Most Effective Low Impact Knee Exercises

low impact knee exercises

Bad knee is a complication that definitely would surround you after a certain age and if you would live a life without any physical workout or exercise then the complication would arrive soon in your life.

The knee or joint pain actually arrives after the age starts showing up in the bone and our bone fails to absorb nutrients as well as proteins from the regular food that we consume in our day to day life which basically results into weak bones as well as week knees. The best way to make your knee healthy as well as pain free you need to practice some of the low impact knee exercises that are listed below:

Scissor kicks:

low impact knee exercises

This is one of the easiest as well as most effective workouts that you can do in order to make your joints healthier and in this way you would also be able to decrease the knee pain and if you would do this knee workout then knee related problems would not occur in your life anytime soon.

Here you would have to lay down flat in the ground with your legs as well as arms straight and then lift your both legs some inches from the ground and then spread the legs a bit apart and then cross the legs and again spread them apart. You need to keep on doing this process for about 15 minutes in order to receive the best ever results.


low impact knee exercises

Swimming is the only solution for many health-related problems and decreasing knee pain has to be one and if you practice swimming then your body shape would be maintained and you would be able to lead a healthy life. Swimming not only helps in physical health but also helps in improving the self-confidence level which would make your mental health much better. You need to swim at least for 30 minutes a day and in this way your body would also be relaxed and also you would be able to have a sound sleep at night. The knee pain would be decreased and you would be less likely get knee pain any time soon and lead a healthy as well as fit life.

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low impact knee exercises

You don’t have to go outside for cycling as cycling machine is available nowadays which works just like a cycle and you would be able to get all the benefits of cycling through this and if you are comfortable in cycling a bicycle then you can also ride that outside the home and enjoy the benefits.

Here by cycling your knees go through a heavy work out which increases the health of the knee bones. In order to get the maximum benefits, you have to paddle the cycling machine or bicycle for about 30 minutes a day so this easy workout for better knees needs to be added to your workout routine which you should not miss no matter what.

Workout Ball:

low impact knee exercises

Workout ball is a very huge rubber ball which seems to be very useful in order to keep your body fit as well as healthy. There are many ways to work out with a work out ball and it especially works best for better balance and also looks after knee health which results into less knee pain as well.

Here the best way to get benefited in by sitting straight on the ball by joining both of your hands together so that all your body weight falls on the knees and in this way your knees would prove to be stronger day by day. You need to do this balance exercise with work out ball for about 30 minutes a day in order to get best ever results for your knees.

Resistant Band Workout:

low impact knee exercises

This is one of the most inexpensive as well as most effective workouts that you can try out in order to get the healthiest knees by eliminating all the knee pains as well.

Here you would have to lay straight on the surface and then keep your hands up straight and attach the resistant band to your hands and then bend your knees in order to attach your feet to the resistant band then try to straighten your legs and the again come back to the knee bending position. You need to keep on repeating this workout for about 15 minutes a day for best ever results and great knee health.

These were few of the best low impact knee exercises that you need to try out and also you can check many more at healthclubfinder.