Is Lipsense Safe to Use? Let’s Find the Truth

I see a lot of girls becoming LipSense representatives these days. So, I definitely miss it because today’s #SwapItOutSunday is about this brand. Let’s check is Lipsense safe or not?

If you are new to my blog, every Sunday I encourage women to switch from dirty stuff to clean items, with the goal of minimizing exposure to toxins. LipSense is not the first and last brand, I draw attention to it. And the point of this post is mostly for misleaders of this brand because so many emails ask me is lipsense safe or not.

Is Lipsense Safe To Use?

Is Lipsense Safe


  • This post is inspired by various groups like EWG and Think Dirty, with each source linking all resources.
  • Also, everyone is saying that these are not ingredients.
  • They are not just one product but from various LipSense products.

If you visit the LipSense website and find LipSense products, you will find each of the ingredients listed below. Lipsense Liquid Lip Color, Lipskin Gloss, Lipsense Oops! Remover and Lipsense Lip Balm.

There is also a blog that LipSense likes to dispute with some chemists. And yes, he shares some truth in his scientific results, and he completely ignores the fact that there are various studies.

Studies suggest that using such products could pose health risks over time. You can also check How to improve Gut Health.

is lipsense safe


I worked on different projects with chemists all year. I can tell you, they also share the wrong information. Research is for those who want it and ultimately for each individual what products they want to use.

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Is Lipsense Safe Or Toxic?

Is Lipsense Safe


  • Using LipSense once does not cause these problems.
  • It does happen when you use the same ingredients over 30 years with other products, creating more risk for you so the question arises is lipsense safe.
  • First of all, if a product is “too long”, this is usually not a good sign because it is made of chemicals such as a durable color.
  • I don’t want it on my skin, especially if it can swallow the area I like to call.
  • Second, I don’t like their selling points, much less.
  • Just because something is vegetarian or cruelty-free doesn’t automatically make it safer.
  • Often, this means that they use synthetics in place of those items and leave the animal testing to their supplier.
  • He also mentioned that their products are gluten-free.
  • Did you know that the gluten molecule is so large that it can’t enter their pores?
  • Yes, you should know and eat gluten near your mouth, and in cosmetics, in general.
  • The risk of absorption is not scientific. Poor reactions from women like content chained and peeling lips, if drunken selling points aside.
  • Many LipSense representatives try to protect women from the experience of tingling and burning.
  • I personally wonder why anyone would want to experience natural, clean, and irritating lipglosses on the market.

is lipsense safe


Can You Find Various LipSense Products

Propylene Glycol

  • Lipense Glucose is actually a propylene glycol, a substance in antifreeze, spear, paint, and electronic cigarettes.
  • Many respondents claim that alcohol breaks the skin of people’s lips. However, the substance comes with skin irritation and should never be used, especially on pregnant women.
  • According to Parabens-EWG, this preservative is found in breast tumors with hormonal disruptions, allergic reactions, or others.

Disodium Edta

  • This is a penetrating enhancer, which allows it to easily absorb other bad substances into your skin.


  • A common alternative to parabens with links to dermatitis, organ system toxicity, and reproductive system problems.

Alcohol Denat

  • This is basically what you drink when you drink alcohol, which is “infamous”.
  • It is not only super-drying to the lips when eating, but also has been linked to congenital disorders and cancer.
  • As ferric ferrocyanide-graded toxic, this part comes with a link to the organ cyst.

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