Jaw Pain on One Side of Your Mouth: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Are you experiencing jaw pain on one side?

If it is so, you should never ignore it. Sudden pain on one side of your jaw can be very alarming. It often comes associated with ear and jaw pain on one side, jaw pain and swelling on one side, and so on. You might usually think that it’s not something serious, but unfortunately, it is. It often happens because of several dental issues like a cavity or abscessed tooth. Or you might be grinding your teeth at night; who knows? 

So, there are several possible reasons why you might be experiencing jaw pain on one side. In this blog, we will have a detailed discussion so you understand this serious dental problem thoroughly and can deal with it successfully. 

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When Should You Be Concerned About One-Sided Jaw Pain? 

Typically, jaw pain on one side of your mouth is not a cause for any immediate concern. It can come and go. But in some cases, there could be dangerous health issues associated with it. Anyone can experience jaw pain on one side, but mostly it happens in women more. 

If you are suffering from a heart attack, jaw pain on one side can be one of the initial symptoms. But in this scenario, you will experience some other symptoms along with that. They are an intense pressure or pain in your chest that comes and goes, a feeling of tightness in your chest which can spread up to your jaw, neck, back, and even stomach, indigestion, heartburn, breathlessness, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, extreme tiredness, sudden cold, and so on.  

These symptoms can suddenly appear and disappear slowly for several hours or a few days. If the jaw pain on one side of your mouth comes with different other symptoms, you should seek emergency treatment or seek immediate medical help. 

What Are the Symptoms Associated with Jaw Pain on One Side? 

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There can be varied symptoms of jaw pain on one side, some of which include:

  • A sharp pain in your face and jaw
  • Constant clicking, popping and grinding sounds
  • Grinding of teeth or clenching
  • There will be difficulty in chewing and when you want to open your mouth
  • Burning sensation in your mouth 
  • Teeth sensitiveness
  • Earaches 
  • Vertigo
  • Toothache
  • Fever
  • Swelling in your face 
  • A burning sensation in your whole mouth

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms accompanied by jaw pain on one side? You need medical attention ASAP.

What Are the Causes of Jaw Pain on One Side?

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There can be many probable possible causes of jaw pain on one side. We will discuss some of the most significant ones. They are:

TMJ Disorders

A joint connects your skull and jaw, and when you suffer from Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, this part of your mouth gets affected. A disc separates the bones present in this joint, which helps it move properly. If any misalignment in this disc or the joint is damaged, you will experience pain and other associated symptoms on both sides of your jaw. 

Different symptoms of TMJ disorders that include one-sided jaw pain are tenderness around your jaw, pain in the ear, and a pain, clicking, or popping sound in your mouth. Various factors contribute to TMJ disorders, so finding the specific one is not always easy. The common issues that mostly play a role in TMJ disorders are arthritis, tissue damage, grinding, jaw infection and injury, damage in your cartilage, etc. 

So, if you experience TMJ disorder symptoms, you should immediately talk to your doctor or dentist to find the underlying cause of that. 

Dental Problems 

If you have pain in one side of your jaw, it usually happens because of different dental or oral health concerns. Some of the typical oral problems that cause pain in one side of your jaw are cavities, growth of wisdom teeth, gum disease, decay in your tooth, tooth grinding, sensitive, painful gums that bleed, soring mouth, bad breath, and constantly dry mouth, etc. 

What’s more, if you have swelling in your face along with severe pain in the one side of your jaw and teeth, it might indicate that there is an abscess. In that case, it should be your responsibility to call your dentist immediately or healthcare provider. They can help you out directly. 

Cysts and Tumors 

One of the major causes of jaw pain on one side is a tumor or cyst. Tumors and cysts are lumps of tissue that contain fluid. Although it’s not a very common incident to have a cyst on your jaw, it is possible to happen sometimes. Some can be cancerous, and some can impact your oral health by destroying different bones and tissue in your mouth. 

If you notice any sign of a tumor or a red or white patch that looks like a cyst, lump or extra growth, sores that are bleeding openly, swelling in your jaw or face, you should immediately contact your dentist and get yourself checked.  


A more intense cause of jaw pain on one side is sinusitis or any inflammation in the nasal cavity. Sinusitis often happens because of colds and allergies. Sinusitis is often associated with inflammation in such cavities that lie just behind your cheeks. So, it can often cause pain in one side of your jaw; there can be a pain in both sides as well. 

Moreover, if you have sinusitis, you will also have nasal congestion, green or yellow mucus, pain in your face, fatigue, and pressure. If these symptoms persist for a long time throughout one or a couple of weeks, it’s best to visit a dentist immediately.  

Trigeminal Neuralgia 

This is a chronic condition with abnormal pressure on your trigeminal nerve. It comes with pain in one side of your jaw. This pressure is so dangerous that it can prevent your nerves from functioning properly, which leads to severe pain.  

Moreover, if you have an injury or abnormality in your brain, it can also cause this condition. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia is the most common problem seen in women and those above 50. The primary symptom of this disorder is severe pain in one side of your jaw. And it needs immediate medical attention.


Osteomyelitis is a rare but serious type of disease in which bacteria enter your bone which causes an infection. 

Moreover, your jawbone can also become infected after dental surgery. This infection can spread a lot and ultimately cause bone death. One of the primary symptoms of this disorder is intense pain in one side of your jaw. It’s important to ask for medical advice if you suffer from this disease. 

How Do You Get Relief from Pain in One Side of Your Jaw?

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If you have mild pain in one side of your jaw, you may not require immediate medical attention. Rather, some effective self-care tips at home will be effective. Some of the most common ones are:

Heat Compress 

Heat application is one of the best remedies to relieve muscles aches and stiffness. So, if you have pain in one side of your jaw, you should apply heat to that area to get relieved. 

Cold Compress 

Cold compress is an effective process to help numb the pain in one side of your jaw. This can be specifically one of the best ways to get relief from pain in one side of your jaw if you have excessive swelling.

Give Rest to Your Jaw 

If you are suffering from pain in one side of your jaw, you should give some rest to it. Don’t try to eat anything that requires too much chewing during that time. Rather, go for easy foods. 

Take Nonprescription Pain Reliever 

Take over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and other pain medicines that can help you relieve pain on one side of your jaw temporarily. Just make sure you are following the dosage instructions mentioned in the package. If the recommended dose is not followed, you will suffer adverse side effects.

Try Massaging 

If you have intense pain in your jaw, you can start massaging. A healthcare provider like a physical therapist or a massage therapist can leverage the power of massage therapy to help release the pain and tension in the one side of your jaw. This can also help get relief from TMJ disorders. 

Jaw Pain in One Side: When Should You Go to a Doctor?

Although jaw pain in one side is typically not something serious, it can cause some serious impact if certain symptoms accompany it. 

Here are some symptoms which indicate you need the opinion of a professional specialist:

  1.       You are having serious problems eating, drinking, swallowing, etc.
  2.       The pain is so sharp that you find it difficult to open your mouth or talk
  3.       You have an accompanied swelling and fever that is not going away.

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The Bottom Line  

In this blog, you have got a clear idea of the possible reasons for feeling pain in one side of your jaw, the symptoms of it, how you can get yourself cured, and so on. So, if you experience such pain next time, make sure you are taking the necessary steps. 

Last but not least, take all the precautionary measures and maintain good oral health to avoid any pain in one side of your jaw. 

Have great oral health!

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