How to Make Microwave Boiled Eggs? A Complete Guide to Know

There are several methods you can use to boil your eggs. You can use the stovetop, an instant pot, a slow cooker, an oven, and even an air fryer. But for many, microwave boiled eggs are the dream!

Why is that? It’s because when you boil eggs in microwave, you can reduce the mistakes and increase your chances of having well-boiled eggs. 

Whether you are making an egg salad or deviled eggs, the eggs in your dish will turn out to be perfect if you learn the correct way of cooking microwave boiled eggs. All you need is a little knowledge that we are here to share in this article. Read on!

How to Boil an Egg in the Microwave?

Now many people avoid boiling eggs in the microwave for the fear of their explosion. After all, who has the time and energy to clean up spatters from all over the microwave every time you need microwave boiled eggs?

But you can prevent the explosions easily by adding a little salt to the water. Some may suggest poking a hole in the eggs for the same reason, but why create a mess on your kitchen floor when a little salt can help without it?

Here’s exactly what you will need:

  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • 2 to 4 eggs (depending on how much you need for your dish)
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • Hot water  

Instructions to Make Microwave Boiled Eggs:

1. Put four eggs into a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Put hot water in the bowl. Make sure it’s enough that the eggs not only get submerged, but the water is half an inch above their surface.

3. Each egg needs 1/2 teaspoon of salt, so add one teaspoon if boiling two eggs and two teaspoons, if boiling four eggs.

4. Cook eggs in the microwave for 4 minutes if you are boiling two eggs; 5 minutes if you boil four. Once they get cooked, let them sit for one minute.

5. Add ice and water or cold water to a second bowl.

For the next steps – decide what kind of eggs you want. 

Do you want soft-boiled eggs, medium-boiled eggs, or hard-boiled microwave eggs?

6. For soft-boiled eggs: As soon as the eggs are done cooking, immediately plunge these microwave boiled eggs into ice water so you can enjoy a runny yolk.

For medium-boiled eggs: Let the cooked eggs sit in hot water for about one minute before transferring them to ice water.

For hard-boiled eggs: If you would like your eggs to have firm yolks throughout, let them sit in the boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, transfer them to ice water.

7. Let the soft microwave boiled eggs soak in cold water for one minute. Let the medium-boiled eggs sit in the ice water for about 2-3 minutes, and let the hard-boiled ones stay in there for about 5 minutes.

Recipe Notes:

  • Put the microwave boiled eggs in the ice water using a slotted spoon.
  • Use iodized salt instead of any others.
  • Experiment with two eggs first instead of trying on a large batch. 
  • Your microwave may have higher or lower power than what’s ideal for this recipe, which may create some problems. So make sure you try it first when you are free, instead of using this recipe in a hurry for a quick late breakfast one morning.

How to Peel Microwave Boiled Eggs?

microwave boiled eggs


Before trying to peel the eggs, wait until they have completely cooled in the ice water.

The shells should easily peel out if you let them cool enough. Just shatter the egg shell on one end and peel it off in pieces.

You may experience some problems in peeling if the eggs aren’t cooked properly. In that case, check the recipe mentioned above.

How to Store Eggs Boiled in the Microwave?

If you are not eating the microwave boiled eggs immediately, you can store them. 

First, dry the eggs after removing them from the cold water. Leaving them unpeeled, place them in a zipper bag with tissue paper and seal.

If you haven’t thrown the egg carton you bought the eggs in, use it instead. Just make sure to mark it as microwave boiled eggs, or it’s possible to confuse them for raw eggs. 

Also, add the date – whether it’s the zipper bag or carton. You don’t want to forget about them and let your loved ones get sick with bad eggs, do you? 

You can store hard-boiled eggs in their shell for up to a week in an airtight container with a paper towel.

You can store soft-boiled eggs in the shell for 1-2 days in a tight container.

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How to Boil a Big Batch of Microwave Boiled Eggs?

microwave boiled eggs


You can cook as many eggs as your microwave-safe bowl allows. 

We don’t advise cooking a large number of eggs at once. That’s because there should be enough room in the dish for all of your eggs, and none should be on top of one another.

You should be able to make as many as you want as long as you don’t have that problem. The number of eggs you can boil now depends on the size of your microwave-safe bowl and your microwave. 

For most of us, this number is under 6. 

If you are boiling two eggs, microwave for 4 minutes. Microwave 4 eggs for 5 minutes. And microwave six eggs for 6 minutes.

For any more microwave boiled eggs, experiment like any good cook does. Just remember to add ½ teaspoon of salt for every egg.

Over to You

Now you know how to boil an egg in the microwave. We also shared how to make soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard boiled eggs in microwave.

You can decide which ones you want based on the dish you are making. You can make tuna salad, egg salad sandwiches, tuna melt surprise, deviled eggs, or simply enjoy boiled eggs for a quick breakfast.

How would you cherish your microwave boiled eggs? Comment below!

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