Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survival Rate By Stage


Non Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer which affects white blood cells called Lymphocytes, Lymph are directly related to body’s immune system. Its helps in flowing fluids through our body and provide protection against infections.


Mainly are there 2 Types of Lymphocytes:

B lymphocytes


B lymphocytes also known as B-Cells is a type of White Blood cells which helps immune system by creating antibodies. Plus, it increases immunological memory and regulatory cytokine production.

T lymphocytes


T lymphocytes is another type of White blood cell commonly known as T-Cells. The T stands for thymus which translates in –the organ where cells mature. It resides in core adaptive immunity system and sends pathogens as a immune response.

Stages of NHL (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma)

What does Stages convey?


The NHL stages says the number and places in the body which are affected by lymphoma. Based on your Stage, the doctor diagnose patients symptoms and  can decide the type of treatment the patient needs.

There are 4 Stages of NHL:

Stage I

Stage I means following conditions:

1-The lymphoma is found in a Single region or Organ (I).


2-The cancer might have affected extralymphatic region or Organ (IE).

Stage II

The Conditions for Stage II are:

1-The lymphoma is found in multiple areas of body.


2-The lymphoma has reached two or more regions, denoted as 2E.

Stage III

The Stage III tells that the cancer is founded in both sides of Diaphragm. The lymph nodes can be seen above the diaphragm and in the spleen.

Stage IV

1-The lymphoma has spread to a wide extent affecting organs outside lymph system.

2-In this stage the lymph nodes may have reached lungs, liver, bone marrow.  

What are Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survival Rate ?


After diagnosing, Doctor creates a Prognosis on basis of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survival Rate By Stage. Prognosis is an estimate given by doctor regarding how the cancer will respond to the given treatment. The Survival solely depends upon several factors such as Age, Stage, LDH levels and many more.


The One thing You should remember is Survival Rates are just estimates. A person’s will to live can do wonders. Be A Survivor ,Be Strong even at your weakest. Keep Your head up  and Heart Strong.