A Complete Beginner Friendly Military Diet Plan

military diet plan

Military men look fit as well as attractive and almost all men want to be like them isn’t it? Well the physique that they maintain depends upon their healthy diet that they maintain. If you get amazed by their health as well as fitness then you should too try their healthy diet. This diet is especially for those people who are trying to lose some extra pounds from their body and get into shape. This diet is said to be very effective and literally would show you results in just 2-3 days. If you are wondering about how to start this diet then here is a complete guide of military diet plan which you need to follow up and get started:

Day One:

You may find it difficult to start but that difficulty would last you till the very first day and you would get comfortable with this diet plan once you would get started with it. Here in this diet there is no compromise done with the taste buds rather some amazing foods are added in the list.

military diet plan

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Breakfast plays an important role in this diet plan and you should not really miss your breakfast ever as well. Here in breakfast you can have a slice of brown bread or whole wheat bread and you can toast the bread and spread some peanut butter on top of it as it would serve you with a lot of energy which would keep you going for a long period of time. You can even have a cup of black tea or coffee and green tea would work as well but try to avoid adding milk as that might not turn out to be healthy. Complete your breakfast with a medium sized fruit such as apple, guava or even a banana and have a full glass of water afterwards.

military diet plan

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Lunch comes directly after breakfast and since you need to avoid mid-day snack your lunch needs to be fulfilling. Fulfilling lunch doesn’t mean too much of food rather the food items needs to be full of nutrients. Here in lunch you can have a whole wheat tortilla or bread along with half a cup of white tuna or chicken breast. In you are the one who swear by coffee or tea then you can have black coffee as well as tea along with your lunch but green tea proves to be healthier and complete your lunch by having a full glass of water.

military diet plan

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Dinner is the last meal of the day and it has to be heavy as well as pack with such foods which are known to keep you full for a long period of time. Here in dinner you can have some meat preferably white meat as it is less in calories and along with it you can have some fruits such as half orange or half apple or you can even have any other fruits of your choice. You can also have a small bowl full of boiled vegetable salads or green beans and a sweet treat at the end of the day would be enough to keep you ready for the next day diet and in dessert you can have a single scoop of ice cream of your choice.

Day Two:

After the first day your taste bud would start adjusting with this diet and it would be easier for you to carry out this amazing diet.

military diet plan

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Here in breakfast you can have a whole wheat bread or brown bread along with a poached egg or scrambled egg and complete you breakfast with a fruit of your choice and not forget to have a full glass of water at the end of your breakfast.

military diet plan

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Keep your lunch a bit heavy as well as filling so in your lunch you can have some chicken breast curry or roasted chicken as it in of low calorie and along with it you can have a cup full of cottage cheese with the seasoning of pepper as well as chili flakes.

military diet plan

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Dinner of the second day has kept a bit heavy as well as full of nutrients and here you can have two chicken patty but avoid the bread portion. Add some boiled carrots as well as broccoli with salt, pepper as well as chili seasoning and to give yourself a sweet treat you can have half full ripe banana and at the end of the meal complete your dinner with a full glass of water.

The third day is quite similar to the first day of the diet but at times you can match as well as adjust food items from the first as well as second day diet. Make sure to have lots of water which would keep you hydrated as well a full throughout the day without adding any calorie in your body.

This is how you can begging your military diet like a pro and bet maximum benefit out of it and amazing result is guaranteed with this particular diet plan. Now that you know the secret behind awesome body as well as fitness of a military man so you should too try this out.