Is Monkeypox Spreading Through Sex? Here’s Your Answer!

Monkeypox cases are growing with 92 confirmed cases reported in 12 countries. It is a minor, self-limiting infection spread through close contact with someone who has the disease.

Previously, it was thought that the monkeypox lesions or exhaled respiratory droplets from an infected individual were the only routes of transfer for the virus. But lately, there have been many speculations about is monkeypox spreading through sex.

According to health officials, most monkeypox cases in Europe and North America got detected among males who have sex with men. Many of these cases were found when men went to sexual health clinics for assistance with lesions on their genitalia.

What Is Monkeypox?

Is Monkeypox Spreading Through Sex


Monkeypox is a condition that happens via the monkeypox virus. Unlike smallpox, it is less severe. Researchers have also determined that there is very little risk of infection. The condition was first discovered in monkeys – hence its name ‘monkeypox’.

Typically, it’s found in tropical rainforests in distant regions of Central and West Africa. Over 90 cases of monkeypox are in countries like Canada, Spain, Israel, France, Switzerland, the United States, and Australia.

How Is Monkeypox Transmitted?

Monkeypox can spread if someone comes into close contact with an infected individual. It is possible for the virus to enter the body through the skin, the respiratory tract, the eyes, nose, or mouth.

  1. This might happen if your face, lips, hands, or fingers come into touch with monkeypox rash.
  2. When having sex on an infested mattress or via respiratory fluids shared during kissing or sneezing.
  3. Transfer via infected animals like monkeys, rats, and squirrels, plus virus-infected materials like bedding and clothing.

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Is Monkeypox Spreading Through Sex?

Is Monkeypox Spreading Through Sex


Monkeypox spreads through sexual contact but is not a sexually transmitted infection, says WHO. Monkeypox can produce a rash and fluid-filled blisters on the genitals. So, It might appear to be an STD.

According to health experts, many recent instances might have been due to men who became infected after having intercourse with other men.

It can also spread when someone with lesions comes into close contact with another person.


There is no indication that monkeypox will be the next pandemic. But, logically, you would want to keep up with news about a virus spreading all over the world. 

Monkeypox is uncommon, curable, and not spreadable over the air unless you come into close touch with someone who has it.

So continue to wash your hands and stay a safe distance from infected people and animals. Even though it’s true that monkeypox spreads through sexual contact, it’s not a sexually transmitted infection.

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