Is Diet Coke Keto Friendly? Know it Here

Is diet coke keto? When you think of weight loss, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Right now, it’s the Keto Diet. It’s easy to find people glued to this new weight-loss method that restricts them to a ‘no-carb and high-fat’ diet. Although it helps keep the calories in check and maybe some instant results; the journey to attain your “Body Goals” isn’t easy; mainly when you abide by such a strict diet plan. 

However, the essential need to keep yourself hydrated during the dietary plan has led people to get attracted towards diet soda on Keto. Hydrating oneself is one of the critical parts of being on the Keto Diet. If you are a beginner who start with their Keto Diet plan, you must be having a hard time managing your urge to resist foods with high amounts of carbs. 

Whatever you were consuming before beginning your Keto Diet had a sufficient amount of carbs. It is the biggest reason you had fats in your body accumulating in several areas; contributing to obesity. Now you barely survive on foods containing high amounts of fat (Egg Fast), and you need your strength. 

Hydration During the Keto Period: Why Is It Necessary?

is diet coke keto


Being on Keto Diet affects your body’s fluid balance as you have to cross out all the sodium food from your nutrition plan. Also, when you stop foods high in carbohydrates, you are making your system go through low glycogen levels, and it is responsible for holding water in your body. So you would need a constant supply of fluid to keep your system afloat. That’s why people are more attracted to diet soda on Keto.

During the early stages of your diet, gulping down a lot of water might feel impossible; however, it is a necessary practice that you keep your body replenished with acceptable drinks during the Keto period. By acceptable, we mean no-added preservatives, which are mainly sweeteners with loads of carbs.

Unfortunately, the majority of the soft and energy drinks are a sack of sweeteners; and drinking them would mean letting go of all your hard work and resistance to carbs. Hence you are back to square one. Many people find diet soda on Keto a better option since it is a keto-friendly diet helping them maintain the low carb and high-fat rule of the nutrition plan. 

But things are rarely the same as they appear to your eye, especially when it concerns your health. You might just stick to the fact that the keto diet asks you to rely on low carb and high. Hence, you would look for a soda can that mentions its ingredient; LOW CARB & NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. Yes, diet soda on Keto might sound very appealing to quench your thirst, but you need a big reality check about these diet soda or Coke zero drinks. 

Is Diet Coke Keto a Alternative: Why Are They Not Such a Good Option

is diet coke keto


While reading this blog, one question might keep poking you consistently; why not diet soda on Keto? The answer is artificial sweeteners. You probably have two options when looking for a drink apart from the water that helps you quench your thirst and gives you the taste you have been missing out on due to following such a restrictive diet. One of these options is diet soda, and the other one is Coke Zero.

If you are unfamiliar with what a coke zero is, let us help you by briefing out on Coke Zero. Coke Zero is an attempt made by the Coca-Cola company to help a specific section of their consumers on a weight-loss dietary plan with a soft drink that tastes similar to a regular coke but does not contain any added preservatives or sugar. It has no or very low carb; qualifying it as an excellent substitute for any individual on their keto diet plan.

Reaching the level of ketosis indeed makes you lose calories tremendously, forcing all the fat in your body to break down due to a faster metabolic rate. But diet soda on Keto or Coke zero isn’t an excellent option considering the myriad ways it could affect one’s health in the longer run. But there are specific facts that point towards health factors associated with drinking diet soda on keto or even a coke zero.

Reasons That Make Diet Soda on Keto Not So Good Option

is diet coke keto


  • All the artificial sweeteners substituting spoon full of sugar are a terrible choice for your health. Sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, etc., contain meager amounts of carbs but have a long-term disease associated with them. 
  • You might be drinking a coke zero or diet soda on Keto, but consuming them in high amounts could set you back on your journey to weight loss. They not only cause adverse health problems like Diabetes, but you also have a risk of gaining weight by consuming them at high levels. 
  • Soft drinks that help your body stay at a certain ketosis level might be a reason behind the occurrence of metabolic syndrome that becomes a significant chronic disease. 
  • Diet sodas that are apparently “Keto-friendly” could make you feel dehydrated since they contain caffeine in a significant amount, making you feel the urge to urinate, leaving you dry. Since you want to retain water in your body while on the Keto diet, the more diet soda you drink, the lower your body fluids go. 
  • Some people might feel caffeine taking a toll on their health with consequences such as rapid heartbeat rate, disturbed sleep pattern, etc. 

With several defects attached to consuming Coke Zero or diet soda on Keto, you would want to drink them in low moderations which do not leave you behind with the want-more urge. You end up drinking gallons of these artificial sweeteners during your keto diet, and there is no going back. You will literally see all your rigid and restricted routine go down the water along with your dream to achieve a perfect body. 

Also, you need to find substitutes that not only are naturally sweetened drinks and keep your ketosis levels at bay but also help you give up the thought of going back to drink something that supplies your body with carbs. Let’s look at some of these natural drinks which could help you stick to your keto diet journey. 

Drinks That Are Better Alternatives to Diet Soda on Keto

is diet coke keto


Remember that you aim not to look for just any high-fat diet, but it should be healthy enough to sustain your body during the no-carb days. If you have just started your journey to a successful keto diet plan, you must feel overwhelmed scrolling through several search pages claiming to help you go through the Keto journey.

You must not exactly feel happy with the idea of giving up all your beloved high-carb drinks and flavor milk that were your go-to fluids when you were not in the mood to sip water. But you have to prepare yourself for this challenging nutrition plan because you asked for it; also it is your routine now. 

Here are some of the perfect alternatives to your diet soda on Keto, and they can assist you in maintaining your keto diet effectively.

Calorie-Free Tea

Green tea and your oral health ~ Splat Oral Care


You probably know this, but we will remind you again. Green Tea or Chamomile tea is an excellent source of antioxidants keeping your heart healthy and helping you with something to sip which is not sweetened with sugar, artificial flavors, or added preservatives. Tea is a health drink that is recommended by nutritionists all the time. 

It calms your nerves when you constantly feel restless and irritated on your first week through Keto Diet. Also, while you are on your keto diet, you should specifically get a good night’s sleep to get going for the next day with your body transitioning to a newer phase of energy production from fat. So a calorie-free and unsweetened tea could help you with it. 

Sparkling Water

is diet coke keto


You must have heard about this a lot, and some you must order it all the time when you visit a restaurant. So it could be your carb-free companion on your keto days. You can mix the sparkling water with your regular water, and you are good to go. Do not add any soda or tonic into it since they contain heaps of sugar and flavor. Just plain sparkling water could help quench your thirst, and they would be better than diet soda on the Keto diet.

Plain Coffee with No Heavy Sweetened Cream

is diet coke keto


Caffeine could help you calm all your urge to go back to your carb-filled drinks that satisfy your body. Well, what’s better than a hot brewing cuppa, but of course, it should be without any sweeteners or heavy cream. If you choose to drink a heavy cream-filled brewing coffee, you consume 245 mg worth of carbs; taking you back to where you started. 

The Keto diet allows you to consume only 30 grams of Carb in a single day; so maintaining it and restricting yourself to only 3-4 grams is the most efficient practice. So if you choose to drink caffeine, make it an unsweet drink and add no cream; and it would be an excellent alternative to diet soda on Keto. Also, stick to a limit of 8 ounces of caffeine as it could make you feel dehydrated. 

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Go For Nut Unflavoured Milk

is diet coke keto


You cannot consume dairy milk while on the keto diet since they are a great source of carbs. But you can choose to drink nut milk such as almond, coconut. Choose plain almond milk with its natural sweetness to consume. But remember not to select any flavored milk since these flavors are derived from added preservatives loaded with carbs. 

Alcohol Is an Option but of Only Certain Kinds

is diet coke keto


Alcohol might be an option for you if you are a keto dieter; but before you hop on to your “happy hour” know that not every alcoholic drink is suitable while following the keto diet. Diet soda on keto is prohibited because of what it can do to your health in the long run; but alcoholic drinks like wine and beer are full of carbs. You can only consume them until they fall into your daily carb intake, which is 30 grams. However, spirit alcohol such as whisky, rum, vodka, and gin isn’t loaded with carbs. So you can choose to drink them in moderations. 

Bottom Line

Diet soda on Keto is an option for you only when you follow a specific limit of its consumption. You cannot think of reducing all that accumulating fat by going towards the wrong source to balance the fluids in the body. By consuming diet soda; you not only risk feeling dehydrated but might see your efforts of abiding by the keto diet go to waste. Moreover, how can you overlook so many potential health problems associated with drinking plenty of diet soda or coke zero? It is better to rely on natural sweetness than preservatives. 

Even the “so-called” healthy orange juice has a lot of carbs and sweetness to it. Choose to drink only those fluids which replenish your body and maintain the fluid balance. There is nothing better than sipping 8 liters of water in a day. But you can look for the drinks mentioned earlier to hydrate yourself. Also, it calms the restless urge of eating carbs at the beginning of your diet plan.

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