Left Hand Itching Meaning: Is Something Coming to You

We are an entity of superstitious beliefs. We will pause if someone sneezes right before we leave the house or not take a step ahead if a cat crosses the path. Every culture has some of its symbolic meaning of something, and they would adhere to it thinking that stepping on to bad luck isn’t worth the risk. However, most of us have probably heard of the right and left hand itching meaning. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a superstitious belief added to the list. 

When we go to define the left-hand meaning, science would probably fail to back up any logic. However, spiritually and from a cultural point of view, no superstition is ever fake or worth neglecting. Amongst the hundreds of existing superstitions, there is no harm for people in believing another one, primarily if it is concerned with money and profit. 

We as humans strive for money and excellence, so we will put our faith in absolutely anything that brings us the first sunshine of hope and prosperity, and that is how the left and right-hand itching has been one of the most presumed myths ever. Now the thing is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is one reason why some people would consider the left hand itching meaning as absolutely bogus. 

If you are willing to get a percipience into every XYZ about right and left hand itching meaning, continue to read this blog to unearth whether there is the possibility of something health-specific in your hand-itching activity.

What Does It Mean When Your Left-Hand Itches?

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Usually, left hand itching meaning resides onto a single superstition that one could see the money or big-lottery winning opportunity going out of their way, in other words. If you are experiencing an itchy left palm, it is a stroke of bad luck for you, or you may end up paying a lot of money to someone as a part of bearing loss or any other reason. These myths also have their gender-specific roles to perform so that it would mean differently for different gender. 

Thus, if a man has an itchy left hand, it would symbolize wealth going away from him, and if a woman experiences an itchy left palm, she would be a pioneer of good luck and wealth, notably dropped down on her hands. These myths are deeply rooted in how people perceive the financial and monetary methods in their life. As Stackyourdollars rightly points out, 

For women, left hand itching meaning symbolizes to receive, and the itchy right hand denotes to give. 

What Does It Mean When Your Right-Hand Itches?

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Different cultures and religions follow various sorts of superstition. It would be wrong to presume that only India as land has a long list of superstition beliefs prevailing. Instead, it is a human tendency to have faith in some sort of tradition or myth that goes in line with someone’s value. Now, as we described the left hand itching meaning in the above few lines, the itchy right palm also has a significance of its own. 

Traditionally, an itchy right hand means good luck with money. If there is a sudden urge to repeatedly itch one’s right hand, people would assume that they would see a great investment opportunity coming their way, which could help them make optimal profits. Other connotations of itchy right palm associated with money include:

  • Getting a good value for a property one is willing to sell in the market
  • Lost money could be found or retrieved on a particular day when experiencing an itchy right palm.
  • If you think of investing in the share market or other trading deals, it would be the best day due to an itchy right hand.
  • Possibility of meeting a new friend, or meeting an old one after a very long time

Itchy Right Hand Epitomizes Goddess Lakshmi

In India, folks believe that the right hand is equivalent to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. So whenever people crack a colossal deal or make a monetary transaction with a prospective client, they would use their right hand positively. Even the kids are taught at an early age not to use their left hand while holding money since money denotes Goddess Lakshmi, and it would be a disrespectful gesture towards the goddess if one makes trade with the left hand. 

Hence, the manifestation of wealth in Hinduism associated with Goddess Lakshmi has to do with spiritual wealth and literal wealth. Now, how can we forget the different itchy palm playing a different role in both  gender? An itchy right palm for women is a piece of bad luck, and for men, it brings good luck. 

The Flickering Eye Superstition and Itchy Hands Myth

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Every Indian would assimilate the itchy left hand and itchy right palm with the superstition of flickering left and right eye. When a man experiences a flickering of his left eye, it means bad news coming their way; however, in the case of women, it is vice versa. It means a left eyelid flickering for women is a source of good news. Similarly goes for the right eyelid for both genders as we roll over the situation. One would have good luck, and the other would have bad luck.

The reality behind the left hand itching meaning is far more debatable than true. Some would find it the bearer of good news for them; the others would say it was just a coincidence; anyway, it is all about notions of the human mind. 

Itchy Left Hand Meaning Certain Things to Avoid

While we are discussing  what itchy left-hand meaning denotes, the more important thing is what to avoid and how to protect oneself from a monetary loss or investment gone wrong. We all sure love our hard-earned money do not want to gamble our way through every penny without acknowledging that if the itchy left-hand meaning is reflecting a warning sign to protect ourselves from the devil’s way. 

  • Verify the expenditures you made on a special deal for future investment. Was it relevant and fruitful or just another stroke of hard luck coming towards you?
  • Think twice when you spontaneously decide on making a massive investment in the Share market. It is all about the fluctuation of rates and luck. Do not test it on a particular day, even when your hand is signaling you to stop. 
  • Willing to sell a long-overdue asset? Maybe choose another day when your gut says it is the right thing to do. Universe has a way of indicating the negative signs, and the itchy left-hand meaning would imply the same.

Does Itchy Left-Hand Meaning Also Denote a Health Condition?

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While we have discussed the connotation of itchy left-hand meaning in terms of wealth and luck, it would be wrong to overlook the health or skin issues associated with it. Let’s find out some of the possible reasons for an itchy palm


Left Hand Itching Meaning

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Whether you are trying to understand a left hand itching meaning or the reason behind your constant right-hand itching, the reason could be the prevalence of Diabetes in your body. Having extremely high levels of sugar in your blood tends to make your skin itchy and exceptionally dry. You might or might not see the appearance of red color bumps on both your palms or any other part of the body. 

Hand Eczema

Left Hand Itching Meaning

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People who suffer from skin eczema also experience extreme dryness and cracking of skin on their palms and hands. It would cause them an irresistible urge to itch constantly esp[ecially during the winters. One could experience dyshidrotic eczema that causes small and itchy blisters on both the palms and feet. People with their hands exposed to harsh chemicals and moisture are more prone to hand eczema, such as hairdressers, cleaning service professionals, caterers, etc. So this can one left hand itching meaning.


Left Hand Itching Meaning

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An autoimmune disease is called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, which is responsible for another health issue reflecting on the left hand itching meaning or both hands endlessly itching, and blotchiness in the palms. 

This autoimmune disease always influences the bile ducts connecting the liver to the stomach. So whichever bile passes between these two organs accumulates in the liver, most probably causing a defect in the organ. It might be one reason behind the occurrence of Liver Cirrhosis. Apart from an itchy left and right hand, it causes symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dark Colored urine
  • Jaundice etc. 

Allergic Reactions

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Sometimes left hand itching meaning could also be coming in contact with an element you are allergic to, such as metal, jewelry, soaps, disinfecting chemicals, etc. In such cases, the allergic reaction takes approximately 48 hours’ worth of time to appear on the skin, and you would feel the urge to itch constantly. 

This condition is also known as Contact Dermatitis. One must have regular contact for the allergic reaction to a trigger. Sometimes in the case of jewelry; coming once in contact might also cause rashes on the palm and other parts of the skin. 

Reaction to Any Medication

Left Hand Itching Meaning

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If you have a specific reaction to eating something or consuming medication, a histamine reaction could trigger itchiness in any part of your body, including your hands/palms. There might be the appearance of red blister-looking rashes on the palms, feet, or other areas on your skin.

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How Can You Cure Itchiness on Your Hand?

  • Consult with your doctor about discontinuing the medication that is causing your body to trigger an allergic reaction.
  • If you are suffering from hand eczema or family history; meet with an expert to get proper care for the condition. They would recommend you medication and ointments to keep the hands moisturized not to turn itchy and dry. 
  • You can go for over-the-counter steroids for the itchiness on your palm, but first, get a recommendation from your doctor whether or not taking medication is advisable.
  • To resist the urge to itch, try placing a cool, damp cloth on your palms or use an ice pack; it would help you reduce the itchiness gradually on your palms. 
  • As the winter season is just around the corner, people with dehydrated skin would face the problems of itchiness on their palms as they begin cracking. So such people should specifically look to keep their skin hydrated and moisturized. Ask your expert to recommend some essential oils that would help you relieve the itchiness. 

Bottom Line!

We have reviewed every possible concept into the left hand itching meaning. However, defining your luck and surrounding yourself with positive vibes would not need you to follow an indication from an itching left or right palm. When it comes to wealth and monetary benefits, we humans are an entity of security and cautiousness. Hence be it left or right itchy palm;  always rely on your mindful thinking to invest in the correct elements and gain profits.

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