free. 

Will I Need to Take Precautions after the Covid-19 Vaccination?

is covid-19 vaccine safe


Yes, to control the spread of coronavirus one, should take all the precautions, even after vaccination. If the vaccine is not working for you, then do not forget to take precautions, the virus might catch you. It is under research whether the vaccine can stop the spread or not. 

Can the Vaccine Cause COVID-19?

No, no vaccine can cause you COVID-19. No harmful or infectious material has been used in the vaccine. The vaccine improves the body’s immunity and helps it to make harmless copies of coronavirus to fight against the virus. You can experience fever and soreness on the injected site. Even the side-effect does not dangerous compare to the severe COVID-19. 

Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine on Diverse People and Environment

is covid-19 vaccine safe


FDA and other authorities have considered diverse people for the trials of COVID-19. The first two vaccines include 25% old age people, 25% underrepresented minorities, and few people with a disease like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

However, these trials do not include pregnant women and children below 12-year-old. 

The COVID-19 does not contain any animal parts. And there is a negligible amount of alcohol in it.

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Facts and Myths about the Covid-19 Vaccine

is covid-19 vaccine safe


With the release of the COVID-19 vaccines, numerous rumors are spreading in the market related to their safety, side-effects, and effectiveness. Check out the few myths and facts to know about the vaccines in detail. 

Myth- The COVID-19 vaccine is not safe. It can make someone infertile, harms the fetus in the womb, or hurts the baby during breastfeeding from the vaccinated mother.

Fact- Well, there is no scientific claim that all these can happen because of the vaccine dose. But, it is necessary to save pregnant women from the coronavirus. Pregnant women are quite sensitive to disease and can fall ill quickly. 

Myth- The COVID-19 vaccines are not potent for the new mutation of coronavirus. The new-mutation of the virus can change the nature of the protein.

Fact- Change in the position of one protein doesn’t make the whole vaccine useless. The virus can grow with time and then the virus hijacks our body cells and changes their pattern. However, the research is going on the new mutation and scientists working on the new type of vaccines.

Myth – There are political issues behind the release of COVID-19 in such a short period. There are no proper testing techniques that follow before the vaccine release.

Fact – The vaccine develops by using high technology. Developers did not skip any testing step to release the vaccine. Developers and companies have followed all the procedures of trial and testing before releasing it to the public.

The Conclusion:

People concern and scar before taking the COVID-19 vaccination. The primary concern is whether the COVID-19 vaccine is safe or not. Many rumors are spreading out there related to the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Before believing anything blindly, one should check all the facts. However, different vaccines are under development and ready for trial. I hope, this year we will kill this coronavirus.

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