10 Misconceptions Around Coronavirus: Know Myths And Facts About The Same

Coronavirus Myths vs Facts

Life was different three months ago. People were laughing, playing, working, studying, in short, utilizing life at its best. But on December 31st China reported the first case of Coronavirus, and since slowly, every country stopped the movement of people. Right now, many countries are on complete lockdown to avoid the spread of COVID-19. WHO officially declared it as a pandemic on March 11th, which was earlier considered as an international emergency only. And now, the nCOV is known as SARS-CoV-2.

But you know what is more dangerous than a novel corona itself? It’s revolving misconceptions around coronavirus on the internet. From its origin to its spread and cure, every point has a false rumor circulating on the WhatsApp groups and the internet. Here we have unfolded a few coronavirus myths and untruths that really needs to be corrected. You would have read the news about hundreds of Iran people who died due to the intake of methanol. It was because of the rumor that methanol can cure coronavirus. This was just one myth that killed hundreds of people. There are many of them, they aren’t as harmful as this, but still, myths are myths. 

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Here, we have busted a few myths and penned down the facts relating to it by Healthclubfinder.

misconceptions around coronavirus

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