How Effective is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling

Life is full of ups and downs, and many times, we feel like we are on top of the world. Other times, we are often troubled by the tension of work or home. The human psychology is an extremely complicated subject. 

Thanks to advances in psychology today, we are able to detect, diagnose, and treat numerous types of mild to severe mental issues that affect humans. To make psychology therapy more convenient, the concept of online counselling was invented.

Leading psychology clinics in India, such as Cadabam’s in Bengaluru, offer prompt, efficient, and effective psychology counselling using advanced online therapy techniques. 

Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Yes, online therapy works excellently to get rid of psychological problems. Since the times of Sigmund Freud, distance counselling is being used to alleviate mental issues in patients. Earlier, correspondence through letters was the norm of distance therapy. 

However, thanks to the prevalence of the internet, online counselling has become a more effective and efficient method of distance counselling. 

There has been dramatic ease to avail immense volumes of material and information relating to psychology. The internet has enabled those who could not attend regular therapy sessions at their therapists’ offices to receive prompt and excellent counselling in the comfort of their homes. 

Online Counseling


Types of Online Counselling Services

Thanks to advances in communication technology, there are several different types of online counselling services available today.

Some of the more prominent types of online counselling services include using tools, such as:

  • Email – Online psychology therapy using email as the mode of communication was one of the first to be used to provide online counselling. 
  • Text messaging – With the rise of mobile phone usage since the past few decades, patients are increasingly choosing text messages to keep connected with their therapists. 
  • Real-time chat – There are several online chatting software and apps which increasing numbers of psychologists are using to provide effective and efficient online counselling to patients from far-off places instantly. 
  • Internet phone – The internet VOIP services are also an efficient way to keep in touch with a therapist in a convenient and affordable way. 
  • Video conference – Thanks to the advances in internet and mobile technology today patients can consult their therapist face-to-face using video conferencing apps and software. 
  • Mobile apps – Last, but not the least, there are innumerable mobile smartphone apps devised so that patients and psychologists can stay connected round the clock. This gives patients incredible ease of access to their therapists. 

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How Is Online Counselling Different From Regular Counselling?

The main difference between online counselling and regular counselling is that online counselling can be arranged from the comfort of your home, as opposed to travelling all the way to an appointment at your therapists’ office. 

In addition, online counselling also allows the use of other technologies and techniques that promote faster and better counselling as compared to regular counselling. 

Online Counseling


What Can I Talk to My Counsellor About?

You can talk to your counsellor about almost anything. Psychology therapists are highly trained to listen to your thoughts and perspective to detect the cause of your problems. The more you share things with your online counsellors the better are the chances of you finding the best and most effective solution for your issues.