Why Walk After Dinner Is Very Important Than Morning Walk. A Definitive Guide!

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If you had a wish to be healthy and fit for whole life. To achieve your fitness you carry out all the recommended things like yoga, disciplined diet and many other things. But if you aren’t carrying out this one special thing to be fit then all the things you do will not be of the same importance or you can say it won’t be so much fruitful to you.

The tip which is told in this article is very small & simple but if you start doing it daily in your life then after a months you will analyze the changes by yourself & you will notice considerable changes in your health as well your mental fitness.

Who All Should Carry Out This Thing?

mental fitness

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It is very important for the health and also for the person who wanted to remain fit for whole life or wanted to have a strong immunity system or wanted to be disease/medicine free for whole life or wanted to have proper digestion or wanted to have a soundful sleep i.e. good sleep or wanted to be free from all the gastric problems or who have a issue that their whole body is fit but their stomach is fluffy & coming out or have problem of improper digestion or there are sounds coming out of stomach now & then, must carry out this simple thing everyday.

This habit walking after dinner will also kill your depression and will help you to achieve the highest level of mental fitness.

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mental fitness

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This simple thing is that you must do walk after dinner everyday. If you are unable to do morning walk as you couldn’t wake up early in morning or get late to office if you do walk, there is no problem at all. But should try to do morning walk as it is good for health. If you are doing morning walk or not, no issue but you must do walk after dinner everyday.

Things You Have To Keep In Your Mind

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After dinner you should sit in vajrasana (japanese way of sitting) for 10-15 minutes. After sitting in vajrasana& going for walk after dinner,  you will find that your stomach start going inside, you start getting a soundful sleep but it takes a month to be effective. Remember one thingyou have to walk not talk while walking.

You have to only walk slowly for some time with peace & calmness in your mind. If you go for walk with family then it is excellent but in starting if no one is ready to go along with you then go alone only.

Don’t go on roof & take 2-3 rounds of it in the name of walk as roof is small & has a limited area so you have to take turns very frequently due to which you feel a jerk in head & heart as well. This jerk is very small but is unable to give you relaxation thus you have to go for a long walk on straight & silent road. Walk minimum for 10-15 minutes & don’t eat in the name of walk from outside. Walk at least 2 km everyday, you could also walk more depending upon your wish.

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Night walk is more important & effective than morning walk in fact. Don’t ignore it morning walk is important but night walk is inseparable or you can say must thing to carry out to be fit and stay healthy. 

I hope you get the things that I am trying to explain. Even myself never forget to walk after dinner.

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