What Is A Non Infectious Disease? Which Are Examples??

non infectious disease examples

There are mainly two type of diseases one is infectious and another is non infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are those complications that spread from one person to another person through several contacts such as touch, breath and many more. There are non infectious diseases as well and these are the health complications that don’t spread from one person to another through body contacts and these complications are not virus oriented as well.

From past few year the death rates of people suffering from non infectious diseases has increased too much. Now you must be wondering about some of the non infectious diseases then here are some of the common non infectious disease examples that you need to check out:


non infectious disease examples

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Cancer seems to be the most dangerous health complication of all time and even though there are many cure as well as treatments of cancer but still people fear this complication the most and the reason is that this diseases has taken many lives earlier and even these days some people fail to survive the health condition.

It basically appears in cell and then the cell keeps on spreading over the body and as it spreads on the stages of cancer increases. There are many kind of cancer and basically this complication can take place in any part of the body such as blood, breast, lungs and what not.


non infectious disease examples

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The condition of high blood sugar is considered as diabetes and this seems to be one of the most common health complications and this problem is taking place in almost every person irrespective of age as well as gender. Now there are several reasons of getting this complication and tension as well as intake of too much of sugary stuff over a long period of time seems to be main causes and genetics also play an important role here.

Now there are several types of diabetes and different people get different types of blood sugar but type-2 diabetes seems to be the most common one and once it takes place there is no cure as it can only be controlled.

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Blood Pressure

non infectious disease examples

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Blood pressure is also one of the most common complications these days and people are either suffering from low blood pressure or people are suffering from high blood pressure and there is rarely any person whose blood pressure is normal. There are different causes of low as well as high blood pressure and it is said that high blood pressure seems to be the most dangerous one as it can be deadly and can even lead to many other health complications in a row.

Just like diabetes, blood pressure cannot be cured as well and once it takes place in someone’s body it can only be controlled with healthy lifestyles as well as with medicines and blood pressure also takes place irrespective of age and gender.

Chronic Respiratory Issues

non infectious disease examples

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Respiratory problems are also here in the list and there are few respiratory problems that people develop since birth and there are certain problems of respiration that takes place in person due to unhealthy lifestyles.

There are some respiratory issues that can be cured with advance treatments but there are some non curable respiratory issues as well that needs to be controlled throughout the life and medicines as well as healthy lifestyle seems to be the only way out here to keep the complication controlled otherwise these complications can also turn out to be deadly and in past few years it has also takes lives.

Kidney Problems

non infectious disease examples

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There are many kidney complications that take place and mostly they are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle as well as unhealthy food habits and also genetic plays an important role here as well. Even there are some kidney problems that causes due to other health complications and some medicines are there that can trigger kidney complications.

Now medical science has developed a lot so there are no such kidney complications that cannot be cured at all. Medicines as well as operations are there to treat the kidney complication and ultimately if nothing works then there is also an option of kidney transplantation.


non infectious disease examples

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Ulcer takes place in stomach lining and it is a kind of infection which is of course not communicable or it doesn’t spread over one person to another. Ulcer can cause due to several reasons such as acidic reflux for a long period of time, unhealthy food habit and there are even some medicines that can cause ulcer. Ulcer also goes on hand foot and mouth disease which is too serious and need to be cure.

There are so many cure of this complication as well and medicinal treatment seems to be the most convenient way to treat the complication though the option of surgery is also open which would cure the complication completely.

Heart Problems

non infectious disease examples

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Hearth problems can cause due to several reasons and it is so saddening to know that even kids are suffering from heart related issues these days. There are some heart issues that develop since birth and there are hearth problems that happen over a period of time due to many reasons.

Tension as well as high blood pressure seems to be the most common cause of high blood pressure which you need to look after. Medicinal treatments are there which would help you a lot and also you need to get a healthy lifestyle as well and at the end if nothing works then surgery can also take place to cure the problem.


non infectious disease examples

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Depression is a mental state which takes place when a person starts adopting too much of stress and depression has takes lives as well as it makes a person suicidal and it is so unfortunate that even kids are suffering from depression these days and this particular issue can even destroy career, relationships and what not and the worst part is that it can even turn a person mad or mentally disabled. There are some therapies as well as medicines that would help a lot in case of depression and also talking helps a lot in this case.

These were few of the most common non infectious disease examples that you need to check out and also you can check more at Healthclubfinder.