Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy: Causes and Symptoms

Pregnancy has to be the best time for any woman because it is the time when a baby slowly develops into the womb and that feeling is really very special for any woman. Apart from all the joy, woman body also undergoes several changes and that is the reason that pregnant woman often develops some health issues like low blood pressure during pregnancy which is kind of normal if the complication would be balanced but in case it would be maintained then it can be very risky. 

Low blood pressure is one of those complications that women often ignore even during pregnancy but the point is how dangerous it can turn out to be. If you are also wondering about low blood pressure during pregnancy then here is everything that you need to know about this issue so that the mother as well as, the baby could be danger-free as well as healthy at the same time:

Causes of Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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First, you have to know What Causes low Blood Pressure? Now that a woman already undergoes few body changes during pregnancy so the fluctuation of blood pressure is quite common in this case and it is said that low blood pressure would remain till about the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and this happens as the blood vessel expands a bit. If the pressure would fall too much then there is a problem and here are some of the most common causes of blood pressure fall during this time:

Allergic Reaction

If you would get certain allergic reactions during those days then there are chances that your blood pressure would lower. Allergies can have lots of symptoms through which you can identify them and in this case, you might need to seek medical help.


Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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If you would often skip on your Water Consumption then naturally your body would get dehydrated which seems to be a big issue and it can fluctuate your blood pressure and most probably this would lower your blood pressure a bit.


Now our blood pressure completely depends upon our energy level so if you would not eat properly then there are chances that you would suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition is a body condition when the body lacks nutrients and weight loss also takes place and this can lower blood pressure.


Anemia is a body condition that takes place when our blood level decreases like crazy this is very common during pregnancy and since the blood flow would reduce in this case so your blood pressure would also remain throughout the time.

Internal Bleeding

Internal injuries are common during this time which can actually lead to internal bleeding as well and if this would take place then the blood flow would decrease a lot and the Low-Pressure Condition would arrive in a would-be mother’s body and many other complications can also take place.


Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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Knowing about the symptoms seems to be the most important thing because then only you would be able to proceed with a better treatment that would make you healthier. Here are some of the symptoms listed that you need to check out:


This is a very common symptom of this issue and this is very frustrating as well. Most of the time your brain would refuse to understand things properly so you would feel confused almost all the time. People might even misunderstand you for this.


Nausea symptom remains throughout the pregnancy. Here you would feel sick all the time and vomiting is very common in this case. Here certain changes in body position would also matter. This would make you uncomfortable as well and you may also want to avoid height.

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Frequent Fainting Tendency

You would feel so tired and weak that you might tend to faint most of the time. This is not at all a safe thing because you would fall while being unconscious. Then your baby can also get affected and the worst thing here is the fear of miscarriage.


Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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Here breathing problem is quite common. Most of the time you may feel like not able to breathe in properly. Many times it has been seen that soon-to-be mommies struggle a lot for breathing. So they get panic attacks which again is a very dangerous thing.

Too Much Thirst

This is quite an irritating thing because even after having a lot of water you can still feel thirsty. This mostly happens because the body already gets in a state of dehydration. Apart from this, the most irritating thing here is the frequent need for urination. That is a task for a soon-to-be mother.

Feeling Cold

No matter whether it is a rainy season, winter season, or summer season but you would still feel cold. Even when others would feel too hot. This happens because the blood flow of your body lowers down. So you would be so weak and tired that your body would refuse to get warmed up naturally.

What is the Normal Blood Pressure Level During the Pregnancy Period?

Pregnancy includes different stages. It is normal to have different blood pressure levels in different levels of pregnancy. You would be amazed to know that a doctor often checks the blood pressure level to know about the mother as well as the baby’s health condition. It is said that if women would get 80-120 millimeters of blood pressure then this is normal. There is nothing to worry about. The first 12 weeks is the time when the blood pressure would be too low. While it would recover with time if the woman would maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Baby Can Be Affected by This?

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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There is no long-term effect on the baby due to this condition. But there are some initial side effects of low pressure for the baby developing in the womb. Some of them are listed below:

The Fear of Getting Miscarriage

Now the worst part of a low-pressure state of the body is that women can be unconscious way too often. This mainly happens when a pregnant lady tends to get up after sitting for a while. Her head may feel light and she might faint which can eventually either result in a miscarriage or it can hurt the baby’s development. The baby may take birth with physical damage. 

Low pressure lowers the blood flow and if your baby would not be able to get proper blood supply while developing then there are chances that the baby might not get properly developed organs so organ failure may also take place which is very risky for the baby.

The baby may also lack nutrition as well as development due to this condition. No one actually wants and a premature delivery may also take place in this situation.

How to Prevent this Complication?

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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There is some prevention as well. That you can follow to control your blood pressure from falling as well as from rising way too much and some of them are below:

You need to get proper rest during this time so you would not feel tired anymore. Also, the tendency of feeling dizzy would also minimized a lot.

You should not skip your meal and your diet should also be on time. It is always better to include all the nutrients in your diet and you can also add supplements.

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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Do not compromise on interval checkups so that doctor could be sure about you as well as your baby’s health.

These are everything that you need to know about Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy and you can find more at Healthclubfinder.

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